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FIC: "Erubesco et Erubesco" (NC-17, Sirius Black / Anthony Goldstein) 
19th August 2007 22:57
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Theme/kink: AU
Warnings: frotting, finger sucking, hair washing
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3,025
Compliant to: Nothing? :P It's random lord/vassal AU, folks.

Title: "Erubesco et Erubesco"
Pairing: Sirius Black/Anthony Goldstein
Warnings: frotting, finger sucking, hair washing
Summary: The months passed too slowly for Sirius' taste. He wasn't disappointed by his new servant, which was surprising to him. He had expect to be annoyed by the boy's clearly virginal state and had expected to take care of that straightaway. But there was something about him that was different.
Notes: So here's my most idiosyncratic and completely beloved pairing (originally born of an RPG). Yes, yes, it's odd, but give it a read anyway. *puppy eyes* In addition to the AUness of the pairing, you also get it with a vague lord/scribe trope. Written for my beloved [info]sethkyne_blue.
In Latin, 'erubesco' means both 'to blush' and 'to respect'.

"Erubesco et Erubesco"

“So you're my new scribe then?” Sirius asked imperiously, readjusting the furred robe around his otherwise bare shoulders. His long legs were smoothly wrapped in a pair of tight black trews that were carefully tailored to reveal more than they covered.

The boy before him was thin and slight, but not malnourished like so many commoners were. Clearly this boy was from good stock, probably from one of the lower aristocratic families. His pale cheeks turned a quick shade of pink and he nodded, “Yes, my lord.”

Sirius raised one elegant black eyebrow, wondering what colour the boy's downcast eyes work. “Name and age then?”

“Anthony, my lord. And I'm seventeen.” He responded dutifully. “But next month, I'll be eighteen.”

“That's the way these things normally progress, I am told,” Sirius drawled. He smirked when the colour rose deeper on the boy- on Anthony's - cheeks. He certainly already had potential. The last scribe had been ancient even in his father's day. “Tell me about yourself. Where do you come from? What training do you have?”

Keeping his head down, brown hair trimmed neatly though the ends were just starting to curl; Anthony spoke in a quiet voice with the familiar cadence of Sirius' own city. “My father is Matthew Goldstein, but you'll not know him. But my mother is a Ramsay, Portia Ramsay, sister to Paris and Phoebe.” When Sirius nodded, he continued. “I have been trained in classical literature and painting. I speak and write Latin, Greek, French, and Hebrew.”

“I'm sure you have a great use for that last one.”

Anthony took a quick breath, and that lovely blush spread over his jaw and down his neck. “It is useful for some things, my lord.”

Sirius gestured impatiently. “Anything else?”

“My lord?”

“Do you have other skills or talents? Do you know astronomy? Do you sing? Play the lute? Suck cock?”

His head snapped up at that last bit, deep brown eyes that were abnormally wide looked at him in shock. Even his mouth was open in a perfect O of surprise. Sirius chuckled at the irony of the boy's reaction.

“I shall take that as 'no' to all questions then?”

“Yes! Erm.. no. I mean... I don't... I'm not... I know my constellations?”

“Hmm. I suppose you'll have to do then. Though we might need to work on improving the last bit.”

Sirius rose from his chair with purposeful grace then swept from the room, leaving Anthony too shocked to even remember to bow.

The months passed too slowly for Sirius' taste. He wasn't disappointed by his new servant, which was surprising to him. He had expect to be annoyed by the boy's clearly virginal state and had expected to take care of that straightaway. But there was something about him that was different. Sirius couldn't figure out what it was. He had no interest in virgins as a rule. They were annoying and flighty and rubbish in bed. But this one- this one seemed like a worthy challenge. Not one to be pushed and conquered, but enticed and teased. Typically impatient in all things, Sirius found that Anthony's genuine smiles, too quickly hidden, intrigued him. And his blush, god that blush, just sent thrills through his body.

