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Art: To the Bone 
24th February 2012 00:05
Title: To the Bone
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media: Colored pencil/recycled paper
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Biting
Other Warnings: explicit nudity, hand job, spooge
Summary/Description: Nom!
Artist's Notes: Thanks to the mods for letting me post late.

24th February 2012 08:06
I adore Severus' nipples here! And the fact that Sirius is fully dressed of course while Severus is completely deshabille! Delicious!!!

Also that knee between Severus' thighs? Great!
24th February 2012 15:25
25th February 2012 08:16
jdxzlkfjsd;ljfk I agree. the leg between the thighs totally makes it.
26th February 2012 02:16
Thanks. :)
24th February 2012 12:57
Nnngh. Love the clothed/naked dichotomy, and the knee riding!!
24th February 2012 15:25
Thanks, the clothed/naked thing is like bulletproof for me, I need to do more of it.
24th February 2012 15:33
Nom indeed, they both look very tasty!
26th February 2012 02:15
Thank you. :)
24th February 2012 15:44

A perfect 10!
26th February 2012 02:15
*g* Thanks much!
25th February 2012 02:35
Clothed/unclothed, YES YES!! This is gorgeous!
26th February 2012 02:15
Thank you, glad you liked it!
13th March 2012 13:32
Mmm, great position and yes, the clothed/unclothes is just delicious. Great job, hon.
16th March 2012 01:37
Guh! So much yes to this...
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