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Kinky Kristmas Fic: “Get off me”… or “Get me off”? (Sirius.Severus) 
8th December 2014 19:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]nehalenia
From: [info]sabethea

Title: “Get off me”… or “Get me off”?
Characters/Pairings: Sirius Black/Severus Snape
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: dub-con/non-con, rough sex, half-clothed sex, wall/desk sex
Other Warnings/Content: breath-play
Word Count: ~2500
Summary/Description: "I'm coming up there to have a word with Snape!" said Sirius forcefully, and he actually made to stand up, but Lupin wrenched him back down again. "If anyone's going to tell Snape it will be me!" he said firmly. (OOTP, p. 592) Sirius manages to evade Remus and sneak into Hogwarts to “have a word” with Snape over Harry’s Occlumency lessons. Sirius proves more forceful than persuasive, Severus makes an uncomfortable realization (pain/force makes him hot), and both get a relief they didn’t know they needed (badly). Nothing about Harry’s Occlumency lessons gets solved, though.

Author's Notes: I hope this is okay, giftee, because the prompt was great. Many thanks to TUB (the unknown beta).

Sirius was fuming. In fact, he was incandescent. Bloody Snape. Bloody bastard Snape. Bloody bastard evil Snape. Bloody bastard evil tosser Snape was going to get a few home sodding truths if it was the last thing Sirius did. And if he could think of a few more fucking swear words to get in there, he damn well would. Being an utter wanker was one thing. Taking it out on Harry because Snape couldn’t stand James was another thing. Snivellus was going to be down on his knees begging Harry to forgive him, or Sirius would know the reason why.

It was all fine for Remus to say “leave it to me,” but Remus would play nice till the cows came home. And it was about time that someone shook Snape out of his little smug bubble and showed him not everyone was willing to put up with his shit just because he’d told Dumbledore that he was a good boy now, honest.

All the pent up anger at being uselessly caged up in Grimmauld Place was flooding through Sirius’s veins. He’d never been good at being ‘safe’ and ‘careful’ – they were words people used to defend their own cowardice, and whatever Sirius’s faults were, he’d never been a coward. James used to say that Sirius would kill someone some day if he didn’t look out, and Sirius was beginning to think that he’d be okay with that, as long as that person was Snivellus Snape.

Breaking into Hogwarts wasn’t as easy as it had once been, now that the staff knew Sirius was an Animagus. But fate was on his side, and he got through the wards as easily as he’d done two years earlier. And he knew where Snape was likely to be – hanging around in the dungeon, like the criminal he bloody was. Sirius stormed down there, on his face a thundercloud expression that the other Marauders would have known at once. It seemed it was familiar to Snape, too: the other man stopped shuffling sheets of parchment on his desk and took a step backwards when he saw Sirius striding towards him.

Just one step, just a little thing, but Sirius noticed it and was grimly pleased. So, Snape knew he was here to pick a fight, did he? And he was just that little bit scared. Time to make ‘a little bit’ a fair amount bigger. With silent, wandless, magic, Sirius made the dungeon door slam and lock behind him. Just Sirius and Snape, and a dungeon. How very appropriate.

Pushing a desk carelessly out of the way, Sirius grabbed Snape by the throat, propelling him backwards until his head hit the dungeon wall. Snape’s wand lay on the front desk, out of reach.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, messing with my godson?” Snape let out a strangled croak, and Sirius loosened his grip on the other man’s neck. “I said, what the fuck do you think you’re doing, messing with Harry?”

“Teaching him a lesson,” Snape snapped back.

The faintest hint of a smile twitched at the corner of Sirius’s mouth, but it was cynicism rather than amusement which put it there. “Oh yes? Well, Snivellus, I’ve got a lesson or two I’m going to teach you, too.”

“Is this the only way you deal with anything, Black? With violence?”

Sirius’s hand tightened once again on Snape’s neck. “I think I preferred it when you couldn’t say anything,” he said. “And as to ‘violence’” – he gave a bark of a laugh – “I was put in prison for being a mass murderer, remember? It wasn’t true then, but you’re tempting me to make it true.” He watched as Snape’s eyes moved from side to side, searching for something. “Your wand’s on the desk. Out of reach.”