So Sirius spent his days finding what would cause young Anthony to blush. Quite honestly, nearly everything Sirius did brought colour into the boy's cheeks. Asking him to help him dress in the morning made pink bloom on his cheeks and had the boy mumbling for his valet. Telling him to translate then read aloud some of Carcaturus' distinctly filthy letters to his young, male lover turned Anthony's entire face and neck pink, and Sirius spent a great deal of time wondering just how far down that blush went on his body.

But by far making him work while Sirius bathed was his favourite.

“And please, dear cousin, remember that while I agreed to fuck you against the wall when we were children, thankfully my tastes have become too refined to be interested in your manky cunt.”

Sirius scrubbed his arm with the soft cloth as he talked, the sandalwood soap lathering over his skin. When he glanced at Anthony, sitting on a small stool to his side, his back was, as ever, turned to Sirius, but his head had turned and he was staring at Sirius.

“Yes, Anthony?”

Anthony blinked a few times then licked his lips. “Forgive me, my lord, but it's not my place.”

“You are free to speak as you will, boy, just remember who makes sure your clothing is not transparent.”

Anthony ducked his head with a nod. “Yes, my lord. It's- I wonder if such words to your cousin are... are wise?”

“Wise? They are what I feel. And the truth.”

“Yes, my lord, but... maintaining strong alliances... even with such- erm- unpleasant relatives, is important for you. You wouldn't want to bring war to your lands because you've insulted someone who is married as well as she?”

“Her husband is a puffed up ponce.”

Anthony giggled, just once before he was able to choke off the sound with a cough then he cleared his throat. It was Sirius' turn to stare, the flannel forgotten on his arm.

“You laugh?”

His head was back to being lowered, his cheeks pink. “Everyone laughs, my lord.”

“Yes, yes, but I've not heard you laugh before.”

“I'm sorry if it displeases you, my lord.”

Sirius waved a hand dismissively, sending water droplets and bubbles flying through the air. “No, it doesn't displease me. It's a bit girly, but still, it oddly suits you. But why do you laugh?”

Anthony must have thought this was a trick question because his brows furrowed in thought for a few moments before answering. “Common people speak of Lord Malfoy in the same terms, but it just... it seemed odd coming from you.”

“Am I not allowed to have the same opinions as my people?”

“No! Of course you are! You can have any opinion you want, my lord. I just... it was a bit surprising, is all.” Anthony wet his lips again. It was a delightful habit.

“Yes, well- what would you do?”

“I would express my opinion in more ambiguous terms?”

“Such as?”

Anthony looked down at the parchment before him. “Erm... perhaps... 'While our relationship was intimate in the past, I shall leave such pleasures to your lord husband'?”

Sirius looked at him dubiously. “That's meant to be an insult?”

“Yes? Perhaps adding in a few more words, ambiguous, might help.”

“Why don't you just write it in Hebrew?”

“My lord?”

Sirius shook his head. “Forget it. Put your parchment and quill aside and come wash my hair for me.”

“Wash your hair?” Anthony squeaked.

“Yes,” Sirius replied imperiously. “Did I stutter?”

“No, my lord.”

“Then why are you still sitting on your arse?”

Laying the small writing tray aside, Anthony stood up slowly, eyes moving restlessly, clearly trying to look anywhere but at Sirius' body in the bath. “I've... I've never washed anyone's hair before.”

“Then it is high time you learned, isn't it?” Sirius gestured to the lavender cake of soap. “That one.”

He slid under the water, running his hands through his hair to make sure it was wet, then rose back out of the water, and pushed his hair back from his forehead. Anthony hadn't moved. Sirius followed his gaze down his waxed-smooth body to his cock, half-hard and floating lightly in the water.

“See something you like then, Anthony?” Sirius purred.

The reaction was immediate: Anthony tore his eyes away, ducked his head, and flamed a bright red. Not answering, he picked up the cake of soap and rubbed it briskly between his hands while Sirius' chuckled.

“You are a very jumpy thing, lad,” Sirius smiled up at him to lessen the bite of his words. “Now just work that through my hair like you would yours, but mind the knots. You'll need to work those out.”

