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FIC: In Three (Draco/Teddy, Harry; NC-17) 
14th January 2013 09:48
Title: In Three
Author: [info]sdk
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Teddy, Harry; implied Draco/Teddy/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Everything Old is New: agrexophilia (arousal from knowing one might be overheard), ecouterism (arousal from hearing/listening to others engaged in sexual activities)
Other Warnings: masturbation
Word Count: 1K
Summary/Description: Draco's never one to miss an opportunity.
Author's Notes: Written as a belated Christmas present for [info]torino10154 Thank you to [info]train_tracks and [info]roozetter for the beta! <3

Teddy stands at the sink, warm soapy water flowing from the tip of his wand and covering the dirty dishes in white suds. He feels Draco without hearing him approach, his chest warm against Teddy's back, hands resting lightly on his hips.

Teddy's heart pitter-patters in that oh-so familiar way and he leans back into Draco before he can help himself. They shouldn't be doing this now with his grandmother and Harry on the other side of the kitchen door—but a look Harry shot Draco over dinner flashes through Teddy's mind and he rolls his hips. Draco chuckles.

"Gagging for it, are we?" he says, voice rough and amused all at once.

"No." Teddy shifts closer to the sink, but Draco yanks him by his hips, pulling Teddy flush against his crotch. Draco's hard—hard and pulsing—and nestled against Teddy's arse in a promising way.


"Your grandmother has retired to bed," Draco says. His lips trail along Teddy's neck and his hands slip beneath Teddy's t-shirt, one splayed over his stomach, another drifting upwards, fingers coasting over a nipple. Teddy bites his lip to hold in a gasp.

"And...Harry?" Teddy manages, but his voice cracks when he says his godfather's name and he can feel his cheeks flushing a deep red.

"Waiting for his port, so we'll have to be quick, unless..." In one swift movement, Draco whips Teddy around, back to the sink, and front facing Draco. Teddy's t-shirt is halfway up his chest, exposing his stomach. Draco eyes him and Teddy feels more exposed than if he were naked, as if Draco's learning all his secrets with just a sweep of his gaze.

Teddy blushes hotter and the redness spreads down to his chest.

"You like the idea, don't you?"


"That he's out there...Potter--Harry-"

Teddy flicks his eyes away, but it's too late. He feels the light feather touch of Draco's mind, then Draco's smile turns predatory.

"I was going to cast a light privacy charm, but I think we'll skip that, shall we?" Draco reaches out and palms Teddy's cock, and the friction of his jeans and boxers is nearly his undoing. Teddy fights back a moan. Draco's smile turns crooked. "Mmm, already so hard. Is that for me...or because Harry might hear you?"

"No," Teddy protests, but it's weak if it's anything because Draco is flicking open the buttons on his trousers and parting the flap and Teddy's cock springs forth, blushing redder than his cheeks and he's dying for Draco to touch it, barely managing to hold in his please.

"Somehow I just don't believe you, Teddy Lupin."

"Maybe it's you. Pervert," Teddy says. He wants to shove his cock into Draco's hands or rut against his thigh or anything, but he reaches for Draco instead, grazing his knuckles against Draco's erection before Draco slaps his hand away.

Something flashes dangerously in Draco's eyes, but his smile is present as ever, narrow and wicked. He rakes his tongue over his lower lip. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy making you scream."

And then Draco drops to his knees.


Harry palms his cock through his trousers. He's going to hell, straight to it, no delays, but somehow he just can't stop himself. That's his godson in there, he tells himself as he stands just outside the door into the kitchen, letting Teddy's small whimpers and groans roll down his spine like a delicious tease. But somehow that fact doesn't put him off.

No, it makes you harder, his traitorous mind supplies. He'd like to tell his mind to shove it, but just then Teddy lets out a loud moan and Harry's cock throbs with the force of it.

"Sod it," he mutters and with fumbling fingers, he manages to free his cock from the confines of his trousers. He shudders as finally flesh meets flesh, his palm slick with a whispered wandless spell because he knows he needs to be quick—Teddy doesn't sound as if he's going to last much longer.

He hears slurping sounds and his mind, turning helpful, supplies the accompanying picture of Draco on his knees, sucking in Teddy's long glorious cock between his thin pink lips. Harry's not sure who he'd rather be—if he'd rather have Draco on his knees before him, his snobby smirk erased with the thrust of Harry's cock, or be on his knees himself, licking along Teddy's shaft, rolling his tight bollocks within the palm of his hand.

