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19th March 2017 00:01
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Got all that? Okay, good! Now...

8th April 2017 18:02 - FILL part 3 Re: Fantasy
When they finally pulled away and Minerva opened her eyes, she wasn’t too surprised that the feeling of flying had been from the kiss; they were no longer on brooms. They were in the Gryffindor changing rooms.

Minerva laughed. “This is definitely your daydream. It’s been ages since I’ve spent any time in here. I couldn’t recall all these details from memory.”

Rolanda blushed. “I admit, I spend a fair amount of time imagining us in here, wishing that we had our heydays of Quidditch together. Oh, the things we’d have gotten up to.”

“Yeah? Like?”

“Well, I could tell you,” she reached for Minerva’s hand and tugged, “or I could just show you.”

Next moment they were naked and under the head of a dozen water spouts in the communal shower. Warm water spritzed off their shoulders and backs. As she reached up to undo the knot in her hair, Minerva raised her head to let the water work its way through her scalp as well. Rolanda took that exposed neck as an invite and ran her fingers along Minerva’s shoulders and around her neck, pulling her. Her lips devoured Minerva’s flesh, licking and sucking as she worked her fingers in the nape of the long hair being wetted.

It had been years since they’d been this adventurious in their lovemaking, not that they were boring, or in anyway unsatisfied, but it was amazing to have the memory of how it had been and the ability through the miraculous of this potion to live it again. She had forgotten how it felt to be this hungry. She wanted to touch everything, taste everything and then she wanted to do it all again.

While Rolanda worked her tongue down Minerva’s chest to take her nipple in her mouth and suck greedily, Minerva sped her fingers massage down Rolanda’s back and grasped her buttocks with a moan. She wrapped her leg against Rolanda’s thigh and began rotating her hips, reveling in the friction as she snaked her hand between them to bring the same pleasure to Rolanda.

As she stroked along her clit, Rolanda both swore and pleaded in the same breath. Rolanda raised her knee so Minerva could better ride her thigh as she worked her fingers inside Rolanda, matching her strokes.

The pleading got louder and more syllabic, but in the background Minerva could hear a sound she’d always hated, but now it chilled her blood.

Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts,
Teach us something please,
Whether we be old and bald,
Or young with scabby knees…

“Fuck!” Rolanda articulated for them both.

“Come on, baby,” Minerva whispered, kissing Rolanda deep and desperate. “Come for me.”

And, as if she were one of her dutiful students, Rolanda did exactly as she was told. Then she helped Minerva do the same with a string of curse words and a gasp of her own.

Rolanda laughed as she held Minerva tight. “I do love so when you use your bedroom words.”

Minerva smirked as she stood herself up straight and worked her hair back into its customary and proper place. “Maybe we could continue this tonight? In bed this time?”

“Minerva McGonagall, you are insatiable! But yes, in bed. Even my fantasy legs are sore.”

Minerva smiled and took her hand. “Maybe we could take turns with massage first then?”

Rolanda smiled, tightened her entwined fingers, and with her other hand, snapped her fingers.

...Just do your best, we'll do the rest,
And learn until our brains all rot.

If anyone noticed that Minerva and Rolanda’s voices were the loudest there at the end, and that they looked entirely more gleeful than the situation warranted, they kept it to themselves.

Minerva couldn’t stop smiling as she mentally made a note to send a thank you card to the Weasley twins and then anonymously order a vat of their miraculous potion. After all, the year ahead would be riddled with staff meetings and sitting detentions that could always use a bit of a daydream.
9th April 2017 22:42 - Re: FILL part 3 Re: Fantasy
First, this was so clever. I can only imagine how boring it would get listening to the same speeches over and over (and knowing none of the children are listening). *g*
And I love how playful they are here in their daydream.
Sweet and delicious! :)
10th April 2017 18:36 - Re: FILL part 3 Re: Fantasy
Thanks, love. ♥♥
26th May 2017 04:24 - Re: FILL part 3 Re: Fantasy
it was amazing to have the memory of how it had been and the ability through the miraculous of this potion to live it again. She had forgotten how it felt to be this hungry.
I just love clever, inventive magical details like this. . .perfectly a part of the world and expertly a part of the characterization. You do such a good job with the fact that these are older people in a long-term relationship; time and memory create such believable layers. You show exactly how things progress and change, from the intensity and "hunger" and newness of the beginning to the quieter, deeper, more complex experience of years.

The scene is beautifully hot, all the more so for being so firmly rooted in character.

The Hoggywarty song is an hilariously appropriate touch, and I heartily approve of Minerva's future plans at the end.

THANK YOU, dear TJ, for this wonderful gift. You're such a dab hand with character, and I loved every word.
31st May 2017 21:29 - Re: FILL part 3 Re: Fantasy

Thank you! It was a pleasure writing this for you. You always remind me that I love these two together. ♥
3rd June 2017 08:18 - Re: FILL part 3 Re: Fantasy
I love this - if only.... some of the Weasley twins' potions would be definitely excellent to have around :-).
Your characterizations are so thoughtful: I was touched most by Rolanda's feelings about hearing from Minerva when she saw her for the first time; the age differences at the start of ones life do seem "creepy", whereas matter not a bit a few decades later ;-).
The shower scene is everything one could wish for this pairing <3

3rd June 2017 18:31 - Re: FILL part 3 Re: Fantasy
Thank you! It's a real treat to spend time with these ladies young, old and all the stages in between.

22nd June 2017 08:49 - Re: FILL part 3 Re: Fantasy
I will never be able to read the Hogwarts' song again, especially the

Teach us something please,
Whether we be old and bald,
Or young with scabby knees…

bit without a mental image of my favourite witches getting it off.

Thank you, for this delightful and beautifully-characterized piece.

Also, could you please pass on a note to Messrs Weasley? I'd like to order a large bottle of their day-dream potion. An invoice with a description that can be filed in a business administration without raising eyebrows would be greatly appreciated.

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