He hesitated again then gently laid his hands on Sirius' head and began rubbing the lather through his long black hair with a too light touch, and Sirius shivered at the delicate shift of his hair. “Bit harder. You actually will need to get that to my scalp, not the top ten percent of my hair.”

“Yes, my lord. I'm sorry.”

“Don't apologise; just obey.”

Anthony's fingers pushed more firmly through his hair, scrubbing over his scalp, and Sirius moaned. The fingers paused for a moment then resumed rocking back and forth in short strokes over his head, just the perfect press of short nails, the ideal pressure, and another moan rose up from Sirius' chest.

“Are you sure you haven't done this before?”

“No, my lord. I- only my own. And my father's horse?”

Sirius grinned and leaned back more comfortably into his scribe's hands. “Am I much like a horse then, Anthony?”

“Only sometimes, my lord.”

Sirius opened one eye, both brows raised and met Anthony's eyes which seemed to wide in surprise at what he had said and there was that beautiful blush again. His shoulders curled forward though, hands frozen in the thickness of Sirius' hair. Sirius laughed and close his eye again, an easy grin spread over his face.

“Only my closest friends get away with such things, Anthony. And you. Who knew you had such cheek. Now keep washing. And talking as you wish.”

“Th-thank you,” he murmured then hastily added “my lord” before resuming the motion of his hands, growing more confident as he progressed though he faltered with every one of Sirius' shameless moans. The obviousness of Anthony's response only encouraged Sirius to express the blissful pleasure he felt in having his hair washed, having deft fingers move through the locks of hair, carefully untangling it. And the pleasure was quickly spiraling down to his cock, hardening it fully. His hand drifted through the water to close around his cock, squeezing it once then stroking it slowly. The water rippled softly against the bathtub, lapping in quiet waves.

The next moan that stretched through the room wasn't his own, so Sirius opened his eyes, cautiously in case there were any stray streaks of soap threatening. He tipped his head up so he could see Anthony directly, if upside down. His eyes were darker than usual, the rich cocoa turned nearly black. His lips were parted, and cheeks were lightly flushed.

Sirius smiled slowly. Anthony was an open book and he knew without even looking to his groin, that he was hard. He spoke in a low purr, cajoling and gentle. “You're hard, aren't you, lad?”

Anthony nodded very lightly, as if the movement was too much or as if his answer would result in punishment.

“Do you like watching me wank then? Is that what's made you hard?”

He swallowed roughly then shook his head. “N-no, my lord.”

Sirius turned his head back to look more easily at him, eyebrows raised. “What then?”

“Your hair,” he murmured.

“My hair?” He was very proud of and vain about his hair, but hadn't ever found that it alone made people aroused.

“Yes. It... between my fingers... they're- they're very sensitive.”

Now this was very useful information indeed and Sirius' lips curved into a faint smirk. “Can you come from just that? Having your fingers touched? Or sucked?”

Anthony ducked his head, heat creeping visibly down his neck. “I'm not sure, my lord.”

“Then perhaps it is high time we found out. Do not move,” Sirius commanded before sliding back down under the water to rinse the shampoo from his hair as quickly as he could, not trusting the boy to remain still or receptive.

But when he pushed out of the water again, Anthony was still standing in place, his soapy hands curled at his sides. Sirius stood up, the water sliding in warm rivulets down his body, and Sirius' cock twitched as he felt Anthony's gaze roam over him. He didn't need to see the hunger in Anthony's eyes to know the picture he presented; Sirius knew the effect his body had on people, on men and women both. But the dazed look in Anthony's eyes intoxicated him and he stepped out of the bath and move straight to him, cupping his chin and lifting his head so he could kiss him. Anthony make a faint sound, perhaps surprise or objection or need, but his lips parted to the questing curl of Sirius' tongue. Sirius moaned at the unspoken invitation and slid his tongue gently into Anthony's mouth, teasing his tongue until it tentatively moved back. With an sound of encouragement, Sirius stroked along his chin with one thumb, then brushed it over his cheek, making Anthony's lips shifted under his mouth. Gradually, Anthony was coaxed into responsiveness and started to meet the dancing parries of his tongue.

