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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Dirty Weekend (Charlie/Tonks) 
17th December 2014 19:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]ragdoll
From: [info]silvernatasha

Title: Dirty Weekend
Characters/Pairings: Charlie/Tonks
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Rimming, pegging, role-playing (including master/slave), sex toys
Other Warnings/Content:
Word Count: 2012
Summary/Description: Charlie loses a bet to Tonks, but he's surprised by what she wants to do with her newfound power over him.
Author's Notes: Thank you to my beta for helping me polish this. And an even bigger thanks to my recipient for such a fun prompt. I hope you enjoy it.

Charlie could remember the moment clearly. Tonks had crowed, waving her hands in the air as he snapped the wireless off with an abrupt flick of his wrist.

"And that's how the Falcons do it!" she'd whooped, her silver-grey hair flipping over her shoulder as she created an impromptu victory dance. "Your arse is mine, Weasley. Falcons won, Puddlemere lost and you have to be my slave for a day." Her heart-shaped face had glowed with joy.

But so far being Tonks' slave wasn't quite what he'd pictured when they'd made the bet. For a start, he'd anticipated that the Falmouth Falcons would lose, making Tonks his plaything for the day, something he'd planned to make enjoyable for them both. Instead, the Falcons had won and he'd lost, so now he was up a stepladder with a screwdriver in hand.

He glowered at her over his shoulder. "When you said my arse was yours, this wasn't what I thought you meant."

"And what were you thinking?" Tonks raised her eyebrow, adopting an innocent expression before popping another chocolate between her lips. She bit through the shell to the soft caramel centre, sweetness flooding her mouth.

"I dunno. That you were gonna fuck me or something."

Tonks chewed and swallowed slowly, looking him over from top to toe. "I think I might prefer this."

Charlie could feel a flush covering his body as she stared, taking in every inch of him. Aside from the boxers he was wearing, every bit of freckled skin was left bare to her view. "I thought I was going to be your sex slave," Charlie complained, brandishing the screwdriver. He didn't want to whine, but it was hard keeping a petulant note out of his voice. "I didn't think you were going to make me put up shelves."

Tonks pulled a face. "Do you really want me up a stepladder?"

"Um..." Charlie glanced at the window beside Tonks' new shelves. An image of her pitching through it came to mind all too easily. "I suppose you have a point."

She smiled indulgently, her fingers hovering over the box of chocolates before she selected one with a fizzy strawberry filling. It wasn't often that she got to spend her day off lounging around like this and she intended to milk it for all it was worth. "So you just get that pert arse back to work. I don't want my books to stay on the floor forever."

"And what are you going to do with me when I've finished putting up this shelf?"

Tonks wound a lock of platinum blonde hair around her finger. "The grout in my bathroom needs cleaning..." she mused.

Charlie sighed, slipping the shelf onto the brackets he had put up. He squinted at it; it looked level enough to him. "I'm not cleaning your fucking grout."

"Then what's the point of me having a slave if I can't make him do all the things I'm too lazy to do?" Tonks asked, stretching out along the couch. Her breasts strained against the thin material of her old Weird Sisters t-shirt just the way she intended. An opportunity to tease Charlie couldn't be passed up, so she had dressed to drive him batty in a t-shirt that was just the wrong side of worn out and knickers that were just a touch too small. She wriggled a little, wishing that they would stop riding up. "The skirting boards really need a dust, too. I warned you today might get dirty."

"Am I going to get laid today or not?"

"Depends if you can stop complaining." She gave him a pointed look. "I knew exactly what you were thinking when I made that bet. Sucking you off all day would not be my preferred way to spend the weekend, by the way."

His mouth dropped open. "Not all weekend. Yeah, there would have been some, but..."

Tonks held up her hand. "No buts." A smirk spread across her face, the expression making the hair on Charlie's arms stand on end. "Tell you what," she said, swinging herself up into a sitting position. "You finish putting that shelf up and then I'll let you eat me out. Or something."

"Or something?" he repeated warily.

