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Big March Birthday Plans! 
18th January 2016 17:42
And we're back with allllll the information about our big birthday party in March. Once again, March will be Daily Deviant's 10th birthday, and we've come up with a number of new and unusual events and activities to celebrate throughout March. And we're inviting all our members and watchers to participate.

There's a LOT here, so read carefully for requirements and due dates.

March 1 - March 5: ?

This is going to be a surprise. ;) It's something everyone will be able to do on the spur of the moment, though; no advance planning needed.

March 6 - March 9: Memorable Messages

Daily Deviant has lived a long time in HP fandom, through a lot of pinnacle events and changes. Some of us have been along for the ride since the early days while others came in somewhere in the middle. Our fandom experiences are all different as are our experiences with this comm.

We invite everyone to write messages describing how Daily Deviant has affected your fandom experience. These messages can be as short as a couple of sentences or as long as an essay. Have memorable moments or funny stories to share? Discovered a new favorite kink you didn't know existed? Just want to say thanks for all the porn? Let us know!

Members: You have the option of posting your messages yourself at any time from March 6 through March 10. Alternately, if your message is quite short, you can choose to send it to us. We'll put together a post or two of collected messages.

Watchers: Email your messages to us and we'll post them. Be sure to include your IJ/LJ username so we know who they're from!

All: When emailing messages, they can be attached to an email in .doc or .rtf format or you can include them in the body of the email. Get them to us by March 6.

March 10 - March 13: Retrospective Recs

Rec your all-time favorite Daily Deviant fics and art! What pieces from the comm's history have stuck with you the most? You can include as many as you wish; a single piece to an entire list. It's never too late to rec something you like.

Members: Post your recs freely any time from March 11 though March 15.

Watchers: Email your messages to us by March 10 for posting. Send them as an attachment in .doc or .rtf format. Be sure to include your IJ/LJ username!

All: Here are headers/formats for you to use for your recs:

Fic Recs:

Art Rec:

March 14 - March 18: Drabble/Drawble Days

Each day from March 14 through March 18 we'll post a prompt (a kink or theme and a prompt word or phrase) and have a porny drabble/drawble free-for-all. Exercise your spontaneous smut muscles! ...And write/draw some drabbles/drawbles too. ;)

March 19 - March 29: Fic and Art by Members and Watchers

There are three options for pieces posted in this period.

1. You can create pieces based on or inspired by any previous piece posted to Daily Deviant over the years. These could be fic based on art, art based on fic, prequels, sequels, remixes... Whatever you can dream up! If you're writing remixes of any sort, do your best to check with the author of the original piece to make sure they're okay with their work being included. (We know some people are long out of fandom and virtually impossible to contact; just do what you can.)

Members: Let us know by March 1 if you'll be creating a piece for this challenge. Once we see roughly how many to expect, we'll decide on posting schedule arrangements.

Watchers: Email your pieces to us by March 1. Send as an attachment in .doc or .rtf format.

All: Here are the headers for these pieces:

Fic Header:

Art Header:

2. You can create pieces inspired in some way by our comm's banner. Use the same headers as above.

3. ??? Members will receive further information on this one. ;)

March 30 & 31: Wrap up of the month's events and preparation for BANGING BIRTHDAY!

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