Heedless of the wetness of his skin, Sirius wrapped one arm around Anthony's waist, pulling him flush to him and he groaned when the hard ridge of Anthony's cock pressed against his hips. He twisted his hips slightly so his own erection brushed over the top of it then nestled against one side. Keeping him close, not stopping the kiss, Sirius began rocking his hips, rubbing their cocks together. Anthony whimpered into his lips and his hands fluttered along Sirius' hips uncertainly.

Sirius broke the kiss only enough to murmur to him. “Touch me. Anywhere.



Anthony licked his lips, just barely missing Sirius'. “Soap on my hands?”

“Oh,” Sirius laughed and stepped aside then gestured at the bathtub. “Rinse them then come straight back to me. And that is your lord commanding you, so don't dawdle.”

Anthony giggled and nodded then practically scurried to the bath, sped up a bit by the gentle smack of Sirius' hand on his arse. He rinsed his hands quickly, wiping them off on his shirt, then returned to Sirius doing his best at not looking at the jut of his hard cock. And failing rather amusingly. Sirius gave a twitch of his cock, and Anthony nearly tripped over his feet. Catching him by the elbow, Sirius guide him back against his lean body.

“Easy there, Anthony. Last thing we want is you falling over and breaking anything, hmm?”

“No, my lord.”

Sirius smiled and lifted Anthony's hand up to his face, smiling wickedly. Anthony's eyes went wide once more then crashed closed as Sirius took two of his fingers into his mouth. He chuckled quietly around the digits then began to suck at them, head bobbing smoothly along their lengths. He couldn't look away from Anthony's face, couldn't stop watching the transformation there, as he sucked hungrily on Anthony's index and middle finger. Soft, pink lips opened, tongue swiping over them once, before a moan spilled through them. His tongue pressed up to cradle the underside of the boy's fingers, and Sirius could see the pulse in his throat speed, thum-thumping in a quick flutter under pale skin that begged to be kissed, bitten, marked. His free hand snaked around Anthony's slim waist, pressed to his lower back to hold him close as Sirius started to rock his hips again, thrusting his cock steadily along Anthony's, bare skin to smooth fabric.

The first touch to his body made him shudder, seemed so filled with heat that it couldn't possibly have been merely a feather-light sweep of fingers over his shoulder. But that's all it was; light fingers hesitantly tracing over the high curve of muscle and skin. Sirius moaned loudly around Anthony's fingers, and it was echoed, higher, lighter, before it slid into a delectable whimper. He pushed his tongue between Anthony's fingers, gliding it up and down as his head moved. Anthony cried out quietly, cheeks stained with a blush that was clearly more arousal than embarrassment, and his right hand tightened on Sirius' shoulder as he arched up, pressing tightly to Sirius. He started to shudder when Sirius' hand cupped his arse, squeezing it as they rocked together, Anthony starting to pick up the rhythm, matching it, speeding it. Sirius could feel the quivers through his fingers, the way they rippled up Anthony's arm in answering rush to the slid and suck of his mouth. His eyelids closed just a bit, heavy and lashes low over unmoving grey eyes. He let his teeth close just enough to graze along the delicate fingers in his mouth, and Anthony arched sharply against him, a high cry echoing in the room as he came, hips stuttering and wetness seeping through his flies.

Sirius lapped softly at his fingers until Anthony keened, fingers pulling back, and he released them then pressed his now empty mouth to the boy's throat, kissing it hungrily. Anthony's arms wrapped around the back of his neck, and Sirius's fingers made quick work of the ties holding Anthony's trews up and then pushed the fabric down to expose the come-coated length of his spent cock. Sirius dragged him back against his hips and started thrusting again, moaning into his throat at the wetness against his achingly hard cock, the perfect slick of come between them. It didn't take long for him to find his own orgasm, not with the smell of Anthony so hot and close and right filling his nose. He barely backed off to finish himself off by hand, his knuckles bumping into Anthony's stomach as he wanked, as he jerked himself to completion and spurted over his skin, come splattering thick and white over pale skin.

