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Art: In Mummy's Closet 
12th August 2012 00:06
Title: In Mummy's Closet
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media: graphite on bristol, PS retouching
Characters/Pairings:Young Severus
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Cross-dressing
Other Warnings: Masturbation through clothing.
Summary/Description: Father is at work and mother has gone to the shops, what's a curious boy to do?

12th August 2012 06:59
He looks marvellous in that corsage!!! Such a naughty boy! I think he needs punishment :P
12th August 2012 18:06
I think he needs punishment :P

Oh dear, poor Severus!
12th August 2012 15:34
Young Severus has me rethinking the benefits of a corset. Very fetching! Hmm ... I may recommend a garter belt if those stay-ups don't actually stay up on him. And ... are those Spanx? Slenderizing, indeed!
12th August 2012 18:10
Hehe, if Severus gets any more slender he'll slip through the cracks on the pavement!

Thanks and if you ask me corsets are ♥
12th August 2012 16:18
Severus is very naughty! :D Hummmmmm.....*Evil artist mode on again....*
12th August 2012 18:15
Do iiiittt, come over to the pervy side. ;)
13th August 2012 01:58
(Rubbing paws! Oops hands! HANDS!)
12th August 2012 16:22
Punishment seconded! Please please please!!!!
12th August 2012 18:08
You too? Gee whiz, one would think a boy could have a leisurely wank whilst wearing his mum's knickers without causing a fuss. ;)

So...what do you think should happen to him?
13th August 2012 04:45
Permanently 'permitted' to wear the corset, panties and stockings-can you just imagine what would happen when they are discovered when James flips Severus upside down? MMMM delicious!
12th August 2012 16:55
Omg! I think I need a story to go along for this lovely piece.
12th August 2012 18:14
*l* Don't look at me! I already have too many plot bunnies and not nearly enough time or talent to write anything. ;P

Thank you!
12th August 2012 17:15
I LOVE how awkwardly teenagerish you made him here! The softer planes on his face, the gauntness of his body, the way his hosery is bunching at the knees, JFC bb! How are you so talented?!

Also, happy belated birthday! <333 #womance
12th August 2012 18:13
Thanks! I wanted it to look like he's not too sure what to do with his hands, glad the awkwardness comes through. :)

Also, happy belated birthday.

Thank you!
12th August 2012 20:48
He's so thin and awkward and just lovely. *haz not so sekret fondness for crossdressing Sev*
13th August 2012 01:57
Thank you and I have the same not so sekrit fondness, especially involving teen!Severus.
13th August 2012 03:40
awww, he's so teenage-awkward, lost in lust. love all the details of baggy stockings, the shoe, his groping hand, the way his chest is pushed up...
beautiful, as always!
13th August 2012 13:50
Thank you, I was trying to get it to look like this was his first time doing this and not exactly the picture of grace. ;)
13th August 2012 14:14
MMM! Sinfully delicious. Makes me want to base my fic on this for this month! Love how the corset just cinches in his already overly slender waist, the sagging hose, and just the hint of his cock confined by the smalls completes the naughtiness.
14th August 2012 13:17
Hehe, well, don't let me stop you if you want to write something, 'cause cross-dressing, awkward teen Sev is just too fun. :)

Thanks much, I haven't drawn young Snape in a long time and this was the perfect prompt to bring him back out.
14th August 2012 03:19
Mmmmmf, this is gorgeous.
14th August 2012 13:18
Thanks, I admit a huge weakness for this theme. :)
15th August 2012 00:24
I love him wanking himself through the knickers. Also how it's not especially feminine in spite of the clothes. He still looks masculine. Lovely work.
15th August 2012 20:27
Thanks, I was trying very hard to keep him very boyish and looking like it was his first time trying on mom's clothes.
15th August 2012 03:54
He looks beautiful here. I think it's the softer lines of his face and those pert nipples, oh my! Love the awkwardness of the pose and his almost lost expression.
15th August 2012 20:27
Thank you, I can't tell you how pleased I am that his awkward pose reads the way I intended. :)
23rd August 2012 03:51
I've got to learn occlumency. I swear you've been poking around in my head!

Instead of punishing Severus, can we just buy him lots of pretty dresses? (Although if we *have* to punish him I say we leave this picture where James and Serius can find it.)
24th August 2012 04:55
*l* I solemnly swear I have not been poking about your brain!

I have absolutely no problem buying Severus lots of pretty frocks and kickers and stockings and leaving his incriminating evidence laying about, but that's because I'm evil.;)
24th August 2012 13:13
Ooh, Severus, you naughty boy! I bet this won't be the last time...
29th August 2012 13:51
Undoubtedly, this situation definitely requires further exploration. :)
4th September 2012 19:14
Mmm, read the story inspired by this art and now can see why there was such inspiration...
16th September 2012 14:18
Thank you, I just find this idea strangely endearing for some reason, glad you like it!
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