Or maybe between them both, he thinks, his fist speeding up as Teddy lets out these tiny little gasps Harry never would have heard had he not guiltily cast an amplifying spell the moment he'd realized why Draco was taking so long with that port.

The image forms so quickly: Draco sucking his cock, Teddy behind, rutting against his arse. His whole body goes tight and with three more quick strokes he's coming to the sound of Teddy's scream.


Draco finds Harry sitting in the lounge, idly thumbing through one of Andromeda's Knick Knacks and Knitting magazines when he finally makes his way out of the kitchen with a bottle of port. He looks as if he's trying to pretend he's been there the entire time Draco's been gone, but his hair is wilder than usual and his cheeks are flush with exertion.

Teddy trails behind him with the glasses, his cheeks nearly as pink and splotchy as Harry's, but his hair is flat and a nice presentable brown aside from the occasional pulse of magenta, always a lingering effect of his orgasms. Potter looks up and Draco wonders if he's privy to that little fact.

If it is up to Draco, he soon will be.

"Apologies for the delay. We had a devil of a time finding the port," Draco lies easily. Teddy sits down on the sofa next to Harry, perhaps a tad closer than proper, but that works fine for what Draco has in mind.

"S'alright," Harry says. "I entertained myself."

Draco smiles. His plan just might work out after all.

14th January 2013 15:17
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *flails* Naughty Harry! Wanking to the sounds his GODSON makes. While Draco's blowing him. *is ded* Also, loved Teddy's shirt rucked up and the magenta pulses of his hair post-orgasm. And Harry trying to figure out whether he wants Draco sucking him or if he wants to be sucking Teddy. Nnnggh! Of course, Draco is the instigator here-I'd expect nothing less. ♥ Lovely, bb. Thank you. <3

I would like to point out my birthday is in June should you decide to write part two. Just sayin'. *g*
14th January 2013 16:48
I've been jockeying for Saint Patrick's Day. ;-D
21st January 2013 22:25
LOL!! I just realized I never replied to these comments! And after all my nagging to you. tsk tsk to me!

Thank you, bb! I am so glad you enjoyed this sooo much. And I might be persuaded to write the sequel for your birthday. ;)

14th January 2013 16:59
Guh! SO effing hot!
Draco is such a sneaky one, although of course in this case I'd say it's working for everyone involved him. ;)
And allowing Harry to listen...And then having Harry cast an amplification spell! Mmm, yeah. Love it.
I have to agree with T here. You can write part 2 ANY TIME, bb.
*fans self*
21st January 2013 22:26
Ahahaha, yes, I'd say no one will mind Draco's sneakiness in the end. ;)

Thank you so much, bb! I'm sure part 2 will come in time for T's bday. *fingers crossed* <3

Err...pun so not intended. LOL
14th January 2013 17:48
Lovely and hot! Draco's such the perfect instigator, and Teddy and Harry are both so unwillingly willing to go along with it (they're just nervous, and they so very will get over it, I'm sure!).
21st January 2013 22:27
Ahaha, yes, I'm sure Draco will be able to calm their nerves. ;)

Thank you so much! <3
15th January 2013 03:35
Yummy, yummy, yummy. ;-)
21st January 2013 22:27
Thank you! :D
25th January 2013 15:20
25th January 2013 18:37
Thank you!
16th February 2013 21:41
Oh, wow. This threesome is just about perfect. Put me in for a vote for a sequel. I love the hair post-coitus. Great thought. :D Draco's so lovely and wicked. :D
17th February 2013 02:32
Thanks so much! Draco just makes everything possible. *g* :D
28th January 2014 16:20
28th January 2014 16:44
Thank you!! :D
28th January 2014 16:30
Oh, delicious! What a lovely kink this is, and I really don't think Draco will have any trouble persuading the other two to go along with his plans. He was so scrumptiously naughty <3
28th January 2014 16:44
Thanks, Birds! I'm so pleased you enjoyed this. :D
5th November 2014 18:34
Just rereading this after browsing gracerene's cross gen recs, and it's just as good as ever! I adore Draco being devilishly bad, and Harry trying but utterly failing to resist. <3
5th November 2014 19:49
Oh thank you! It's very sweet of you to comment again. <3
13th April 2014 05:20
Guh!! So hot and, just, fun!!!
19th April 2014 15:43
Yay! Thanks so much! :D
24th August 2015 04:42
Just re-read this, and still so hot and so fun!
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