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Birthday Card Comment Kink! 
19th March 2017 00:01
Greetings and welcome to
Birthday Card Comment Kink!

Our members have made birthday wishes for smutty little ficlets and sketches that would make their birthday very happy indeed. Now everyone has the opportunity to fulfill those wishes -- in the form of comment pr0n!

The birthday card is now open and awaiting your signature! It will remain open until the end of April.

Please read the information and instructions before you sign our birthday card:

• Request fills must be a minimum of 200 words (if fic) or a sketch equivalent (if art). The maximum for fic is what fits into a single comment box.
• Since fills will be short, we're not going to be strictly policing the rating of each piece. Just remember this is Daily Deviant and we want to see some sex!
• Each request may be filled twice -- once by a member and once by a watcher.
• When filling a request, leave it in a comment directly in a reply to the request you're filling.
• When filling a request, note whether you're filling it as a watcher or a member.
• If you are now or have ever been a posting member of Daily Deviant, you'll be filling the requests as a member.
• Claiming of requests is available but optional. What this means is that you need not claim a request in order to fill it, but if it's already claimed by someone else, it's off limits.
• In order to claim a request, comment directly in a reply to the request stating that you're claiming it. Be sure to note whether you're claiming it as a member or a watcher.
• Since we want as many kinky birthday cards as possible, there is an expiration date on claims. One week after a claim is made (as per the time stamp on the comment), if the prompt has not been filled, the claim expires and the prompt is open for claiming or filling by someone else. (We'll try to keep track and delete the expired ones, but we may miss a few, so you can just keep an eye on the time stamps.) So if a prompt you really love appears to be taken, remember to check back (although we hope you'll be following and playing along all month long!).
• If you've made a claim that has expired, you may still post a fill in reply to the prompt as long as no one else fills it or claims it first.
• Participants may have a total of two outstanding claims at a time. I.e., you may claim two requests, then when you've filled one, you may claim a third, etc.
• Additional prompts may continue to appear, so do check back!
Commenting, interacting, and generally having fun is welcome and encouraged!! Fandom is all about interaction with like-minded perverts people. Let's enjoy some friendly, smutty celebrating! ;D

Got all that? Okay, good! Now...

22nd February 2017 14:37
Please porn up my birthday card with:
Teddy/James/Albus, Teddy/Victoire/James
Kink(s): D/s
Anti-Kink(s) (AKA Squicks): non-con, angst
Prompt: People feel sorry for mild, mellow Teddy living with two headstrong Potters/Weasleys. Little do they know who's actually in charge...
19th March 2017 22:01
claimed as member!
20th March 2017 03:15 - Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
People think it must be hard living with rambunctious James and fiery Victoire, but really they don't know the half of it -- or that Teddy's got it all under control.

DD Bday.jpg

(omg it's been so long since I drew filth like this! :D)
20th March 2017 03:28 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
Yowzah, that's hot!
20th March 2017 03:50 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
Omg, thank you!!! I've not drawn explicit ladies before, but I so love Victoire. It was her time!

20th March 2017 05:11 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
All three of them are super super hot. I am a big fan of threesomes anyway, but Teddy and James are gorgeous along with Victoire. :D
20th March 2017 07:02 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
Ahh, this makes me so happy!!! I haven't drawn one before, but I am a big fan of threesomes too and I thought this was just the occasion (and the prompt) to have a go at it! Ahhh, and I'm so happy you like Teddy and James! Thank youuu <333
20th March 2017 05:33 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
Oh gods, so very yes. Teddy w with his shirt unbuttoned, and the hints of colour. Victoire is utterly gorgeous and James looks like he can't believe his luck. But teddy steals the show. Wonderful!
20th March 2017 07:10 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
EEE I'm so pleased you like it, darling!! I have *such* a thing for these three in bed together, omg, and your prompt was so good! I haven't drawn explicit sex for a while, so I figured I'd go for it haha. I am SO happy you liked Teddy and his unbuttoned shirt, and you know, it's very possible James can't believe his luck haha. (In my head, this is the first James has been in bed with a woman, and Teddy is showing him how it's done, because I am incapable of creating without writing extended backstory haha)

Thanks again love! Xxx
20th March 2017 12:19 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
Eeeeeee, I love the extended backstory so very much, and it fits with what I was seeing in the picture! And *flails a bit more at the hotness*
21st March 2017 07:05 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
OMG I am so happy it fits!! I definitely think about these three way more than I should lol, but omg. Thank you for this delicious prompttttt! <333
20th March 2017 08:07 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
Ahhhhh yes yes yes yes, I loooove this! Teddy's smug look and James' and Victoire's blissed out expressions!!! An, as usual, the haaaair!! *swoons*
21st March 2017 07:07 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
EEE thank you!! My first boob LOL! *celebrates*. It was always destined to be Vic's boobs, too, hahahaha. I am SO happy you like teddy's smug look, omg, he was almost breaking the fourth wall for a bit there too and let me tell you he looked even smugger then lmao. I was like "Teddy!" *clicks fingers* "eyes on the cock, babe." I'm so glad you like the hair, I do so love drawing it :D

20th March 2017 09:45 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
AHHHH! I love this! I love because Teddy's clearly in control and god, Vic looks incredibly sexy and OHMYGOD, James's cock teasing her and himself, just rubbing is simply delicious. LOVE YOUR FILTH! \o/
21st March 2017 07:11 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
THANK YOU DARLING!!! EEE, I am so happy you like this, I haven't drawn something like this for ages (and never quite like this) so YAY so glad you liked them! OMG and yesssss I loved the idea of James not being inside her and frotting instead, and Teddy just directing it all sadhajska, this prompt was heaven to work with!

Thanks again!!! <333
20th March 2017 12:28 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
UNF! Super hot! They all look fantastic, especially Victoire. Love her hair here!
21st March 2017 07:14 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
Eeeee, thank you!!! I have such a thing for these three, especially with James still being subby! It doesn't matter if they're male or female, James is still going to have his ankles over someone's shoulders ;) hahahaha! So happy you like Vic, and yay their hair!!

Thank you, lovely!
20th March 2017 13:03 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
Oh yeah! They're clearly having a ~moment here.
Their faces are so expressive, love Teddy's possessive smirk, Victoire's abandon, and James' blush.
Plus, the positioning...UNF!
Beautifully done, hon!
21st March 2017 07:15 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
OMG, thank you darling!!! Eee, I am so happy you liked this, I was so excited by the prompt and the potential there! Ahhh, it's so good to know their expressions worked, and YAY the positioning!! I had fun with that, I'm so, so happy you mentioned it :D :D

Thank you, lovely! <3
30th March 2017 18:18 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW

Yes this is sooo good Look at gorgeous Teddy, so clearly the one in control. And then beautiful Victoire (with her amazing hair) and stunning James just lost in the throes of passion.

I just ADORE this!
5th May 2017 20:14 - Re: Fill: ART, James/Teddy/Victoire "Under Control" NSFW
It's disappeared :( Is it hosted elsewhere now?
8th May 2017 05:09
Ahhhh, the link died!!! I'll upload it now in a comment reply to this thread lol, so people can see it. Sorry!!!

8th May 2017 05:18 - REPOSTING ART (because the original link died :P)
Just reposting, as the original link isn't working anymore!! :D

8th May 2017 18:30 - Re: REPOSTING ART (because the original link died :P)
Damn, still so hot! *melts*

(Tempted to go and change a few details in my fic to make it match better!)
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