"Yeah, something." Tonks stood, gave him a grin and strolled from the living room, nearly tripping over a pile of records as she did so. Straightening herself up and holding her head high, she continued on as though she had meant to do that. She didn't even bother to blush.

Despite her ungainly exit, Charlie could feel his cock starting to respond. He gave it a glare, willing it to behave, and turned back to the shelf. Piece of piss, he decided, reaching for another bracket to start on shelf number two.

Twenty minutes and seven new variations of 'fuck' later, Charlie slunk into Tonks' bedroom. Charlie's red cheeks were a mixture of embarrassment and annoyance, but the colour quickly drained away when he saw Tonks lounging on the bed without a stitch of clothing. Her hair was now short and sky blue, the exact same colour as the cock strapped between her thighs. "Wotcher."

Charlie swallowed, his mouth dry. "You didn't have that before."

"Yeah, just something I picked up." She gave the head of the phallus a squeeze, not taking her eyes from Charlie. It was firm to the touch and strangely realistic, despite the odd colour. Plus, squeezing it as hard as she could was oddly satisfying and there wasn't anyone attached to it who would complain.

Though Charlie thought that his cock had been shamed into hiding by his apparent inability to put up a shelf, he realised he had been wrong, as attested by the growing tent in his boxers. "So, er, when you said 'something else'..."

Laughing, Tonks looked down at her new toy and gave it a gentle caress. "I changed my mind about no butts."

Charlie scowled. "That's really fucking awful wordplay."

"Awfully fucking good, more like." Tonks waved at his underwear. "Get rid of those, then. Can't fuck you if you're wearing them."

"Oh, Merlin," he groaned, his thumbs already hooking around the waist to pull them down over his hardening cock. He stumbled out of them, almost falling onto the bed in a manoeuvre that would have made Tonks proud. In another ungainly lurch, he crawled atop her, her fake cock pressing against his real one as he kissed her hard.

Tonks smiled against his lips, her fingers curling into his shaggy red hair to pull him closer. She wrapped a leg around him, and before Charlie could register it fully, she managed to flip the two of them so that she straddled him, all without falling off the bed.

His eyes widened; Tonks' pert breasts now hovered right above his face. "Well done."

"Thanks." She pressed a kiss to the end of his nose and proceeded to wiggle down the length of his deliciously compact body, taking those breasts and their taut pink nipples with her before Charlie could even get a taste. Any complaint he might have had died in his throat when her hot tongue swirled around the tip of his erection and she looked up at him with large brown eyes.

"Oh, fuck." Charlie's fingers curled into the duvet as Tonks didn't stop there, but pressed a teasing kiss to his balls. "I thought we only did this on special occasions."

Tonks hummed in agreement, her fingers prising apart his cheeks so that her tongue could explore. "I reckon having you at my mercy is pretty special," she told him in a soft, dangerous tone. A finger took over from her tongue to circle his entrance slowly. Raising blue eyebrows, she added, "But I can always get you to do the grout instead?"

Charlie was in full agreement with his cock. This was good. Very good. He shook his head quickly, gasping as she returned her mouth to its work and drawing his knees up to give her better access. "But shouldn't I be the one doing this for you?" he breathed. "The slave for a day thing?"

She raised her head again, quirking her brows. "Or maybe you could shut up and let me fuck you?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I could do that."

His hand drifted to his cock as Tonks licked and caressed, but she slapped it away, making a noise of protest. "You know I don't like it when you do that," she told him, giving his arse a pinch.

Charlie yelped, then nodded again. Words couldn't seem to make it past his lips, not when her lips were doing such things to him.

Tonks drew away, reaching over Charlie to the bedside table for the bottle of lube she had left there. She knocked off an empty water glass and winced, waiting for it to smash, but thankfully it bounced once on the carpet and rolled away until it bumped into a pair of trainers. "Oops," she murmured, grabbing the bottle and returning back to the task at hand.

