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20th March 2017 10:36 - FILL: Ginny/Luna, Sex Toys [2/2]
When Luna spread her legs, she lowered her mouth over Ginny’s cunt, not even bothering with the teasing, light touches she normally started with to work her into a frenzy. Ginny bucked up and cried out as Luna’s tongue swirled insistently around her clit, lapping at her like a kitten and then closing her lips around her and sucking while her tongue flicked at her sensitive flesh.

Pleasure shot through Ginny and she swore loudly, curling her body towards Luna’s and leaning up on her elbows as her nerve endings tingled with the surge of arousal. “Fuck, fuck, Luna! It’s too much, it’s so intense, my star—I’m going to come!”

Luna made a hungry, growling sound and worked her mouth harder against Ginny’s, using her chin to press down on her clit until Ginny was throbbing. Her back bowed and her hands grabbed fistfuls of Luna’s hair as she rocked against her hot mouth and rode out the cresting wave of her orgasm with a hoarse, silent cry. Every muscle in her body went tense for a long moment before she slumped back weakly against the bed, her hips still rolling against Luna’s tongue as she teased her folds and dipped a finger inside her clenching hole.

“Holy hell,” Ginny breathed, gasping for breath in the aftermath of her intense orgasm. “Fuck, I could go again straight away.”

She wondered distantly, in the back of her mind, if this is what the package was warning about. There was a deep-seated need burning through her, making her hot and itchy all over, and Luna was the only person who could scratch that itch for her.

Luna grinned up at her wickedly, her eyes glassy and ethereal in the low light of their bedroom. She silently reached out for one of their vibrators and Ginny was lost again to the sensations all over her body, building like a crescendo until Luna brought her off again and again and again.


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