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Kinky Kristmas Fic: The Eve Before Christmas (Neville/Lavender) 
18th December 2012 22:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]its_art
From: [info]silvernatasha

Title: The Eve Before Christmas
Characters/Pairings: Neville/Lavender
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: Dirty talk, masturbation
Other Warnings/Content: Fluff
Word Count: 1765
Summary/Description: Professor Longbottom loves spending Christmas at home with his wife.
Author's Notes: Thank you so much to my beta for helping me polish this up. And a big thank you to my recipient for the lovely requests.

"Do you think my stockings look all right?"

Peering over the top of her reading glasses, Lavender smiled. "Why," she asked, "even after ten years when I ask you that same question, you still blush and mumble about your plants?"

Neville sighed, realising that he ought to have anticipated a remark like that. "No, I don't."

"Oh, you really do." Closing her book, she slipped a leather bookmark between the pages. "I think they look lovely."

Nodding to himself, Neville turned to look at the stockings strung over the fireplace. There were three of them, all bright red, and getting smaller from left to right. He frowned, tugging at the middle one until he felt a little more satisfied with its alignment. This needed to be exact. "Are they definitely straight?"

"They look perfect as they are." She grinned and popped a sweet in her mouth.


Chewing, she nodded. "Yes." Lavender swallowed. "Stop being paranoid. I forget what a worrywart you are when you're putting up the Christmas decorations."

His stomach twisted nervously. It wasn't paranoid to want the perfect Christmas, was it? "If you let me put them up earlier..."

"Then you'd be putting them up in the middle of November. And I have better things to be doing with my husband when he's home for the weekend than listen to him fret about tinsel and baubles."

Neville blinked. "Oh?"

She sighed. "I really hope I don't have to spell it out for you."

A smile spread slowly across his face, anticipation blossoming in his chest. "Well," he said slowly, "I can be kind of forgetful sometimes..."

"Just come over here and kiss me, prat."

He chuckled. "Is that you trying dirty talk again?"

"Not after what happened last time," Lavender said primly. "Anyway, I told you that happens to a lot of men."

The old couch creaked comfortably as he joined her. He remembered that night all too well and certainly didn't want to repeat it. "And yet that still doesn't make me feel any better."

Grinning, Lavender put her legs across his lap, wiggling closer. She pressed a smacking kiss to his cheek. "I made it up to you."

"You did," Neville agreed, resting a hand almost tentatively on her thigh. Then his fingers relaxed as he felt her warmth, sliding further up until they dipped beneath the hem of her snowflake-patterned nightdress. Even after all these years, he still marvelled at the feel of her.

Lavender let out a delighted sigh, nuzzling against his neck. She kissed his throat, lips brushing against the day-old stubble on his jawline. She smelled like Sugar Mice, the scent stirring up delicious memories that brought colour to Neville's cheeks.

"We should probably go to bed."

"Tired?" he asked, trying to keep disappointment out of his voice and stilling his fingers.

"No. Just thinking that a certain someone might decide to creep downstairs and see whether Father Christmas has visited yet." She glanced towards the stockings hanging above the fireplace.

"Ah. Good point." Neville gave the stockings a final once-over before slipping his arm beneath her legs, lifting her as he rose to his feet.

Lavender trembled with suppressed giggles as he carried her towards the stairs, finally protesting as he started to climb them. "Oh, no, no. You'll do your back in. Put me down." Once she was standing on the stairs, she leant down to kiss him firmly. She reluctantly pulled away, lips lingering on his for as long as possible, only to cast her darkened gaze over him. "You look so good right now," she whispered, her cheeks flushed.

Neville glanced down at his striped pyjamas. "This old thing? Just something I threw on."

She gave a bark of laughter, then quickly covered her mouth, her eyes shining with amusement. Neville returned her look, awestruck not for the first time by knowing that she loved him. Him.

"Come on," she said, reaching for his hand. "Before I start thinking it's a good idea to do this on the stairs."

"I had bruises for a week last time," Neville agreed ruefully, already feeling a phantom ache in his knees.

"We're getting old," Lavender said with a sigh when their bedroom door was closed. She didn't waste a moment in stripping off her nightdress and dropping it on the carpet beside the bed.

Neville's mouth felt dry as he took in the sight of her. "Never," he assured her earnestly. Not for the first time, he wasn't sure where to look. She wore pink knickers with lacy roses, a little splash of springtime in the middle of winter. There, just below her ribs, was a spot that made her dissolve into helpless giggles if he so much as brushed his fingers over it. A jewel glinted at her navel, a post-baby indulgence to reclaim her body as her own. Then there were her breasts, lush and full. The sight of her hard nipples made his cock stir in anticipation.

