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Fic: Just Irresistible (Teddy Lupin/Harry Potter) [NC-17] 
21st February 2014 05:19
Title: Just Irresistible
Author: [info]writcraft
Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter/Teddy Lupin
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: bottoms
Other Warnings: Fingering, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, age disparity, smoking
Word Count: ~2,500
Summary/Description: Teddy Lupin knows Harry Potter has secrets.
Author's Notes: Thanks so much to A for the quick beta read. Enjoy!

Teddy Lupin knows all sorts of things about Harry Potter.

He hints as much to Harry one day, when the house gradually empties after a raucous Sunday lunch and Harry takes a moment in the garden to get away from it all.

“I know your secrets.”

“I’m sorry?” Caught off guard, Harry’s easy smile falters and he furrows his brow, worried.

“I promise not to tell anyone.” Teddy holds out a crumpled packet of cigarettes. “As long as you don’t tell my Grandma.”

“She’d have my guts for garters if she knew I was encouraging you to smoke.” Harry sighs and looks as if he might turn down Teddy’s offer. In the end he shrugs and takes a cigarette. “It’s a bad habit.”

“There are worse things in life.” Teddy watches Harry carefully and leans back against the rough brickwork.

“That’s true enough.” Harry laughs, but the smile doesn’t meet his eyes.

Teddy takes a deep drag of his cigarette and savours the acrid taste. He only smokes because Harry sometimes smells like cigarettes, not that Teddy plans to tell Harry that any time soon.

“We all have things we want to hide from other people.” Teddy shifts in place and flicks ash onto the paving slabs, watching it move across the stone on a gentle gust of wind.

“Perhaps.” Harry looks curious. “Do you?”

“You wouldn’t believe it if you knew.” Teddy winks and stubs out his cigarette, grinding the butt under the heel of his boot. He leans close to Harry and whispers to him, letting his lips brush against Harry’s ear. “Although something tells me if you did know, you might actually like it.”

Teddy forces himself to pull back from Harry’s warmth and the musky scent of his cologne. He walks back into the house turning only once to see Harry watching him, his expression unreadable.

* * *

Teddy follows Harry again that weekend.

He knows where to find Harry by now. On the last Friday of every month, Harry comes to the same place. He stands outside the dark door hidden deep in the brickwork of a narrow street in Muggle London, looking around as if to check he’s alone. After taking a deep breath he pushes open the small door and ducks inside.

Teddy waits just long enough and then slips into the bar behind Harry. He keeps close to Harry, knowing he won’t be seen after altering his appearance enough to be unrecognisable.

Harry settles at a table for one and orders a pint. Teddy takes in the lean lines of Harry’s muscular back and thighs, biting back a groan. He finds himself nearly salivating at the memory of Harry’s prick, thick and heavy. Teddy could have taken him countless times but he refuses to do that to Harry unless Harry knows exactly who Teddy is, not least because he doesn’t want to become another one of Harry’s anonymous fucks.

Harry definitely likes the bottom, and he spreads himself willingly for grasping fingers and hard pricks of all shapes and sizes. Teddy knows Harry has a tattoo of a phoenix on his right shoulder and after sex, Harry orders coffee with three sugars and lashings of milk. When he leaves the club after a long night, Harry always stands outside and looks up at the sun with his head tilted back and his hands stuffed into his pockets. He looks so bloody sad, Teddy wants to grab him and pull him close and kiss him until he smiles again.

Some days Teddy thinks he knows so much about Harry, yet at moments like this he wonders if he knows anything at all. He doesn’t know what brings Harry to this dark place to be fucked by Muggle strangers, but he has his suspicions.

Teddy determines that tonight will be different to all the others. He’s damned if he’s going to watch Harry like this anymore.

It’s time Teddy told Harry a secret of his own.

* * *

“I’m not looking for anything tonight.” Harry doesn’t bother looking up when Teddy settles into the seat next to him.

“You usually are. Should I be offended?” Trying to sound bolder than he feels, Teddy changes his appearance back to normal.

Harry’s shoulders tense and he turns to Teddy, a look of horror on his face. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking after you.” The words fall from Teddy’s lips, unbidden.

“I’m forty years of age, Ted. I don’t need looking after.” Harry gives Teddy a wry smile. “Go home.”

“I’d rather not if it’s all the same to you.” Teddy leans back in his seat and contemplates Harry. “I’ve been here before.”

“How many times?” Harry’s lips tighten in anger and his eyes flash with the familiar heat Teddy knows so well.

“Months now. I’ve been coming here for months.”

Harry swallows and looks around wildly as if hoping for an escape.

“What have you seen?”

