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FIC: Close As He Can Get, Harry/Draco, NC-17 
28th February 2012 23:49
Title: Close As He Can Get
Author: [info]mindabbles
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: ceraunophilia
Other Warnings: Sex in a precarious position.
Word Count: 2,250
Summary/Description: Harry's been gone way too long.
Author's Notes: This is a PWP. That is all. Thank you to the mods for the alternate posting date. You're the best. I hope you enjoy!

Draco taps his bedroom window with his wand. It slides open and wind ruffles his hair. The smell of the coming storm fills the room and the air that hits his face is heavy with impending rain.

He closes his eyes and lets the ozone wash over him. The ledge is slippery under his feet. He should get his broom or at the very least use a charm to dry the wall and stabilize his climb, but that would be a bit beside the point.

He works his fingers between the rough stones on the wall. They are wet and cold and he feels a bite of pain as he curls his fingertips into the crevices. His toes find footholds in the trellis.

Draco pulls himself up and onto the steep slope of the roof. He stands, arms outstretched for balance, and laughs. He hasn't been up here since he was a teenager and he climbed blindly, spurned on by his desire to escape powerful men. This is the closest he can get to the storm without flying.

The sky lights up and Draco counts, holding his breath. The electricity in the air makes the hair on his arms stand on end. Thunder rumbles and he feels it deep it his chest. Five seconds between. The storm is still a little way away.

He inhales the smell of the rain as it hangs in the air, and he waits for the first drops to pattern the tile beneath his feet with dark spots.

Harry has been gone too long. Every time Harry leaves, Draco tells himself that he'll never forget the way Harry's cheek feels against his back as he presses into him, that the smell of Harry on his skin will not fade, nor will the simmer of Harry's magic that makes the hair on Draco's arms stand on end. But three months out, and all he knows is that the power of the storm is the closest he can get to how it feels to be with Harry.

Lightning hits a tree to the north. The resulting crack makes him wonder if it split down the middle. His body thrums with the energy that surges through the air as he waits for the rumble of the thunder. Four seconds. He bites down on his bottom lip to calm himself and the pain cools the heat from the surge of the storm.

Lightening snakes through the sky. He smoothes his hands down the front of his robes and moans along with the next thunder roll as he brushes over his half-hard cock. Three seconds.

He hears the soft thud of a near-perfect landing behind him. Only a very few people can land like that. So, Harry did find him up here and Harry's home. Harry's broom clatters to the tiles just as there's another spectacular show in the sky.

The wind picks up and thunder rumbles and his cock aches. Two seconds. He feels every molecule of air between him and Harry crackle as Harry strides across the roof. He doesn't turn to watch Harry's stride. He doesn't have to. He can feel it. A smile spreads across his face.

Harry's robes brush against Draco's. The wind lashes against Draco's face.

"Not even a 'hello'?"

Harry's voice goes through him at the same frequency as the energy in the air.

"You said you'd be back yesterday," Draco says. "The weather was clear."

Harry presses against Draco's back. Harry's body is against him from chest to knees. At this precarious angle, one tiny push or overbalance and they could both topple down the slanted roof. Draco flexes his toes, digging them into his boots and pressing against the tile.

"Still no 'hello'."

Another flash of lightning brightens the night sky. For just a moment, Draco can see the black clouds roiling about them. The storm is on top of them. Not even one second. Draco tips his head to the sky and a few scattered drops hit his cheeks and eyelashes.

Harry presses his hand against Draco's stomach. His breath is on Draco's ear. Draco leans back to him and he can feel the power from the storm on his front and Harry's power simmering at his back. Harry's lips brush his ear.

"You're late."

"You're mad," Harry whispers, but he doesn't make a move to pull Draco inside and out of the storm.

Harry's hand moves in a circle on Draco's stomach. So gentle. He can be so gentle with Draco when he first touches him—strong, rough hands with tender fingers and the voice that can command a room coming in quiet whispers.

"I was tired of waiting for you," Draco says.

Harry kisses the tender skin where Draco's jaw meets his ear.

"Come inside," Harry says. Draco can hear longing and relief in Harry's voice. It almost makes him leave the storm. "I've missed you."

Draco looks hopefully at the horizon. The last bolt of lightning streaked through the night like a razor. He doesn't want to miss the next. His breath is ragged and he can feel his face flaming. "I'm staying out here."

"You look beautiful in this light," Harry says. "Please come to bed with me. I'm tired and I missed you."

"You have been gone a long time," Draco insists. He scowls at Harry over his shoulder and presses back against him. He raises his voice over a deafening thunder clap. "You owe me."

