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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Scent (Ron/Remus) 
9th December 2011 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]tjs_whatnot
From: [info]da_angel729

Title: Scent
Characters/Pairings: Ron/Remus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Wall sex, semi-public sex, UST, prompt of This cannot be happening!
Other Warnings/Content: None
Word Count: 1,782
Summary/Description: Remus is in lust with Ron. Ron notices. Sex ensues. EWE.
Author's Notes: To my recipient, I hope you like it! Thanks to the awesome mods for running this every year, and as always, feedback and con crit appreciated!


Remus spent the week before Harry and Ginny's wedding at the Burrow, helping with tasks Molly set for them all. He didn't mind helping—the Weasleys were after all sort of like family to him—but he had to admit he'd been surprised when he'd woken up the morning before the wedding in the guest room the Weasleys had added after the War and taken a deep breath, inhaling a scent that brought all his senses to full alert.

The smell had invaded his nostrils, seemed to swirl through him and seep into his bones, settling in and occupying his every thought.

The mixture of chocolate, grass, sweat, and a faint tinge of boy had him nearly salivating, and he quickly sorted through his memories of the Weasleys' scents.

It was Ron's.

This could be a problem. Ron was, after all, young. Barely twenty, and Remus had sworn off age differences after his ill-advised affair with Tonks. And as far as he knew, Ron was straight. This was, admittedly, a bigger obstacle, but since Remus wasn't going to pursue anything, he didn't have to worry.

The laughter in his head sounded a lot like Sirius, which made him want to punch someone. Sirius would have enjoyed this, Remus knew, and wished he could speak to him.

The smell drifted through the air again, and Remus groaned as his cock gave an interested twitch and hardened as the scent swirled all around him. He moved his hand down and gripped it, stroking slowly up and down and twisting his hand. He knew it wouldn't take long—it'd been a while and the smell was driving him crazy, and fuck, Ron's scent invaded every room in the house.

Remus squeezed his dick and twisted his hand, and came all over his stomach.

Fuck. He felt sleepy and guilty and needed a shower, but he didn't want to move. The guilt was quickly becoming the largest emotion. He'd just wanked over Ron's smell in his childhood home.

But, he reminded himself, no one had to know. He'd spent years successfully fighting back urges. And though he was a little out of practice, Remus knew he could do it again.

He had to.


He was going insane.

He could smell Ron everywhere. His scent seemed burned into Remus' nostrils, and every time he moved, when he entered the Burrow, when he wandered outside in the garden, Ron's scent followed him. And all Remus wanted to do was wrap him up and fuck him until Ron felt as crazy as he was.

Remus had already gone to the loo two times today to wank, using the smell flooding his mind and imagining Ron in front of him, cheeks hollowed as he focuses on Remus' dick, licking and sucking until Remus couldn't take it anymore and came all over Ron's face. He wasn't sure where the image came from, but it was the one he'd been using the most.

It was bloody embarrassing, a man of his age having no control over himself, and Remus didn't know what to do.

He supposed he could talk to someone, but as he was currently living in the house Ron had grown up in, his options were few.

Lovely morning, isn't it, Molly? Also, I want to fuck your son. Your youngest son. Do you mind?

Remus knew how that conversation would end. Molly had never quite forgiven him for how he treated Tonks—not that Remus could blame her, really, but it wasn't his fault alone—it had taken both of them to mess it up, and Remus wasn't going to pretend otherwise—but Molly had always been welcoming regardless.


He looked up, saw Ron standing at the entrance to the kitchen, eyes sleepy and hair—which Remus knew he'd gotten cut on Ginny's wishes for the wedding—standing up in spikes. He was wearing bright orange sleep pants and nothing else. Remus tore his gaze away from Ron's bare chest and noticed the Chudley Cannons logo on the bottom of the leg.

That explained the colour, but not the reason Ron was just coming downstairs at ten in the morning, sleep-rumpled and scrumptious looking.

"Ron," he acknowledged. "Having a lie-in?"

"Harry's fault," Ron said, and shrugged. It looked nonchalant, but Remus thought he caught a glimpse of worry or hurt before Ron's face settled into a small smile.

It also, Remus noted, dislodge the sleep pants even lower, and Remus feared for his sanity if they slipped any lower.

"See something you like?"

