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Fic: Undone (Severus/Remus, NC-17) 
22nd March 2016 07:36
Title: Undone
Author(s): [info]alisanne
Artist(s): [info]shadowycat
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Remus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes: Anal, semi-clothed sex, up against the door sex, button kink.
Fic Length: ~2000
Art Media: pencil on paper
Artist's Notes:  Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Daily Deviant!  Thanks so much for allowing watchers to participate in your party.  And a very special thank you to my wonderful collaborator [info]alisanne for asking me to come and play! Working with you on this piece was a joy.  :D
Author’s Notes: Happy 10th Birthday, Daily Deviant! And I’m simply thrilled that [info]shadowycat agreed to collaborate! Thank you so much. This was a ton of fun, and I hope we have the chance to work together again in the future. ♥
Beta work done by the inimitable [info]sevfan and [info]emynn. Thank you so much, ladies.




The buttons were driving him mad. Even realising he was probably being too obvious, it took some effort for Remus to shift his gaze away from the infuriating object of his affections and towards the threadbare oriental rug under their feet.

Dumbledore was droning on about everyone keeping their eyes open for suspicious activity, and about what he planned to do to keep the children, and specifically Harry, safe in the coming school year, but Remus only listened with half an ear. Even with his eyes lowered, he could still get a good look at Severus’ boots, highly polished dragonhide with a row of tiny buttons running up the sides and under his trouser leg, which of course had even more damned buttons.

“…and I believe Severus has something to add.”

Remus’ head popped up with interest and Sirius shot him a puzzled look from across the room. Remus shook his head infinitesimally and Sirius looked away.

Their relationship had suffered as a result of Sirius’ twelve years in Azkaban and his year of rough cave living. They were no longer as close as they had been, although they were certainly cordial. The old Sirius would have known what was going through Remus’ head immediately and would have teased him mercilessly for it, but now Remus was pretty sure Sirius would simply shrug and leave him to it.

“…even seems to be making quiet forays into the political arena. Not anything too obvious, and not everyone is under his influence, of course, but those who are sympathetic to the cause seem placed in positions of power. It’s most…disturbing.”

Severus’ smooth voice rolled over Remus, making him shudder. Biting his lip, Remus hoped no one else noticed his reaction.

“That’s not even the least bit helpful,” Alastor Moody snapped. “Give us something useful for a change! Like names, or proof.”

“It’s not as if the Dark Lord shares all his plans with me,” Severus sneered. “That is all the information I have.”

Moody spat. “And useless it is, too! If I didn’t know better—” his eyes slid to Dumbledore, “I’d say you’re still in cahoots with You-Know-Who.”

Severus, red faced, jumped out of his seat shouting, and Moody, never one to shrink from a fight, jumped up as well. It finally took Dumbledore to quiet them. “We’re all on the same side!” he thundered.

After that, of course, the meeting was over. Dumbledore drew Moody aside to talk to him, but he was having none of it and, after hissing something at Dumbledore, Moody slammed out the front door.

Arthur Weasley started to go after him, but Dumbledore shook his head. “Leave him be. He’ll cool off after a few pints at his local,” he insisted. “I’ll talk to him later. Now, I think this will be our last meeting until school adjourns next summer…”

To Remus’ surprise, Severus didn’t storm away as soon as he could, but he lingered, his arms crossed as he surveyed everyone in the room with suspicion.

“Good luck,” Sirius said as he walked past Remus. “You’ll need it.”

Remus frowned. “What are you—?”

Sirius’ smile was a bit wan. “You never could fool me, Moony.” His eyes darted to Severus. “Just…be careful. I’ll give you some privacy.” And with a pat on the shoulder, he was gone.

Once the room was empty but for Remus and Severus, Severus started towards the door.

“A moment of your time if you will, Severus,” Remus called.

Severus paused. “What do you want?” His tone was cold.

Remus licked his lips. Perhaps the direct approach was best. “I was hoping you’d have a drink with me.”