Exhaling slowly, Charlie closed his eyes and tried not to squirm too much as she prepared him. Tonks' breath whispered over his thighs, her coated fingers driving him crazy. His hips thrust up as if to find friction, yet there was only air; Tonks chuckled and pushed a slick finger into him even further.

She kissed his knee and crawled back up his body, giving another kiss to his sternum. The fake cock between her legs bumped against Charlie's erection, making him hiss. The scent of clean soap and aloe vera filled the air around them, slowly giving way to the tang of sweat and arousal.

Tonks grinned, feeling a lurch of arousal deep in her belly. "I should do this more often," she informed him, reaching between them to grasp the cock. On further consideration, she fumbled for an extra squeeze of lube before pressing the head to his entrance.

Charlie grasped at her slim hips, holding her steady as they came together. "One day," he ground out, "we should do this the other way around."

"But I don't want to stare at your hairy arse," Tonks retorted, sliding in deeper and making him groan. "Rather look at your pretty face."

Clenching his teeth, Charlie managed half a scowl before his eyes fluttered closed in pleasure.

"Fine," she relented. "Ruggedly fucking handsome."

"S'more like it."

"Idiot," Tonks told him fondly, dipping her head to nip at his collarbone.

She fell easily into the practiced pistoning movement of her hips, Charlie squirming and bucking beneath her. "After you come for me," she whispered against his freckled skin, "my pussy is so fucking wet for you." Charlie groaned, the sound vibrating through his whole chest and against her body. Chuckling, she glanced at his face just in time to see a familiar expression start to form.

Charlie's grasp on her hips tightened, every bit of resolve to hold out longer seeming to gather in his fingers. When the strap-on touched just the right spot, though, that determination was shunted away in an instant. He stiffened and then released, coming between them with a grunt.

Tonks sighed, her thrusts slowing to a stop until she could gently pull out. Much less gently, she flopped onto her back beside him, accidentally whacking him in the chest with a stray arm that she couldn't quite control when all she wanted to do was press her thighs together in an attempt to relieve the ache she was feeling.

Rolling over with a loose smile on his face and kissed her throat. "Hey."

She licked her lips and murmured, "Wotcher."

Charlie slid a rough hand over her thigh, making her shiver. "So what was that you were saying about your pussy?"

Tonks grabbed his hand and drew it up until his fingers pressed against her wetness. "If you want to use your mouth, use it for something good."

His fingers slipping easily over Tonks' clit, Charlie grinned. "I'll see what I can do."
19th December 2014 07:08
I love how playful they are and how in charge (if a little clumsy) Tonks is. Very fun and hot. Nice work!
19th December 2014 17:50
Mm, that was hot, and fun, and playful, and I loved the view we get of their relationship!
19th December 2014 21:01
Oh, I do love Tonks. Especially like this :)
20th December 2014 10:56
Oh, lovely, lovely Mystery Author, first of all a huge apology for not getting to this sooner. Real life has made my brain turn to Swiss cheese, so I kept meaning to read it, and then got distracted by stupid things, and promptly forgot again. I am so sorry about that! (And honestly, I was a very good mod, and didn't read the file before it was posted)

That said, omfg, I cannot articulate how much I loved this story! When I asked for the scenario, I (like poor petulant Charlie) was thinking of something more of a non-stop shag-a-thon, but you (like Tonks) were cleverer than that. I was not expecting shelving or grout cleaning (damn, those both sound like deviant sex acts) but, oh, my gods, that was brilliant.

I loved everything about this story. From frustrated, pointy Charlie to smart arsed, snarky Tonks. From the odd jobs around the house to the mind blowingly scorching sex....guuuuuuhh.

Thank you so much!
31st December 2014 04:37
Sexy and funny and everything I'd expect in a Charlie/Tonks romp. Well done, Mystery Author.
1st January 2015 01:25
Sexy, fun, and deliciously hot, MA.
Tonk was hilarious, as was pouty!Charlie. *g*
Well done!
10th January 2015 02:57
Oh this is hilarious and sexy and cute all at once! I loved how Tonks used Charlie as her slave... yup, definitely wasn't what he was expecting. Great fic!
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