Remus jerked his eyes away from Ron's waistband and nearly flinched at the amused look on Ron's face from where he leaned back against the counter.

"No," Remus said, and was surprised his voice came out sounding normal through his suddenly dry throat. Ron merely raised an eyebrow and pushed himself away from the counter.

"I'm going to shower," Ron said, pulling the pyjama bottoms up slightly before he moved toward the staircase. "See you, Remus," he tossed over his shoulder before disappearing from view.

"Yes," Remus murmured absently, wondering how soon he could get to the loo. "See you."


Later that afternoon, after another damn wank, he was walking past the small storage closet under the Burrow's rickety stairs when hands reached out and grabbed him, yanking him into the closet before the door slammed. Remus twisted wildly and reached for the door.

"What the he—"

A large hand covered his mouth, and a voice near his ear whispered, "Shh. We don't want the whole house to hear, do we?"

Remus grumbled a protest that died as he caught the scent invading the small space. It was Ron.

He stopped struggling and stood perfectly still. Remus wasn't sure what was going on—though really that was nothing new—but he was in a small dark space with Ron and the scent he'd been wanking over for days was all around him.

His dick was hard before he'd exhaled.

Ron eased his hand away from Remus' mouth and settled it on his shoulder, apparently understanding that Remus wouldn't move. Remus heard Ron murmur something—a spell, he realised through the steadily increasing lust clouding his thoughts—and then his hands were stuck on the wall and he was leaning forward slightly, facing away from Ron.


"Perfect," Ron said quietly, and Remus flushed. He knew he wasn't the most attractive man—too many scars and wrinkles and weariness, but Ron's voice had darkened with apparent lust.

"I can't move my hands," Remus said.

Ron laughed and patted him on the arse. "I can move mine."

Remus bucked forward when Ron wrapped one hand around his dick and a single finger eased into him. Ron's hands worked in tandem, sliding and twisting and Remus could do nothing but move with him.

"I've been watching you watch me," Ron said, voice low, and Remus shivered at the growled tone. "Knew you were thinking about me and wanking."

He wanted to say something, anything, but Ron pulled both hands off him and it came out as a pitiful whimper as Remus' hips thrust uselessly at empty air.

Ron's laugh reverberated through the closet. "Ready?"

Remus nodded, helplessly, and gasped when Ron pushed him forward so he was pressed against the wall, Ron's now-naked body lined up perfectly with his.

It was glorious.

Ron's skin was mostly smooth, with scattered rough patches that Remus knew were burns or cuts that hadn't been treated in time. He was warm and the scent had intensified and Remus wanted to stay like that forever, surrounded by Ron and the smell that had driven him crazy.

"Don't move," Ron said, and eased into him. It was smooth—Ron had prepared him well—and then Ron placed his hands on the wall next to Remus' and shoved forward.

Remus let out a strangled groan and pushed back, hard, and Ron obliged, thrusting faster. The angle wasn't quite right, so Remus let his weight drop until he was nearly perpendicular to the floor, arms high above him.

Ron's hands gripped his hips and pulled him back, farther onto Ron's dick, and Remus couldn't help the small moans he let out as every thrust hit his prostrate.

"You like this, me fucking you," Ron said, sounding only slightly out of breath. "Want me to do this all the time, all day. Or maybe I'll suck you off while you're sitting at the table with my Mum—we've still got access to an Invisibility Cloak."

"Fuck," Remus managed just as Ron leaned forward and nipped a bite at his shoulder.

Remus arched and tensed, coming in long spurts that landed on himself and the wall. Ron fucked him through it, faster and harder until he stilled with a loud groan and stuttering hips, his come filling Remus.

It was quiet for a long moment, and then Ron eased out of him. Remus moaned at the loss and slumped against the wall, suddenly exhausted, and slid to the floor.

"That was fun," Ron said, sitting beside him. "We should do it again."

"Now?" Remus was too tired to do anything. He was still a little shocked that Ron wanted him, too, and needed time to process it.

"Later," Ron said. He rose onto his knees and straddled Remus, and then leaned down for a surprisingly chaste kiss. His lips were slightly chapped, dry and firm, and Remus stroked his tongue across Ron's lower lip.

Remus moved his hands to Ron's arse and squeezed, lightly, and Ron groaned and shifted against him.