That made Severus spin to face Remus, his expression incredulous. “And what on earth would make you think I’d want to do that?”

“I was hoping we could let bygones be bygones.” Remus met his angry gaze calmly. “I have apologised for what happened in school many times. Perhaps it’s time we try to get past that and see if we could be…friends.”

“Friends.” Severus’ eyes narrowed, a calculating look entering them. “That’s why you’ve been staring at me every Order meeting? That’s what’s making you tremble when I walk past you? Incipient friendship?” He sneered.

Trust Severus to have noticed. Remus sighed, but didn’t look down. “I fancy you, yes,” he admitted. “But I’d like us to be friends as well.”

For a moment, interest flared in Severus’ eyes. Then, his expression shuttered. “Salazar,” he swore. “Don’t tell me you have some ridiculous Gryffindor notion that we could actually have a relationship?” He smirked. “Why, what would your friends say?”

“My friends would be happy for me, and why is the thought of a relationship so unreasonable?” Remus shot back. He hesitated. “Or are you going to deny that you’re just as interested?”

Severus snarled. “I’m not interested, you ridiculous—” His mouth worked for a moment as he searched for words.

Remus narrowed his eyes. “You are and it scares you,” he said softly. “That’s it, isn’t it? You don’t want to let yourself be vulnerable.”

“Shut up!” Severus shouted. “You tried to kill me, so you don’t get to…”

“I have apologised for that a thousand times!” Remus shouted back, his hands balling into fists. “When will you let it the fuck go?”

“Why should I, you arsehole?” Severus’ face was red, his eyes flashing. “Do you routinely forgive murder attempts?”

Infuriated, Remus shoved Severus up against the door and leaned in close. “It was a mistake, you pillock,” he hissed. “Sirius made a mistake. You weren’t perfect when you were a kid either. Can’t you just shut up about it and let it go?”

“Make me.”

Severus was trembling, and for a moment Remus wondered if he was afraid. But no, it was desire burning in those eyes. Severus did want him.

Remus smiled. “All right, I will.” And moulding his body to Severus’, he slammed their mouths together.

Severus put up a token fight, flattening his hands against Remus’ chest and pushing lightly, but within moments he was fisting Remus’ robes, pulling him closer, and actively participating in the kiss.

Remus took his time after their initial frantic pace, slowing down to thoroughly explore Severus’ mouth with his tongue, and when Severus reached for the fastening on his trousers, Remus let him. But when Severus started undoing his own clothes, Remus dragged his lips from Severus’ to growl, “No, leave them on.”

Something flared in Severus’ eyes. “What’s the matter?” he asked, tone hoarse as his hand wrapped around Remus’ cock. “Don’t want to see me?”

“Fucking idiot,” Remus said. He groaned as Severus’ hand moved slowly up and down his prick. “I do…I just…fuck…I like your buttons.”

“My buttons?” Severus’ hand faltered. “What about my buttons?”

“They’re sexy, you arsehole.” Remus slid his hand over the bulge in Severus’ trousers as he whispered into Severus’ hair. “I like you all buttoned up and I want to unwrap you slowly, carefully. I want to fucking unravel you. But right now, here, in this room, I want to fuck you while you’re in them.”

“You kinky sod,” Severus breathed, but he didn’t sound perturbed.

Remus smiled. “You have no idea the things I want to do to you. Now turn around.”

Severus hesitated.

“Turn around.” Raising his head, Remus stared into Severus’ eyes and waited.

After another moment, Severus nodded and, straightening up, turned to face the door, bracing his hands against it.

Taking a moment to push Severus’ robes aside, Remus moulded himself to Severus’ back, reaching around to undo his trousers and push them down, revealing his pale arse. “No pants, hm.” When Severus’ cock practically sprang out, he smiled, stroking it lightly. “You’re such a traditional wizard.”

“Enough of the small talk, hurry up.” Severus whined. He arched his back, pushing his arse against Remus’ groin. “Someone may come soon.”