Snape reached his hands up to grab at Sirius’s arm, trying to release the grip on his throat. His fingers dug in, scrabbling at Sirius’s wrist. Sirius increased the pressure a little harder, and Snape’s hands dropped away.

“Good boy,” Sirius taunted, his hand softening.

“Stop it,” Snape wheezed.

“Stop strangling you? But didn’t you just say I was so very talented at violence?” Sirius leaned back as if considering his options, looking Snape up and down. “Of course, maybe if you asked nicely…” He kept his hand at Snape’s neck, and raised an eyebrow. Snape remained silent, however, and Sirius shrugged. “Your choice.”

He pushed Snape harder against the dungeon wall, grabbing one of Snape’s wrists with his free hand and pressing it back against the exposed brickwork; thrusting one leg between Snape’s to pin him more firmly back. Snape struggled, but Sirius, grimly amused, knew that he didn’t dare to do too much, not with that strong hand on his throat.

“Get out. Get out.” Snape was suddenly vocal, wrestling more fiercely with Sirius. It was as if something had unexpectedly changed, making Snape suddenly desperate to escape from his captor’s grasp. The anger in his voice wasn’t surprising; the desperation, however, was. “Leave me alone. Get out.”

And a few seconds later, Sirius knew why. His thigh was pushed firmly between Snape’s legs, and… and there was a definite and distinctive weight pressing against it. “What the… what the actual fuck? You’ve got a stiffie!” He stared at Snape in disbelief. “Are you actually getting hot from this?”

The moment Sirius asked, he felt his own cock hardening in response. Fuck it, it had been so long since Sirius had any. And here was bloody Snape all hard and wanting, and there shouldn’t be, but there was something really damn sexy about it. Especially when Sirius was getting to let out a bit of the frustration that had been building up on him since the summer. Snape, hard for him, after being slapped about a bit. All those occasions when Snape had been sitting at the table in Grimmauld Place, the Order of the Phoenix hanging on his every word, and Sirius feeling like a spare part in his own home. Now he was in Snape’s territory, and Snape could get to discover what it was like being humiliated – though by the feel of things, he enjoyed it a darn sight more than Sirius did.

“Get off me,” Snape ordered angrily.

Sirius rocked back and forth on the leg which was pinioning Snape’s apart, so that he pushed against Snape’s erection over and over again. “’Get off me’ or ‘Get me off’?” he asked mockingly.

Snape snarled something incoherent, as Sirius continued to rock. God, but it felt good. Almost too good. The temptation to continue until they both came was strong. Fighting the urge, he backed off, pushing Snape to the ground. Snape fell in a tangle of limbs and crowlike black robes, ungainly, ugly, hot. And Sirius was damned if that last one wasn’t the most important right now.

“Beg me,” he growled, not knowing what he even wanted Snape to ask for.

And then Snape was up onto his knees, and it wasn’t to Harry, and Sirius didn’t fucking care. He shrugged his robes apart, pushed down his pants. A hand twisted in Snape’s greasy hair. The other was behind Snape’s head, forcing him forward until his mouth was touching Sirius’s cock. Sirius’s hard cock. Sirius’s hard cock which now had Snape’s lips opening around it like this was what they’d both come here for.

And fuck, but Snape was good at this. Sirius bit back a groan, and thrust forward into Snape’s mouth, down his throat. Snape gagged for a second, but he didn’t pull away, instead leaning in to take more of Sirius’s cock than should be humanly possible. Sirius had run out of reasons why this shouldn’t be happening; couldn’t think of anything except yes, fuck as he kept one hand tangled in Snape’s hair, controlling the in-out-in motion whilst Snape sucked, gagged, sucked, licked… fuck

Sirius was on the point of coming, and it was close enough to realise that this wasn’t what he wanted. Not jerking off into Snape’s mouth. He wanted to fuck Snape, pound into his arse until Snape was begging for mercy, begging Sirius to do anything, anything, to let him come.

The thought almost destroyed Sirius, and he teetered on the edge of orgasm, squeezing his eyes shut and pushing Snape away, on to the floor.