"You say the nicest things," she murmured, drawing him close once more.

Neville bit his lip, touching her breast. His finger traced gently around her nipple. "But is it nice things you want me to say?" he asked quietly, resting his head gently against hers. She inhaled sharply. While her attempts to talk dirty to him had been a flop, so to speak, he knew what a few well-chosen words could do to her.

Lavender shook her head, her nose brushing against his.

He swallowed, tapping into a part of himself that he rarely touched. Only here, with her, did it ever surface. "You've been imagining this, haven't you?" He plucked her nipple between thumb and forefinger. "Ever since I got back from the school, you've been thinking of all the ways you want me to fuck you."

That four-letter word coming from his normally-mild mouth sent a shiver through her. "Since before," she whispered, letting him guide her back to the bed.

Neville smirked. "I love it when you tell me that." He released her breast and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. "Lie down. I want you to touch yourself and let me watch."

Lavender's eyes widened, but she nodded, quickly settling herself on the bed and propping herself up with pillows. Her hands went first to her chest, small fingers squeezing and teasing her nipples. Neville could see her thighs pressing together restlessly and he wanted nothing more than to get those knickers off her and make love, but instead he called upon his reserves of patience.

"This is what you do when I'm not here, isn't it?" he pressed, sitting at the foot of the bed to get the best view. "Touch yourself and think of me."

She gasped, one hand immediately went between her legs. Lavender squirmed, trying to remove her underwear, but Neville stopped her.

"Leave them on," he ordered. Obediently, her fingers crept beneath the soft material and she let out a low moan as she touched herself. "You think of me when you come, don't you? You imagine that it's my fingers, my cock." Neville nearly lost his resolve in that moment, mulling over his next request as he watched the quick motions of her fingers. "Come for me. Show me what I'm missing."

Lavender bit her lip, glancing up at him for a heart-stopping moment before she continued.

Neville wrapped his fingers around his cock, the urge to stroke almost overwhelming. Instead, he kept his hand still. With the sight before him, touching himself was sure to make him last as long as a nervous teenager when he finally joined her. He swallowed thickly, watching the shallow rise and fall of her chest as she drew closer to climax.

"That's it," he breathed. "Come for me."

Her back arched and Lavender gasped out her orgasm. Her eyes were closed, head tipped back and the pale column of her throat exposed as she trembled. Neville kept a firm hold of his cock, trying to concentrate on the glorious image she presented and not his own desire.

Lavender's hand stilled. She murmured in approval as Neville crawled up the bed to lie beside her. As she curled against him for comfort, Neville fondly brushed a lock of hair from her face. He gently kissed her cheek and whispered, "Ride me."

A slow smile slid across her face and she moved quicker than Neville had expected, her knickers swiftly discarded to the floor. Lavender kissed him firmly as she straddled him, fingers tangling in his hair. "So glad you're home." Her fingers nudged his away, taking his cock to guide it into her.

Neville sighed in relief at the feel of her wet heat surrounding him. Nothing ever felt more like home than when he was with her. He was never more whole than in this moment. She pressed kisses to his face and neck, her body moving easily with his as she rode him. There was no need for further instructions, not when she knew what she was doing so well and not when he knew her body so intimately after so many years.

"Lavender." His hands cupped her arse, eager to touch any part of her he could. He couldn't hold off for long, but was determined to enjoy this for as long as possible and savour every moment with his wife.

Responding to his touch, Lavender slowed. Any other time, it might have been torturous, but now it was perfect as she kissed him sweetly and smiled against his lips. Neville tried to channel his concentration, his fingers holding harder, but when his concentration broke, he bucked his hips up against her and found his completion.

Lavender gave a sigh of contentment, her lips catching his once more before she moved to cuddle next to him. Her fingers trailed lightly over the sparse hair on his chest. "Do you remember the first time we were together?"

"Yes." He frowned. "Wait. Are we counting the time that I, um, finished on your hand?"

Lifting her head to look at him, Lavender raised her eyebrows.

"Oh. Right. Of course not." Neville chuckled, despite himself. "It was Christmas Eve."

"Mm." Lavender rested her head on his shoulder. "You've always been my favourite Christmas present."
19th December 2012 19:07
That first line hooked me - and I don't think I stopped smiling 'til the end of the story. Lovely, funny, sweet Christmas fluff!
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