“That’s the plan,” Remus murmured, fumbling for his wand with his free hand, and, after casting cleansing and lubricating spells, he dropped it back into his pocket.

Severus hissed as Remus shoved a finger inside him. “Careful!”

Remus caught his earlobe in his teeth, biting lightly. Severus shuddered. “Careful is for later,” he said, withdrawing his finger long enough to shove a second in alongside it. As he moved them in and out in preparation, he continued stroking Severus’ cock. “Right now I just want to fuck you.”

“I…you…” Severus bowed his head, his breath escaping in little pants. “What makes…you think…there will be…a…later?”

“I’m an optimist,” Remus said, crooking his fingers. Severus’ yelp, followed by a strong twitch in his prick, let Remus know he was in the right place, and after a few more twists and pumps, Remus pulled his fingers out, wiping the excess conjured lube onto his prick.

Pressing his erection to Severus’ hole, he pushed inside, moaning as he slid into squeezing tightness. “Fuck,” he whispered, trying to allow Severus a moment to adjust.

“Is the idea, yes,” Severus panted, and, with a backwards shove, he impaled himself fully on Remus’ cock.

Both men cried out and Remus bit his lip hard in an effort to not just rut into Severus like some animal. Severus was swearing under his breath, his body shuddering.

 photo undone_zpsqo386p9w.jpg

Once he had himself under more control Remus began to move, slowly at first until his pace began to quicken, levelling out into smooth, sure strokes that left Severus babbling. Canting his hips, he drove over the spot he knew would drive Severus wild, and it did. With a shout, Severus’ cock pulsed in Remus’ hand, covering it with spunk.

And still Remus continued, fucking into Severus, thrusting through his orgasm until Severus was limp and sated.

That was when Remus went a bit mad, his strokes going rough as he rammed into Severus with all he had. He was clutching Severus’ hips as he fucked him, chasing his own pleasure until it hit him, enveloped him, and he shoved his hips against Severus, coming in spurts inside him.

His legs went weak and both men ended up on the floor by the door, breathing heavily. Eyes closed, Remus smiled. Severus’ robes were likely a mess.

“You realise everyone will know what we’ve been doing?” Severus said.

Remus’ smile widened. At least he didn’t sound cross. “Oh, I doubt that,” he said, letting his hand rest on Severus’ hip. “They were all leaving, remember?”

“Black lives here.”

“Sirius won’t bother us either.”

“How do you know?”

Because he said he wouldn’t wasn’t an answer Remus was prepared to say out loud to Severus. “I know him. He just won’t.” Standing up, Remus helped Severus up as well until they were both upright. “So,” he said, doing up his clothes.

“So what?” Even with his trousers down around his knees, Severus was intimidating.

Remus exhaled. “So how about we go back to mine for that drink?”

Severus went still for a moment before turning to stare at Remus. “You still want to do that?” He quickly redid his trouser fastenings and smoothed down his crumpled frock coat.

“Of course.” Slowly, carefully, he took Severus’ hand in his, pleased when Severus allowed it. “I told you. I’d like us to be friends.”

“Friends who fuck?” Severus asked baldly.

Remus coughed. “Friends who become more than friends, but, all right, if that’s what happens, I’m fine with it, too.”

Severus shook his head, but the corners of his mouth tilted up. “You just want to get under my buttons.”

Remus laughed. “Well yes. But you knew that.”

“Indeed.” Severus gave him a piercing look. “Very well,” he finally said. “But no Old Ogdens. I detest that swill.”

Grinning, Remus levitated over one of the many excellent bottles of brandy Sirius had in the liquor cabinet. When it floated into his hand, he showed Severus the label. “Acceptable?”

Severus finally smiled. “More than. Lead on.”

And drawing him close, Remus Apparated them away.