“Over the desk. Over your desk,” Sirius snarled, grabbing at Snape’s mistreated robes and hauling him to his feet.


“I say yes.” Sirius twisted one of Snape’s arms behind his back, forcing him over to the desk. “I’m going to fuck you over your desk and you’re going to like it. You’re going to fucking beg me for more, you understand me?”

Snape had a two word answer to that, but Sirius didn’t care. The bastard had been sucking his cock not thirty seconds ago; claiming that he didn’t want it was a fucking nonsense. Sirius swept Snape’s wand and the parchments off the desk, then twisted Snape’s arm that bit further, making the other man hiss in pain.

“Over. Your. Desk.”

Snape obeyed. He had little choice. Sirius wasn’t in a mood to care, and it was as if his natural recklessness had been augmented by the years in Azkaban. He’d reined himself in and ended up in the grimmest prison on earth. What the hell had he got to lose now? Dragging his wand out of his pocket, he pushed up Snape’s robes, exposing a bare arse.

“You always go commando, or did you know I was coming?” he asked, not waiting for an answer as he performed the spell to lubricate the tip of his wand. He pushed it inside Snape, and noticed that Snape wasn’t struggling, wasn’t protesting any more. Sirius moved the angle of the wand and manoeuvred it gently so that it pressed against Snape’s prostate, so softly it was almost unnoticeable; so softly, it was almost unbearable. A small moan, immediately cut off, emanated from Snape; and Sirius laughed. “You like it. You want it,” he accused.

Snape fought for a few furious seconds, attempting an escape that both men knew would not be possible. Sirius had been rangy, almost emaciated, after his escape from Azkaban, but he’d spent the time since then returning himself to full fitness. Snape, however, was as thin and gangling as ever; no match for Sirius’s strength. Sirius allowed him to struggle, amused by the heated fury caused as much by Snape’s unwanted horniness as by a desire to escape. Snape was hot for it, and he hated that even more than he hated Sirius’s determined possession.

"Let me go," Snape hissed.

“Careful of my wand,” Sirius scolded, his bad temper dissolving like ice in boiling water. Perhaps this wasn’t the lesson he had intended to teach Snape, but it was much more entertaining. “Otherwise, it might…” He oscillated it gently in Snape’s arse, deliberately making it as pleasurable as possible. Being fucked over his own desk by Sirius would be humiliating enough; enjoying it would be close to unbearable for Snape.

Snape’s fingernails were digging into the wood on his desk as he fought the pleasure. “Get – off – me,” he said, the words coming with difficulty.

“You don’t mean that.” Nevertheless, Sirius drew out the wand, and Snape gave a little hiss of frustration. “Do you really want me to stop?” he whispered in Snape’s ear, his hard cock rubbing up against the other man.

There was an angry moment’s silence. Then, “Yes,” Snape said defiantly.

Sirius laughed. “Liar.”

He inserted two fingers into Snape, scissoring them inside him. The lubrication from the wand meant that Snape was slippery to the touch, and Merlin, fuck, gods, Sirius wanted him. Lining himself up, he pushed the head of his cock in, and Snape took a hissing breath. One of Sirius’s hands slid round to grasp Snape’s long, heavy cock. Sirius’s fingers fitted round it as if they’d been meant for that purpose. He had to fight the urge to push right into Snape, instead moving with a gentle care. Sirius wasn’t sure which of them was finding it most excruciating: he wanted more, and Snape did too.

When he was fully sheathed, his hand started a motion on Snape’s cock which he matched with his own movements – gentle, deliberate, frustrating. He kept it up until the sweat ran cold on his brow, until Snape was breathing with a harsh unsteady rhythm.

“Do you – really – want me – to stop?” he panted in Snape’s ear. He could sense the clenching of Snape’s jaw, the determination not to answer. Sirius started moving again, hand and body in synch. “Do you?”

“No, damn you.”