"This is insane," Harry says. Harry must be exhausted and the rain is starting to soak through their cloaks, but he seems utterly helpless against Draco's need to stay out in the storm. "We're the highest thing around. We'll get struck by lightning," Harry says and Draco lets slip a low moan and reaches back to grab Harry's hip, hauling him closer. Harry's hands slide up his torso and Draco feels his erection against the back of his thigh. "You like this...you like the idea...struck...why didn't I know this before?" Harry murmurs.

He moves his body against Draco's. The wind whips and thunder rolls, closer still. Draco turns in Harry's arms and holds on, before he falls off the roof, suddenly dizzy. He yanks at the belt of Harry's robe.

"Fuck, Draco," Harry gasps. His open robe flaps around his body in the wind. Draco's skin tingles. "I mean, as tempting as seeing you liked this...fuck, if we slip, we'll break our necks."

"So hold on." Draco kisses Harry's neck. He finds Harry's pulse with his tongue and bites gently.

Harry's hand curls around Draco's head, tangling in his hair and pulling him closer. "The storm's right over us."

"Harry," Draco moans, grinding his hard cock against Harry's body.

Harry's laughter rumbles against his chest, the same timbre as the thunder. He bites Draco's earlobe. "If we don't die, this is going to be fun."

Draco pulls off his robe and his shirt and trousers follow, perfectly pressed wool and linen sliding onto the wet roof. Harry smiles and sheds his clothing as well. Draco shivers at the contrast of the cold rain and Harry's hot skin.

"How are you so warm," he murmurs, wrapping himself around Harry.

"You drive me crazy, and as you've pointed out, I've been gone a long time," Harry says. He takes Draco's face in his hands and looks at him for a moment. Lightning flashes. With the sound of the thunder as the background, Harry kisses him deeply, suddenly tender. Two seconds. The storm is moving off.

Draco rolls his hips and his cock slides along Harry's.

"Draco," Harry says. He tips his head to look at the sky and Draco sinks his teeth into Harry's neck. He tastes like the rain.

Draco rocks again, curving his hands around Harry's arse to get just the right angle. Harry wraps his hands around both of their cocks and squeezes.

"Keep moving," Draco groans, and he feels the roof sway beneath him and a thrill of fear that they really will fall from the slick tile.

A deafening crack rents the air and Harry starts. His hand stutters over Draco's cock and the uneven friction nearly undoes Draco.

"Fuck, fuck," Harry says, his mouth open with his ragged breaths. "We're going to fall."

"No we won't," Draco says. He drops to the roof and winces as his knees connect with the cold, hard tile. He splays his hands out to balance and rivulets of rain run between his fingers. "Fuck me," he moans.

"I—fuck, Draco," Harry groans. His hands skate over Draco's arse, warm in contrast to the cold rain. Draco shivers.

"Come on," Draco urges.

The storm is still close, but it's not right over them anymore. He can still feel it, but more, he can feel Harry as he leans in and touches him. He can feel Harry's desire thrumming through him. He can feel Harry's eyes roaming over him, and without turning around he can see the burning, heavy-lidded look in his eyes.

Draco moans long and low, the sound lost in the wind, as Harry presses one finger to Draco. He feels cool and slick, even over the rain. He gets the little jolt of pleasure he always does that Harry can do this without a wand and without a word.

"Don't wait," Draco says. He falls to his elbows and does his best to grip crevices in the tile with the tips of his fingers. Draco closes his eyes and feels the storm moving off. Harry's cock pushes inside, just a little. Draco exhales as his body stretches to accommodate him. He bites his lips, waiting for the delicious, full feeling, and then Harry pulls all the way out.

Draco gasps. Harry's cock is at his entrance again and the head pushes past the tight ring of muscle. Draco pushes back and moans. Harry pulls out again.

"You should see yourself," Harry says. His voice rumbles, rough as the thunder. He enters Draco again.

"Harry," Draco groans. He's trembling as Harry slides out once again. "Harry, Harry."

"So," Harry moans, pushing in a little deeper this time. "Fucking," Harry says, holding still. Draco is panting, hair on the back of his neck standing on end just like when the lightning was so close. "Gorgeous," Harry gasps and Draco feels the nearly unbearable friction as Harry pulls all the way out again.

Draco feels open and filthy and exposed. Harry's watching him take him in again and again. Draco can feel Harry's eyes on him.

"Fuck me," Draco commands, "now, now."

Harry pushes in. He's still too gentle, it's still too slow, but Draco can breathe again because Harry is inside him. He can feel him deep in his body; his warmth across his back; his hands holding his hips.

Lightning backlights the trees in the distance. It's eerie and beautiful.

"You're beautiful," Harry murmurs. He's fucking Draco harder now, faster. He pushes in four times, the count of four, before the thunder reverberates through Draco's body.

"Harder," Draco says. He braces himself, pushing against the roof and meets Harry, thrust for thrust. "Harry," he moans. The blood leaves his head and the roof sways again. Harry reaches around to stroke him and the change in angle means Harry's cock rubs over Draco's prostrate with every thrust.