“Everything.” Teddy shifts in his chair, deciding there’s no point in pretending.

“You shouldn’t be here. I don’t want you to know this about me – Merlin, I don’t want anyone to know this about me.” Harry’s face pales.

“You’re fucking strangers in a bar – it’s hardly private,” Teddy counters. He grimaces when Harry looks as if he’s been punched in the gut, and tries desperately to find the right words. “I don’t care what you do, that’s not what this is about. I’m here because I want you.”

“You don’t even know me.” Harry looks away, his voice low and firm. “I’m not the man you think I am.”

“Because you like being fucked in public?” Teddy drops his hand onto Harry’s knee and squeezes, emboldened by the fact he doesn’t get his arse hexed. “You think being kinky makes you a lesser man?”

“I think it makes me a bit of a bloody pervert.” Harry winces and looks away, his cheeks heating. “Besides, you don’t know the half of it.”

“I do.” Teddy’s confidence returns as the familiar scent of Harry spurs him onwards. “I know what’s under here for a start.” Teddy brushes his fingers over the hard line of Harry’s cock which strains against his jeans.

“Doesn’t it bother you?” Harry’s breathing hitches and Teddy shakes his head.

“Fuck no. It makes me horny just thinking about it.”

“You’re still in your twenties – you’re always horny.” Harry chokes back a laugh and contemplates Teddy. “You’re my godson. I’m nearly twenty years older than you. We’re not going to have sex.”

“Are you sure about that?” Teddy brushes his lips against Harry’s neck, and traces his fingers along the line of Harry’s cock. “I’d be better than any of those idiots. You can be whoever you want to be with me.”

“I don’t even know what I want anymore.” Harry’s voice falters and he presses up into Teddy’s touch. “You deserve better than this.”

“Are you barmy?” Teddy pulls back and stares at Harry. “You’re a prat. A bloody idiot.” He runs his hand over Harry’s arm, noting every detail now he finally has the opportunity to touch him. “You’re all I ever wanted.”

“Then you’re even dafter than I am.” Harry sighs. He holds out his hand and tugs Teddy to his feet. “We’re leaving.”

“We are?” Teddy stuffs his hands into his jeans and frowns. “Where are we going?”

Harry shrugs. “I’m damned if I know.”

* * *

“You weren’t at the club last week.” Teddy closes the kitchen door behind him and joins Harry outside, shivering under the cool breeze. “I waited for ages.”

“I’m not going back again.” Harry looks warily at the house as if their conversation might be overheard and Teddy waves his hand.

“Everyone left. Some band’s playing at the Leaky tonight. I said we might catch them up.”

“Did you?” Harry eyes Teddy shrewdly. “You should have gone with them.”

“There’ll be plenty of other opportunities. Besides, there’s something else I want to do tonight.”

Before Harry can protest again, Teddy tangles his hand in Harry’s hair and pulls him close. He kisses Harry hard, relaxing when Harry responds by gripping onto Teddy’s shirt and pulling him closer as the kiss deepens. Teddy presses Harry back against the wall of the house and slides his hands over his sides.

“You’ll be the death of me.” Harry breaks the kiss with a groan and pulls back to look at Teddy, his cheeks pink and cold.

“Do you still have them?” Teddy drops his hand to Harry’s backside and squeezes, shaking his head when Harry begins to protest. “Please.”

Harry opens his mouth as if to argue and then sighs, nudging Teddy away from him. “Upstairs.”


* * *

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this.” Teddy presses his tongue over Harry’s cock. The satin knickers dampen beneath his touch as he licks up and down again, watching Harry arch towards him.

“It’s ridiculous.” Harry closes his eyes and clutches the sheets, his rough tone giving his pleasure away.

“Nope. It’s hot.” Teddy slides his hand over Harry’s naked thigh and urges his legs further apart, brushing his lips over Harry’s satin-covered cock. “Is it just knickers?”

“What else did you expect?” Harry gasps out the words when Teddy pulls his knickers to one side and rubs his fingers into Harry’s crease.

“Stockings…fuck, maybe some lipstick or something. A corset.” Teddy presses his fingers against Harry’s hole, delighting in the way Harry responds to his touch. “You like that idea, don’t you?”

“Perhaps.” Harry drops his arm over his face which muffles a deep groan. “You’re teasing me.”

“Am I?” Teddy rubs his fingers over Harry’s hole again and slides his hand down to cup Harry’s balls. He continues to suck at the tip of Harry’s cock, taking the knickers and Harry into his mouth in one swift movement.

“You know you are.” Harry grips Teddy’s hair and tugs at it, until Teddy pulls up and yanks down the knickers to give himself better access.

