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ART: The Things She Makes Me Do [Luna/Tonks - R] 
24th October 2011 00:26
Title: The Things She Makes Me Do
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Digital
Characters/Pairings: Luna/Tonks
Rating: Hard R?
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Alternative pairing
Other Warnings: Sex in public
Artist's Notes: I love drawing those two - and drawing them together was even more fun! As for the actual drawing... Luna likes sex in public and is definitely the seducer here ;) (I'll add the tags later - just wanna get it posted now)
Art Preview: (optional)

23rd October 2011 22:37
Mmm, so very pretty! :)
25th October 2011 15:12
Thank you! :)
24th October 2011 01:27
Mmm, very nice, love the colours, and their positioning.
25th October 2011 15:12
Thanks! :D
24th October 2011 01:57
Yum! I think I'm converted to this pairing now.

Love the expression on Tonks' face, the hint of a blush.
25th October 2011 15:12
Hehe, yay! :D Thank you!
24th October 2011 02:16
Nipples, fingernails, and Luna's wet knickers!!!

*fangirl dies of squee*
25th October 2011 15:12
Haha :D Thanks! :D
24th October 2011 04:34
OMG, this is gorgeous. One of my fave pairings too -- so pretty! :D
25th October 2011 15:13
Glad you like it!! :D Thanks!
24th October 2011 07:11
lunadora + public sex = to die for. i love this pairing and you've captured them beautifully. sexy and sweet at the same time.
25th October 2011 15:13
Thank you! Glad you like it! :D
24th October 2011 11:34
Oh, guh, this is beautiful!
25th October 2011 15:13
Thank you! :D
24th October 2011 14:27
This is beautiful, I love that they're half-dressed and their nail polish is very pretty. :)
25th October 2011 15:14
Thank you! :) Nail polish and makeup is always my favourite thing to do :D
24th October 2011 15:31
Mmmm. Love the pose, and their hair, and entwined hands and the way the different nail polishes emphasise that.
25th October 2011 15:14
Thank you! :)
26th October 2011 19:24
Oh, this is beautiful. I love these two together.
26th October 2011 19:26
Thank you!
1st November 2011 16:12
Beautiful! Love their hands, especially Luna's nails--they match Tonks' hair. :)
1st November 2011 18:21
Thank you! :) And they do!! :)
4th November 2011 02:08
Very nice! It's great to see art for this pairing :-)
6th November 2011 02:36
Thank you! They were fun to draw! :D
6th November 2011 19:21
Oh, this is so gorgeous!!! I love it. :)
6th November 2011 22:20
Thank you! :)
7th November 2011 01:48
Oh, beautiful! The COLORS.
8th November 2011 18:52
Thank you! :)
7th November 2011 11:36
They look so very into each other - all determined focus. Gorgeous!
8th November 2011 18:52
Thank you! :D
22nd October 2012 22:17
Is it too late to say it's ABSOLUTELY gorgeous? This is the first time I see this pairing, and it's a shame, really. *_*
27th October 2012 10:17
Thank you! :)
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