He kissed up Anthony's throat, blindly seeking his mouth and latching onto it with a grateful whine. They kissed hotly,lips open, tongues dancing and twisting together. Only when Anthony pushed at his chest rather forcefully did Sirius break the kiss to let them both catch their breath, resting his forehead on Anthony's and panting for air.

“Holy fucking Christ on toast, Anthony,” Sirius breathed, head swimming still and his knees feeling distinctly weak.

“Mmm?” came the muzzy reply.

Sirius chuckled quietly. “Yes, quite.”


“Are you nearly finished with that letter, Anthony?”

“Yes, my lord. I just must insult your cousin for a few more lines then I shall attend to you.” Anthony glanced up from where he sat with his writing table, now turned to face Sirius and his bath, then grinned at him, easily and boyishly.

“Excellent.” Sirius winked back at him from the bath. “First you can wash my hair then we shall continue your lessons in sucking cock.”

Blushing, Anthony ducked his head, but the smile stayed on his lips. “Yes, my lord.”

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Oh my god. Please let worship at your feet.
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Hmm... it's not fully organized yet here on iJ. But I'm trying. Everything's still in order and all at my journal at LJ, same user name.
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Really the easiest way is just to poke at my tags in my journal here. I have tagged everything by kinks, pairings, and ratings.
20th August 2007 07:53
Anthony!!!!! Yay!!!!

This is so beautiful, his hands, the bath, his blushes. Good gods woman, you paint beautiful pictures with your words.

20th August 2007 08:02
An Anthony fangirl! Yay! He's so flattered. (And blushing!)

Oh but thank you too, from me! *hugs* Thank you for reading!
20th August 2007 08:34
I will always be your Anthony's fangirl. (You can tell him that if you'd like *grin*)

Yay for more blushing!!!

It was a wonderful story, hon.
20th August 2007 18:06
I shall! :P

*snuggles* Thank you!
20th August 2007 08:10
Oh, yes, I loved Sirius's POV and how his thoughts were always so deliciously dirty. Anthony with his blushing was such a temptation how you wrote him ^____^
20th August 2007 18:08
*purrs at your icon* That's lovely.

Sirius has a very, very naughty mind. And god, I'm so ridiculously pleased that Anthony was tempting. I do worry that since he's a minor character (and really an OC) that people might not like him. *snuggles him protectively*

Thank you!
20th August 2007 08:22
Omigod. Firstly, it is just beautiful, all lush and decadent and enticing... Secondly, more than a little hot... Thirdly, a pairing I would never have in my life considered had I not seen you mention how Anthony wasn't co-operating... I'm glad he did, because he's an utter darling here :).
20th August 2007 18:10
Hee! Thank you!

No, it's a incredibly odd pairing but one I adore tremendously. I don't write it, or Anthony nearly as often as I should. But you've no idea how thrilled I am that you liked him! And the story as a whole!
20th August 2007 09:20

*is dead*

I love the minor Ravenclaws, so I couldn't resist when I saw Anthony was in here - and boy am I glad I read it!

*fans self*

That was delicious.
20th August 2007 18:12
*prods dead body then drags off to molest more thoroughly in private*

Huzzah for the minor Ravenclaws. Or in Anthony's case "Here! Here!" *is a dork*

Thank you for reading and commenting!
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This is just lovely. Finger-sucking! :)

Also, you're a pervert.
20th August 2007 18:13
*purrs* I do love the finger-sucking. And so does Anthony.

Yeah, yeah. So you keep saying. I'm waiting for clear proof of such unfounded accusations. ;)
20th August 2007 11:30
this was so sweet and cute and HOT LIKE FIRE.

Also? “And please, dear cousin, remember that while I agreed to fuck you against the wall when we were children, thankfully my tastes have become too refined to be interested in your manky cunt.” this pretty much killed me dead with hilarity XD
20th August 2007 22:24
Hee, thank you!

*cackles* I was wondering if anyone would mention that part. It's so- random. :P
20th August 2007 12:58
Wow, just wow.
*melts into puddle*
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*grins and plays happily in the puddle of melted you*
20th August 2007 15:43
Oh my good LORD, woman, this is utterly delicious from the first word to the last! I simply cannot say enough good things about it!