“Not anymore.” Giving Harry what he hopes is a sufficiently wicked grin, Teddy works two fingers into Harry and fucks him steadily with them. He knows from watching Harry on so many occasions how much Harry likes to be filled. He can almost feel the way Harry craves it and he watches eagerly as Harry stretches around his fingers. “Do you have any toys?”

Teddy.” Harry groans again, both with need and embarrassment, and gestures vaguely to the bedside cabinet. Teddy slides his fingers from Harry ignoring his protests and opens up the drawer, selecting a decent sized dildo from a broad selection. He squeezes more lubricant onto the toy before pushing it deep inside Harry, watching him arch off the bed to meet the intrusion.

“You love this.” Teddy can’t believe he’s here with Harry, fucking him obscenely with a sex toy and watching it move slowly in and out of Harry’s body. “Will you let me fuck you in public one night?”

“You’d want to do that?” Harry’s eyes are dark and hazy when he meets Teddy’s gaze full on.

“I don’t see why you should be the only one that has all the fun.” Teddy pushes the toy hard inside Harry again, angling it just so before giving it another couple of thrusts. “Besides, I know you want that just as much as I do.”

“Perhaps I do.” Harry sounds surprised that the confession comes so naturally.

Teddy pulls the toy from him and presses back into Harry with three fingers, twisting his hand and gripping his free hand into Harry’s hair, murmuring in his ear.

“You’ve got to tell me everything from now on – all those filthy fantasies of yours. I don’t care if you think you’re a pervert or whatever. Don’t you get it? I like this stuff too.” Teddy rubs his fingers deep inside Harry, pleased when the motion elicits a sharp cry. “I want to do all sorts with you, Harry.”

“I’ll remember that.” Harry can hardly speak now, his words coming out in a rush as he slides his hands over Teddy’s back.

He rocks back onto Teddy’s fingers and then comes with a shout, clutching onto Teddy and pulling him into a deep kiss. Teddy slips his fingers from Harry, watching him as he comes and laughs with delight when Harry pushes him onto his back.


“You’re not nearly incoherent enough.” With a grin, Harry straddles Teddy. He positions himself over Teddy’s cock before sinking down onto him, slowly enough to make Teddy grip onto his hips and thrust up into him.

“Look at me.” Teddy grips Harry’s thighs and rocks beneath him, his voice breathless. This is different to all of the times he watched Harry. Teddy’s gaze never leaves Harry’s face and he makes sure Harry knows exactly who’s fucking him. “We’re going shopping after this.”

“We are?” Harry looks confused by the odd conversation and clenches around Teddy, running his hands over his chest.

“We are,” Teddy affirms, breathlessly. “I want to make you look pretty. I’m going to dress you up and take you to that seedy club with a plug inside you, looking all slutty. I can’t wait to see you on your knees and make sure all those idiots know that you won’t be fucking anyone else without my say so.”

“Fucking hell.” Harry bends down and captures Teddy’s lips in a hard kiss. He squeezes around Teddy again, drawing a gasp from him.

It occurs to Teddy that Harry might not want any of this and that he’s making assumptions without really talking anything through. He tries to lose himself in his pleasure without thinking about it too hard. He shifts Harry over onto his back and fucks him with abandon until he comes with a shout, biting down on Harry’s neck and sucking gently, hoping to leave a bruise which Harry will still feel tomorrow.

“Do you want to do this again?” Teddy rolls off Harry when he finally manages to catch his breath and looks at the ceiling, feeling strangely insecure.

“I would never have let things go this far in the first place if I didn’t.” Harry pulls Teddy close and kisses his hair. “Although I wouldn’t mind leaving the public display for another night. There’s a lot we need to talk about before we do that.”

“Should I go?” Teddy looks across to Harry for direction, and is relieved when Harry shakes his head.

“I had hoped you might stay the night so I could make you breakfast.”

Teddy smiles and kisses Harry.

“Breakfast seems like a good way to start.”

21st February 2014 11:20
Gah, that's just lovely. I adore that Teddy's been watching Harry all that time, waiting for the right moment. So damn hot when they finally do get together. Great job.
21st February 2014 22:58
I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, thank you! xD
21st February 2014 16:33
This about killed me dead. I read this last night, right before heading off to bed, and could not comment because I was just lskfjsldfjslfjlsfjsdlfjslkfjsf. GOD. I love the dynamic here, that Harry feels a bit ashamed of his own kinky desires and Teddy knows and waits and then pounces at the perfect time and is just so unashamed of his own and that dynamic just makes me weak in the knees.

