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Kinky Kristmas Fic: You Still Smell (Sirius/Snape) 
17th December 2012 22:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]roozetter
From: [info]kinky_kneazle

Title: You Still Smell
Characters/Pairings: Sirius Black/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Wall sex, hate sex, insults.
Other Warnings/Content: Biting.
Word Count: 2,000
Summary/Description: It was all so familiar, muttered taunts and cutting wit until the tension building between them just had to snap. How had he come to a place where Severus Snape knew all the spots to touch to make him shiver?
Author's Notes: Many thanks to L for the super-quick beta and to the [info]r_grayjoy and [info]ragdoll for being so understanding when real life hit with a vengeance. Dear Mystery Deviant, I do hope you enjoy this.

"Yeah, well, you smell." Sirius made sure to say it with all the arrogance only a Black could muster, despite how terribly weak it was. He really needed more practice with his insults, but with only his mother and the barmy house-elf for company, he'd been practicing seeing the bottom of a bottle of Ogden's more regularly.

Snape, typically, smirked. "Pathetic, Black. At least in school you still had some wits. Did you wash them all away with a bottle of gin?"

"I drink Firewhisky," he said, before Snape's smirk grew more pronounced and he realised he'd just confirmed the greasy git's terrible opinion of him. "One doesn't need to hone one's wits as much, when one isn't kneeling in front of a madman."

Unfortunately, that didn't phase Snape in the slightest. "I'm doing good work."

"If you'd been a good person to begin with -"

"Like you? Attempting to kill me and using your best werewolf buddy as the murder weapon?"

Sirius wondered idly if something had gone wrong, because that was a far lower blow than Snape would normally allow himself; they tried to ignore the past altogether if at all possible. But he was not going to let it stand.

"Nobody else cared about that," he said, feeling horrible even as he said it, but unable to stop the words from coming out of his mouth. "Why should you?"

It didn't matter what he was feeling seconds ago, because the words made Snape snap and Sirius was pressed against the wall before he even realised what was happening. There was a wand tip against his neck and the hard line of an erection against his hip and Sirius felt himself harden in response.

"Are you going to kill me or fuck me, Snivellus?"

There was something in Snape's eyes that made him wonder which way it would go this time. Maybe he'd pushed too hard, maybe this was the moment an Unforgivable would slip from Snape's lips and Sirius would crumple to the ground. Not what he wanted and not what Snape needed. He rolled his hips, sliding his cock along Snape's, trying to help the decision along.

The wand dropped from his throat and was replaced by uneven teeth scraping along his jugular.

It was all so familiar, muttered taunts and cutting wit until the tension building between them just had to snap. How had he come to a place where Severus Snape knew all the spots to touch to make him shiver?

But he owed Snape for that 'murderer' jab. He decided to do something unexpected. Something new.

He threaded his fingers through the greasy hair and pulled Snape's head back, then attacked. His kiss was vicious; he sucked Snape's tongue into his mouth, bit his lower lip, swallowed Snape's surprised gasp down. Snape pulled away, hands on Sirius' shoulders holding him in place, and an unreadable look on his face. Sirius licked his lips; their first kiss and Sirius could taste the blood.

Snape surged forward, pushing his knee between Sirius' thighs and Sirius didn't hesitate to take advantage, riding the strong muscle hard. Snape had control of the kiss this time, didn't seem to mind this new addition to whatever it was they were doing. Sirius' hands were pushing at those robes that had too many damned buttons, fighting to get under.

"Dammit, Black, are you a wizard or a Muggle? Use your magic!"

"I know teacher's salaries aren't the best; wasn't sure you could afford more robes if I go Vanishing that set."

Snape's jaw tensed. He clicked his fingers and his clothes disappeared from his body and reappeared – neatly folded – on the small hall table. "Shall I divest you of your clothes as well?"

"No need." Sirius had to concentrate for a moment to do the Evanesco silently, but he managed. "I have enough gold to update my wardrobe."

"Shame money can't buy tasteful sartorial choices."