And thank you for indulging my Anthony Goldstein love! :D
20th August 2007 22:30
*blushes* Thank you!

Oh eee! Yay! Anthony needs lots of love. I really need to write more fics about him. It's odd since he's the character I have the most in my head (playing RPing him at LJ), but I don't write fic about him as much as others.
20th August 2007 18:39
Oh, how beautiful. I loved the references to Hebrew, and how it relates to Anthony's likely origins. “Yes! Erm.. no. I mean... I don't... I'm not... I know my constellations?”--Love the question mark on that! And I have a huge kink for hairplay; wish I saw more of it in prose!

I really think this is a story that would hold up well if it had its serial numbers sanded off, so to speak, and submitted as original fiction if you were interested in doing that sort of thing. It's delicious.

20th August 2007 22:34
*hugs tightly* Thank you!

Anthony and his confused babbling. Really. *laughs at him* He flails so easily at things.

Ooh, yes, I agree! I wonder who would have more of a hairplay fetish: Bill, Sirius, or Minerva. Ideas?

*grins* I keep thinking I should do that some day. Just poke a few things out there for publication that aren't academic essays.
22nd August 2007 18:05
I think of hairplay as being a very girly fetish, myself, but don't let that stop you! ^_^ I once read non-con hair fetish smut (original, not fanfiction) in which a guy gave a girl a perm against her will. Strapped into the chair and all that. It was hardly James Joyce but it was delicious.
21st August 2007 01:12
I'm not sure who Anthony is (sorry - I don't get out much. *G*) but I really liked his character and how much he grew during the story. And I think Sirius would've been like that, carelessly considerate. Or do I mean considerately careless? It's hard to tell. *G*
21st August 2007 14:53
Anthony's one of the very minor Ravenclaws in Harry's year and is part of the DA. He only gets mentioned a few times. So yes, very AU on my pairing. :P

But yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it and him anyway. And yes, it's hard to tell with Sirius.
21st August 2007 01:28
21st August 2007 14:54
21st August 2007 22:54 - Fic: Erubesco et Erubesco
This is brilliant. Lovely and gorgeous and hot and oh, the dynamic between them is perfect.
I love the world, too.
31st August 2007 17:33 - Re: Fic: Erubesco et Erubesco
*giggles at your keyboard smash*
Sorry about delay in responding here, darling. But thank you SO much for the fabulous comment. I do love Sirius/Anthony more than most things.
21st September 2007 10:56 - Re: Fic: Erubesco et Erubesco
Talk about delays in response. :-)

That was my first keyboard smash response. I have previously eschewed them.

Sirius/Anthony is great. Very strange to think about in the same head space as canon chronology, but I love the dynamic you have for them.
15th September 2007 17:54
Okay, I totally fail at commenting. I read this when you first posted it, and I've been meaning to get back to comment ever since. It was totally one of those, "I'm so wowed by this that I can't say anything coherent at the moment, and I'll have to come back later to comment once I've collected my thoughts" things. Sadly, I still don't have anything really adequate to offer, but I wanted to let you know how awesome these characterizations are and how well-developed this AU is. This is not a pairing I likely ever would have considered, but the chemistry between the two of them is incredible here, and I find myself wanting to know more about the political maneuverings of this world. Absolutely wonderful.
29th September 2007 06:48
Don't worry! I apparently fail at commenting too! :P Damn Gmail for putting ALL the iJ comments together. *slaps it around*

I am shamelessly addicted to this pairing and have been for almost two years (it's one of those RPG accidents, you know? I played Anthony and my beloved [info]sethkyne_blue and one day it just happened). I don't write it NEAR enough because it's so obscure and people would be like "You're pairing Sirius with WHOM???" and would just move on past it.

But since they are getting such love I'll be writing more of them. *nods and snuggles them*

So anyway, thank you so, SO very much for the fabulous feedback and I take the awestruck lack of comment as a compliment but am grateful you popped back by to say so!
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