The words were forced from Snape’s reluctant mouth. Sirius tried not to think about how unreluctant that mouth had felt when it was open around his cock. But the memory was there now, and Sirius could hold back no longer. The movements were faster, harder, longer, stronger. Sirius couldn’t stop himself, and Snape, having condemned himself by his own words, no longer tried to deny his desire, pushing back against Sirius, forcing the pace, making Sirius slam into him with so much force that the desk rocked slightly under the pressure. When Sirius came, the release was like flying – the biggest high he knew. Snape’s cum warmed his fingers, and for a few seconds he could do nothing but rest his head against the other man’s back, trying to recover his sense of self.

It happened too quickly. For both of them. There was a sudden silence as they realised what had gone on between them. Sirius pulled away, reaching for the wand he’d unceremoniously dumped earlier, and muttering a cleaning spell. He couldn’t meet Snape’s eyes; and he suspected the other man felt similarly. He dragged his pants back up, knowing he should say something, not knowing what to say. Snape’s robes fell back down around him, but he didn’t turn to look at Sirius. If Sirius knew one thing, it was that Snape would never let on what had happened tonight.

“I…” he said, then stopped, unsure how to finish. There was a curious feeling of lightness, as if he’d given up some burden with his possession of Snape.

“Yes,” said Snape, pushing himself up from the desk.

Sirius wondered if Snape felt the same way about that, too. He would never ask, and Snape would certainly never tell him.

“Yes,” he agreed – was it the first time the two men had ever agreed? “Yes,” he said again, and left.
9th December 2014 02:20
I love that moment of panic, when we know what Sirius is about to discover, and Snape would do anything to keep him from finding out. Lovely.
9th December 2014 02:28
Holy Mother of Merlin, that was hot! And believable. And just what I needed for a bedtime story.

Of course, since nothing was resolved about Harry, Sirius just might need to come back....
10th December 2014 13:49
Well, that was a little bit of all right! There is nothing like a good, old fashioned Snack dub-con grudge-fuck and over Snape's own desk? Perfect. Right where he belongs!

Thank you MA, that was smoking! :)
11th December 2014 12:42
OMG I JUST SAW THIS! This is what I get for not checking IJ regularly. Dear author, I'm sorry for the delay in seeing this. I actually saw this recced on LJ, came over to check it out, and realized IT'S FOR ME! I've only read the first couple of lines (like, right before I saw it was for me) but it already looks fantastic! I've been listening to the audio book of OotP so I'm totally in the mood. Will review as soon as I've read this, but for now, THANK YOU! This looks like exactly what I was hoping for.
11th December 2014 14:30
Oh my gosh, Mystery Author, that was glorious! Just glorious! I love the opening of this so much, it's a perfect depiction of Sirius's anger and frustration. His canon dealings with Snape were usually snide and insulting, on both sides, but the Occlumency incident certainly pushed it to the next level or more. The way you've written it, it's obvious Sirius is enraged for Harry's sake, but he uses it to let out his own need for action and release, both emotional and physical.

The characterization here is spot-on for both characters, and as hot as the whole thing is -- the initial dust up, the violence slanting into breathplay, Snape's unexpected reaction, and Sirius "forcing" Snape to do what he really wants to do -- it's the characterization that makes this so hot. You did a fantastic job with the non-con/dub-con in this piece. I'm firmly of the opinion that Snape would never admit what he really wants, and it's easy to head-canon that he tries to be as insulting and passive-aggressive as possible to get exactly this type of reaction. One thing I especially loved about this is that you noted Sirius used wandless magic as he barges in, but makes a point of keeping Snape away from his own wand. Since Snape is noted to be an accomplished wizard, especially in non-verbal spells, it's fair to assume that if Sirius can do wandless magic, Snape can as well, and if Sirius's advances had truly been unwelcome, he could easily have defended himself.

In short, this piece isn't just amazingly sexy, hot, and chock full of yummy kinks and tropes, it's very smartly written with a sharp eye to character and the nuances of power dynamics. It flows beautifully, too, and it's so rich I can't believe it only came in at 2500 words.

Thank you so much, Mystery Author. It's exactly what I wanted!
16th December 2014 14:03
Fabulous. Love it when these two are rough with each other. Fucking Snape over his own desk? 1000 times yes! Great job.
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