"Perhaps you can point me to your tailor. Do you pay him in blood?" Sirius waited a moment, but it got no reaction. "You know," he clarified, "because he's a vampire."

"I got the joke," Snape said. "It just wasn't funny."

Sirius used to be better at the whole verbal bantering thing. It wasn't his fault that Azkaban was not a good place to sharpen his rapier wit. He pressed his hips forward, ready for the conversation to end and the sex to begin. That was a battle he knew he could win.

Sure enough, as soon as their cocks slid together, the look of disdain disappeared from Snape's face. Instead his dark eyes went liquid with lust. He hated that Snape ended up taller than him, but when his back was pressed against a wall, his body covered with those wiry muscles and all that Slytherin intensity looking down on him, he had to admit that there were advantages.

Like being able to bite at Snape's neck without leaning down; being able to reach that spot on his collarbone that made him groan without stretching. Sirius grinned around the skin between his teeth when Snape's groan slipped from his lips right on schedule. His hips stuttered forward for one, two, three thrusts before Snape got control of himself again and dug his fingers into the flesh of Sirius' arse, pulling and kneading and drawing an answering moan.

It was always a competition here as well, pushing each other, goading each other. Attempting to get the loudest groan, the harshest shudder, the quickest to break and beg for more. Snape's hands were spreading his arse, one slender finger flicking lightly over his hole. Sirius didn't want to be the one to break, but Merlin, did he want to be filled. He murmured a lubrication charm and reached behind him. He grasped Snape's hand, lined his index finger with Snape's, and pushed into his arse.

He couldn't stop the gasp as his body yielded to the invasion. It was awkward and his arm was going to ache before too long, but it felt so fucking good that he pushed back until his knuckles and Snape's were pushing into the soft flesh of his butt.

"You want it that bad, Black?"

"Just – ah, fuck!" He couldn't stop the gasp; Snape, the bastard, had twitched his finger, stretching him wide. "Just getting bored of waiting," he managed to get out, though he hated the way his voice was breathless and needy.

He felt Snape uncurl another finger and then it was pressing in to join the two digits already moving inside him. The hand not inside his arse clenched at Snape's shoulder as he struggled to stay standing. He drew his finger out past Snape's hand and immediately pushed it between their bodies to grasp both their cocks.

Snape bucked against him and he grinned, but then Snape was kissing him, nipping at his lip and thrusting his tongue deep and dammit, that was meant to be his thing. He'd be angrier if it didn't feel so good – lips against his lips, cock against his cock and two fingers deep in his arse.

Sirius' leg moved to rest on Snape's hip almost without input from his brain and Snape's arm immediately supported it. Snape's fingers began to scissor, the preparation speeding up.

"Can't wait to be in me, huh?"

"You should probably put some more lubricant on me."

Sirius felt his eyes widen, but the spell was the first he learnt to perform wordlessly and wandlessly, and seconds later both their cocks were slick and moving easily under his hand.

Snape drew his fingers out and grabbed under Sirius' thigh, urging it upwards.

"I'm too heavy."

"Between me and the wall, we'll make sure you don't fall. It's called physics – I don't expect you to understand."

"Let me turn arou-"

"I want to –" Snape bit his lip, confusion in his eyes before anger came back, an anger that was clearly directed at himself. Sirius wondered if he meant to say 'see you', though part of him was hoping for 'kiss you'. He wondered again what had gone wrong, what was causing the edge of desperation he could feel, the departure from their normal routine. He didn't ask – didn't care, he told himself – but he didn't argue anymore either.

He braced his back against the wall and his raised eyebrow was Snape's only warning before he lifted both legs up and around Snape's waist. Snape caught him without trouble, hands cupping his buttocks and pushing him up enough that Sirius could feel his cock pressing in.

"Ask for it," Snape said.

"Your arms will give out eventually."

"You hope."

Sirius didn't care what was going on in Snape's life, he wanted to win this battle. He wrapped a hand around Snape's neck and dragged himself close, close enough to lick at those lips. When that didn't work, he dipped his head, heading straight for the collarbone; that always seemed to work. Sure enough, Snape's hips thrust up, his long cock sliding straight in, filling every part of him.