"Come, come on," Harry says. He's gritting his teeth and Draco can hear that it's all he can do to keep going, to stop himself from pushing in hard one last time and coming deep inside Draco.

Lightning flashes, but Draco can't tell if it's in the sky or in his head as Harry squeezes over the head of his cock and pushes inside him hard. There's only Harry, Harry's hand, Harry's cock, Harry's magic thrumming through him as he comes so hard his heart skips. He's vaguely aware that Harry's hips are stuttering and losing rhythm and he hears Harry moan his name. Harry's arms tighten around his stomach and they both stop for just a moment.

Harry collapses on top of him and Draco gasps for breath. There's a flash of lightning in the distance. Draco's heart rate slows. Thunder rumbles as Harry kisses the back of his neck. Six seconds.

"I'm bloody freezing," Harry says. His breath is hot in Draco's ear. "Can we go inside now, or would you like to court death and illness a bit longer?"

"You don't actually contract any illnesses from being cold, you know. That's a myth."

"But you can die from being struck by lightning and falling off a roof."

Draco arches his back, pressing his arse against Harry's softening cock. "I wouldn't want you to lack for adrenalin rushes now that you don't face death everyday. Can't have you bored and needing to go looking for excitement."

"As I see it," Harry says. He shifts and nudges Draco until Draco turns onto his back underneath him. "Now you owe me. Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to Apparate us inside. We're going to run a bath and make a pot of tea. We're going to soak until we go all pruney and then we're going to bed, where you're going to tell me what else I should know about what turns you on while I kiss every inch of your body."

"All right," Draco says. He wraps one leg around Harry's thigh. "It lacks a certain amount of flair, but it sounds like a passable way to spend an evening."

"Arse," Harry says, laughing. He wraps his arms around Draco, holding him tightly. Thunder rumbles softly in the distance. Draco feels the pull and squeeze of Apparition and lets himself be taken.
29th February 2012 15:17
Sweet stormy H/D! Hot fellas. ;)
2nd March 2012 05:20
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
29th February 2012 16:08
I really enjoyed this, especially Draco counting the seconds to gauge how close the storm is.
2nd March 2012 06:08
Thank you very much! I'm really happy you liked it and thrilled you liked the counting down--that was one of those things that I liked, but wasn't 100% sure it wasn't just cheesy, so thank you extra!
29th February 2012 20:17
So hot.
And yes, I love how uncompromising Draco is in making Harry see to his pleasure. :)
Also? Gorgeous imagery! I am so jealous of descriptive writers. :)
2nd March 2012 06:39
THANK YOU!! I am so happy you liked it. :) Yes, Draco doesn't give. I'm glad you liked that about him. Wow, what a lovely thing to say. That really means a lot to me!! <3
1st March 2012 12:58
Mmmm, this is gorgeous and very hot. I like the comparison of the storm to Harry's magic.

Draco feels open and filthy and exposed. Harry's watching him take him in again and again. Draco can feel Harry's eyes on him.

2nd March 2012 07:24
Oh, thank you so much! Hee, glad you liked that line. The image sort of got stuck in my head. :D Thank you for the lovely comment. ♥
2nd March 2012 03:09


OMG! Sorry for all the capslocky capslock, but, my god! The imagery!! I loved Draco counting the seconds to know just how close that storm was, and I A.D.O.R.E.D. that he likened Harry's power and energy and presence to a storm.

Unfff. Seriously.
2nd March 2012 07:25
Eeeee, thank you!! Oh, no need to apologize for caplock, it made me grin. Goodness, thank you so much. I'm thrilled you liked the counting and the comparison of Harry to the storm. THANK YOU!!! :D
2nd March 2012 19:22
Wow! Your descriptive powers rival the power of the storm; you have us there. Perfect pacing all around; I loved the ebb and flow of the storm's power and Harry's power. Oh, yeah, and it was hot, too. ;)
15th March 2012 03:46
Wow, thank you so much. What a gorgeous comment. You're kind words made me grin. The ambiance of the storm was what I wanted to bring out, through Draco, so, thank you thank you thank you. Hee, glad it was hot, too :D
13th March 2012 14:17
Mmmm, that was just gorgeous, Min. Love the descriptions of the storm, how Draco won't go inside, the hint of danger they both crave. Hot, too. ;) Well done.
23rd March 2012 04:25
Thank you!!! I'm really glad you liked it. It was both fun to write and pulling teeth. I'm really happy that people still like the storm theme after the many storms this month. :) ♥
14th March 2012 01:25
nnnghggghhhhhh. BRB with a real comment.
23rd March 2012 04:25
That is more than real enough for me, dear. What more could you want from a PWP? :)
7th April 2012 11:36
I loved this, so beautiful and incredibly hot! :)
17th April 2012 05:09
Thank you so much!
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