I died right about here - Teddy presses his tongue over Harry’s cock. The satin knickers dampen beneath his touch as he licks up and down again, watching Harry arch towards him. GUHHHH NGGH. And then it just kept going.

Excellent, excellent. I highly enjoyed. :DDDD
21st February 2014 22:59
Your comment made me so happy, thank you so much! I love it when Teddy talks Harry into all the things, and when Harry feels ashamed of his own desires - I'm so pleased that dynamic works for you too.

Yay! Thanks for reading xD
21st February 2014 20:22
You know, when I saw you wrote this I completely skipped the warnings and just went ahead, so when I got to the knickers I was completely surprised, and I loved it. I loved the feel of this story. It makes me think their relationship is going to flourish and become something real and true, because as much as they want each other, there's love and respect, and it's gorgeous. Lovely.
21st February 2014 23:01
LOL! Nothing like a pair of satin knickers appearing out of nowhere :D

I'm so pleased you enjoyed this, thanks so much for reading it. I have lots of confidence in a very happy end for the Harry and Teddy of this verse too :) xD
21st February 2014 20:29
DAMN. This hit buttons I didn't even know I had. I'm trying to calm down enough to leave you a coherent comment, but right now I'm basically a puddle of goo. That initial scene was as hot as any smut, and the fic just kept getting hotter from there. I love Teddy as the aggressor and the top. For some reason, cross-dressing is sort of a hit-or-miss kink for me, and lemme tell you... you hit it HARD here!!! The thought of Teddy blowing Harry over those satin knickers, fjdkfljds god yes. What an awesome kink fic. Kudos!!
21st February 2014 23:02
I'm so thrilled you enjoyed this, thank you so much! I must admit I have something of a weakness for Teddy topping and for Harry bottoming, so I'm pleased you enjoyed that dynamic.

Yay for the cross-dressing working! I'm so pleased <3
22nd February 2014 09:16
Well done! Glad Teddy got what he wanted and Harry got whom he needed.
20th May 2014 20:18
Thank you! I'm sorry to respond so late to this.
23rd February 2014 00:51
Yeah, Harry really should have saved his breath. Teddy totally has his number here. :)
Very hot and very delicious. Well done! :)
20th May 2014 20:18
Thank you! I'm so sorry for responding so late, I thought I was up to date on my replies *hugs*
23rd February 2014 04:59
Guh, I love these two when they're done right and they are here. I LOVE that Harry's kink is above and beyond wanting Teddy. Lovely!!
20th May 2014 20:19
Thank you so much! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, and I apologise for my tardiness in responding to comments.
23rd February 2014 22:14
Argh! I don't know how I missed this! D: Just read it, and it's GUH!! Love the dynamics here, and how Teddy is so in charge! This was hot as hell, bebé!

Gonna read it again. Lol! <33!
20th May 2014 20:19
Yay! Thank you so much, lovely :D

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply, thank you so much for such a lovely comment <3
25th February 2014 18:42
Oh I love this!!! It's sort of a bulletproof pairing for me anyway, but I adored their dynamic in this. I love Teddy being wild and young enough to tease out Harry's fantasies and let him have them. Beautifully done, Writ!
20th May 2014 20:20
Thank you so much for such a lovely comment - I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to reply I'm not sure how I missed responding to these comments :(

2nd March 2014 01:28
Damn! Harry is one sexy kinky pervert! That was hot! I love Teddy being all in charge. I think this is the first time I've ever read Teddy topping before, and it made for a wonderful change. I love the slow build-up of this, and Teddy stalking Harry. And Harry's shame of his kinks. Gotta love that shy and insecure Harry. He's so precious!

Wonderful work! Thank you for sharing.
20th May 2014 20:21
Thank you so much! I'm so pleased you enjoyed the fic, and please forgive my tardiness in responding to your wonderful comment.
4th March 2014 18:42
Aww. I love brave, brazen Teddy.
20th May 2014 20:21
Me too! :D

31st March 2014 19:30
I wanna read about Harry dressed up all smutty with Ted now.....

20th May 2014 20:21
Yum, yes! :D
25th March 2015 19:27
Love love love kinky!Harry and Teddy giving him what he wants. So hot. Brilliant job.
1st May 2015 04:39
this was so good! so glad that it as rec'd on Crack_broom so I could discover it. I really like the dynamic between Teddy and Harry. Hot and so much need between the two of them. Lovely fic.
1st May 2015 04:41
^^ this was from me, Oakstone730, didn't realize that story was on IJ and not LJ so my comment showed up anon.
16th September 2015 14:03
LOVE LOVE LOVE me some kinky Harry! And I especially enjoy crossdressing Harry! :)
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