"Fuck," he breathed, and was glad to hear Snape say the same thing.

"Stay still," Snape continued, and Sirius nodded helplessly, not even managing to snark that he wasn't sure how he was supposed to move. Snape pinned his hips to the wall and took half a step back, bracing a little. Then he began to move, a hard, fast rhythm that left Sirius grabbing his shoulders, trying desperately not to be thrown off.

He clenched his thighs, trying to move a little, take a bit of control back, but all that did was wrench a cry from both of them as his butt clenched as well.

"Black," Snape gasped and Sirius had to kiss him, had to dip his head and open his mouth over Snape's and push his tongue inside and taste all that anger and intensity and desperation. His cock was rigid between their bellies, and every thrust pushed it through their coarse hair, sending shocks of pleasure through him.

He bit at Snape's lip again, at that spot he'd already made bleed, and was surprised when Snape wrenched back and let out a cry, cock pulsing in his arse. Sirius pushed at Snape's chest, trying to get enough room to reach a hand between them while he was still full, but Snape pulled out.

Sirius was a little embarrassed by the needy whine that escaped his mouth when Snape's cock fell from him, but it was wiped away when Snape fell to his knees. Long fingers fondled his balls and thin lips wrapped around his cock and Snape's hair was soft when his fingers threaded through it.

He tried to stop his hips from thrusting, but they still made little, stuttering movements.

Snape pulled away. "Do it," he said, and Sirius raised an eyebrow. "What? You think I can't take your cock?"

Sirius wanted to laugh at that, make some smart comment, but all he did was tighten his fingers on Snape's scalp and fuck into his mouth. Snape's throat was tight around him and it wasn't long before he spilled into it.

He sat back on his haunches, his face tilted up. He looked wrecked, thin lips swollen and eyes glazed. "I should have known you wouldn't last long," he said, and his voice sounded raw.

Sirius didn't have it in him to argue; all his energy was caught up in trying to stay standing. He watched as Snape stood. One pale arm disappeared under the black cloth, then the other, before Snape methodically fastened the myriad of buttons.

"Are you going to move?" Snape asked once he was dressed again.

"Yeah," Sirius managed, though he didn't move away from the wall.

"Pathetic, Black." Snape turned and walked towards the door.

"Yeah, well. You still smell."

Snape made a rude gesture over his shoulder before he closed the door. Sirius finally let himself smile as he slid to the floor.
18th December 2012 04:00
Holy hot, bb!

I love the dynamics you created her, the tension and the rivalry and the new tensions building upon the old until they just explode. #word

Sirius here is reckless and charming, and Severus so closed off and just slightly out of control at the same time. I love these two together like this!

<333 Great job!!
18th December 2012 05:42
OK, the title made me laugh. And as hot as the story was - and it was hot - it still made me laugh. The childish competition, the rather pathetic insults, the denial that things might ever be different, yeah, I laughed.
18th December 2012 13:09
Yum. Very hot, and great character dynamics!
19th December 2012 13:46
Very hot! *fans self* Love the dynamics with these two. Great job!
19th December 2012 20:04
Oh, Severus being taller, and the competition and still wanting it so badly, and how did kissing get to be that hot and ;jasfkfd
22nd December 2012 06:48

Rough sex with them two is just ajhdlakjsdadad!!1!
30th December 2012 04:19
Mmmm, oh my, this was hot as anything! Hatesex is always brilliant between these two!
31st December 2012 00:53
Ahahahaha! That was fun. *g*
And I'm not usually one for hate sex. Although this wasn't really hate sex, was it? it was more... let's pretend we hate each other sex. And it made me smile.
Hot and fun!
Well done!
2nd January 2013 18:19
Sweet and hot not-quite-hatesex! I love the taunting they do and just how desperate they are for one another, still snarking until the end.
3rd February 2014 21:32
Fabulously hot,
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