22nd March 2016 13:25
Mm, angry-sex. Great story and equally terrific artwork! Snupin is my slash OTP, and this sort of scenario is exactly why.
23rd March 2016 00:40
Thank you!
Yeah, these two fit the angry sex trope perfectly, don't they? :)
And I just can't get over Shadowycat's fabulous art! <3
23rd March 2016 00:49
Thank you! It was great fun to work with alisanne. I'm so glad you enjoyed the artwork. :D
22nd March 2016 14:09
My throat went dry and my breath caught in my throat.

That was so hot!!
23rd March 2016 00:41
Thanks so much!
I'm so pleased you enjoyed. :)
23rd March 2016 00:50
Thanks so much! :D
22nd March 2016 15:11
mmm, bottoms... I mean buttons... :D Very yummy <3
23rd March 2016 00:43
Hehe. IMO, buttons and bottoms are both delicious. ;)
Thanks, dear!
23rd March 2016 00:50
Thanks so much! :D
22nd March 2016 16:06
Guh, that was lovely. All angsty and hot. *fans self* The art is just gorgeous. Great job!
23rd March 2016 00:43
Thanks, hon!
I'm glad you liked this. :)
And isn't the art fab? *g*
23rd March 2016 00:51
Thanks so much! Alisanne's wonderful story made it easy for me. I'm glad you liked the art! :D
22nd March 2016 17:34
Wonderful work you two! :)
23rd March 2016 00:44
Thank you, my dear! *beams*
23rd March 2016 00:53
It's always awesome to see art/fic collabs and it's been a long time since I've seen a Snupin one. :)

(And you got shadowycat to draw smut!)
23rd March 2016 01:22
All it took was mentioning Severus' buttons. ;)
23rd March 2016 00:52
Thanks so much! I'm really glad you liked it. :D
22nd March 2016 21:44
Wow that was hot!! I love this pairing and this story was just smoking! The art and fiction are amazing<3
23rd March 2016 00:45
Thanks, hon!
I'm so glad you liked it! *dances*
And isn't the art beyond yummy? :))
23rd March 2016 00:53
Alisanne's great story really made it easy for me. :D Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the artwork.
23rd March 2016 10:42
look at the pair of them!
i mean look at them all hot and mussy and sexy as hell!
and sirius is just awesome - and very right with his good luck wishes - in every which way and lets one hope for the old friendship between the marauders
but severus WOW!!!
i just adore him with remus so much and you too captured their chemistry
and omg buttons! all the buttons
great work the two of you!
just amazing!
23rd March 2016 13:07
Alisanne's wonderful story made this easy for me! Thanks! I'm glad you liked my little contribution. :D
24th March 2016 03:46
Thank you, my dear!
I'm thrilled you enjoyed this. And OMG, isn't Shadowycat's art FAB? *g*
23rd March 2016 13:28
Oh, my! Well done, ladies. Love the snark and the buttons, and the art is just lovely. Snape's expression is perfect.

"My buttons? What about my buttons?" LOL!
23rd March 2016 17:37
Thanks so much! :D
24th March 2016 03:45
Thanks, hon!
It's all about the buttons. If only Severus knew. ;)
24th March 2016 00:38
Love it!! Sex after Order meetings is my favourite kind of Snape/Lupin. :)) And I love the way Sirius waves his hand and is all, "Fine, fuck him, have a good time." :D :D :D
24th March 2016 03:44
LOL! It is a bit of a classic trope, agreed. :)
Haha! Poor Sirius. I think he figured as long as his buddy is getting some it's all good. ;)
Thank you!
24th March 2016 12:45
Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it. :D
24th March 2016 03:08 - Great collaboration!
Now this is why I love Snupin! Thanks to you both.
24th March 2016 03:43 - Re: Great collaboration!
Thank you!
I'm so pleased you enjoyed. :)
24th March 2016 12:45 - Re: Great collaboration!
Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :D
25th March 2016 02:35
This was awesome--both the story and the illustration were so hot! I'm with Remus--I think Severus's buttons are sexy! ;-)
25th March 2016 02:43
Thank you!
*g* I think we all agree about the buttons. ;)
And I know, right? Shadowycat's art is sizzling!
25th March 2016 15:19
Thank you so much! :D
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