"We should move this upstairs," Ron said.

"Yes, you should," a voice said from behind Ron.

A Molly voice.

"Fuck," Ron said. Remus echoed the sentiment, though silently.

"Looks like you already did," a cheerful voice that sounded remarkably like Harry drifted into the closet, and Remus flushed.

Remus felt the familiar pull of Side-Along Apparation and suddenly they were in Ron's room at the top of the house, the bright orange nearly searing his eyes.

"You should never Apparate naked," Remus said, still stunned and embarrassed and not knowing what to do.

"I've done it before." Ron shrugged and moved to the bed, falling backward.

Ron was sprawled out, spread-eagle, across the bed, the afternoon sun streaming directly onto his body. He looked like a treat set aside for Remus' enjoyment. Remus put aside his embarrassment and joined Ron, leaning over him and straddling his body.

"Where were we?" Ron asked, running his hands idly over Remus' stomach.

"Here," Remus said, and leaned down to kiss him.

And the mingling scent of chocolate, grass, sweat, and a faint tinge of boy was all around him.
9th December 2011 19:39
Oooh, I loved Remus being utterly surrounded and overwhelmed by the scent of Ron but what a surprise to have Ron be the one to ambush him. Mmm, very hot! Nice work.
10th December 2011 00:23
What she said! (points up at previous comment) What an unexpected and delicious Ron!
10th December 2011 02:21
HaHa! Excellent!
10th December 2011 03:12
Ooh, really nice use of smell as a sense! Great pairing, too. :)
10th December 2011 03:32
Oh, I love Remus trying to resist and Ron just being completely irresistible. Lovely!
10th December 2011 03:40
Oh, I like having Ron being the one to instigate things! Very nice!
10th December 2011 04:43
Mmm, yummy! And go Ron! \o/
10th December 2011 04:51
Very sexy! Loved the humour at the end, and "You should never Apparate naked," sounds like a lesson learned through hard *ahem* experience :-D
10th December 2011 07:54

OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!! (Breathe TJ, breathe!)

This was GLORIOUS! Firstly, it is exactly how I imagine the two of them working-- Remus wanting but not trusting himself. Ron, knowing what he wants and fueled by knowing that Remus wants it too. ♥

I really, really loved Ron being so foreceful about it all, and not even giving Remus time to protest (like he could HA!) And I also loved the small glimpses of a bits of slutty and delicious in this Ron. *sigh*

My favorite though, my absolute favorite thing of ever is this: the mingling scent of chocolate, grass, sweat, and a faint tinge of boy was all around him. asdkjfa;lsfjk Just that it is Ron's very essence that lures Remus to abandon his moral high ground!

Now, if you need me, I'll just be in my happy place imaging Ron under the Sunday table with the Invisibility Cloak blowing Remus while Molly yammers on about some such nonsense. ♥♥
10th December 2011 09:27
So hot! Absolutely gorgeous and perfect! Oooh: Ron in orange sleep pants. Nobody could resist that.
10th December 2011 18:15
Phew! I love how Ron's smell makes Remus so crazy. :)
And what a pleasant surprise that it was Ron who dragged Remus into a cupboard, not the other way around. Lovely and sexy! And LOL at Molly and Harry! *giggles*
11th December 2011 01:40
Oh yeah. Very hot. *fans*
First you hooked me with the paring, and then Remus' thoughts (and constant wanking, lol) reeled me completely in. Love it!
Great job!
12th December 2011 18:08
Or maybe I'll suck you off while you're sitting at the table with my Mum—we've still got access to an Invisibility Cloak."

LAaaaaaaa, should not be so hot but totally is.

*waves fan languidly*
13th December 2011 00:23
Oh, great pairing! I liked how Ron's scent was driving Remus crazy. ;) I enjoyed this!
18th December 2011 16:25
I have to admit, I actually had to slap a hand over my eyes and groan when I read about Molly catching them--how embarrassing! *LOL* But, overall, BEAUTIFULLY hot! Thank you for sharing!
4th January 2012 05:37
Oh dear GOD, so hot and unexpected! Lovely!
7th January 2012 21:38
That was amazingly hot. It's not a pairing I've ever considered, but it was so, so hot. Love the little bondage twist, too!
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