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6th January 2017 05:30
Awww, but this was great! *beams happily* It's not every day that I get to read my OTP, and to be written in such a sexy, sweet, hilarious manner is a special treat indeed! :D I got here by capitu's rec and boy, she was right about this one!
I love how realistically everything was portrayed, how their relationship was not without its challenges and meeting the parents... ouch, always a precarious business, but with two people who clearly got together against all odds, this was always going to be part disaster and a good test of their love and determination to stay together.
I loved the humour in it, and the subtle differences between character's relationship with Draco (Molly being all-accepting and forgiving, while Arthur was a lot more cautious).
LOL, sexual frustration is a bad, bad thing and no wonder that Draco was getting kind of fed up with his forced celibacy, but it was still seven kinds of funny how they kept finding opportunities only to be thwarted by every factor and human on the planet! :)
I also loved it how even through their bickering and occasional fighting one could feel the strength of the bond holding them together, as if everything else were just minor distractions. I think that, in the end, was my favourite bit.
Lovely story!

comment by: my_thestral, who pitifully doesn't have enough profiles open across the fandom ;)
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