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Kinky Kristmas Art: Break (Remus/Severus) 
26th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]ghot
From: [info]twilightsorcery

Title: Break
Characters/Pairings: Remus Lupin/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Half-clothed sex; blowjob
Other Warnings/Content: Possible involvement of a naughty potion [Characters represented are of age.]
Artist's Notes: This was an excellent prompt. Hope you enjoy
it, mysterious prompter!
Art Preview:

26th December 2010 17:34
How gorgeous is all that skin? Beautiful!
26th December 2010 18:08
very sexy! i love that severus is nearly naked, and clutching that table behind him.
26th December 2010 19:10
lovely. I particularly like the glow of the cauldron and it's reflection on severus' skin.
26th December 2010 19:20
GUH, that's absolutely delicious!
26th December 2010 20:01
26th December 2010 20:17
Oh! I love the warm glow lighting and the cauldron aquas in the background. It's really striking. And Severus is so gorgeous, especially his hair and his nose! Very lovely!
26th December 2010 20:36 - Kinky Kristmas Art: Break (Remus/Severus)
This is just absolutely beautiful. Love the colour and the fact that we can see some of Remus' bum. Severus' trousers around his knees is quite hot as is his short.

Love his expression. This is a wonderfully intamate moment, and you've done a fantastic job of it.

27th December 2010 00:44
Ooh, very nice. I love the shadows!
27th December 2010 04:15
yay for gray underpants!
27th December 2010 06:40
Long and lean and delicious in all their golden glory! What a lovely sight for early Monday morning. Thank you, mysterious artist.
27th December 2010 07:39
Mmm, delicious. Very good use of light and shadow.
27th December 2010 08:03
Love the pairing, which is probably obvious, but, also, really like the effect on the potion in the cauldron. Wonderful in every way! Thank you so much, Santa!

love, lore
27th December 2010 21:17
THE LIGHTING IS GUH. So warm. And the wild blue of the cauldron/potion = awesome.

27th December 2010 22:27
Oh, I love the warm lighting! Great contrast with the cold swirly glow from the cauldron in the back. And of course, their positions and the way they're both half-dresses is so hot. :)
28th December 2010 00:33
Gorgeous. Love the lighting and the half-dressed state of them. Great job.
28th December 2010 03:43
The atmosphere and lighting on this is just stunning. It's really a beautiful piece, not to mention hot.
28th December 2010 16:21
Oh, that's awesome. :)
29th December 2010 20:30
OMG, Mystery Artist, I know I already told you that I LOVE this, but allow me to flail at you properly now. Gaaaah, this is incredible, and you have no idea how much I wanted to just 'reassign' this piece to me. ;)

Oh maaaaaaaaaaan, your Snape. I adore your Snape. He has the perfectly skinny, unremarkable body. Although, gotta say, he has about the sexiest collarbones EVAR. ;) Something about his mouth here is just wonderfully Snapeish, of course his nose is a thing of beauty, and his uneven hair falling all over the place is fantastic. His expression is amazing also -- like he's trying to maintain some semblance of self-control, but he's just losing it. His grip on the work table gives it away as well. Niiiiiiiiiice.

Your Remus is fab also; too skinny, but a bit better built than Snape, and I love the way you always give him some curves in the hips/waist/butt -- not feminie, definitely a male look, but a distinct look for him. And he definitely looks like he's enjoying what he's doing here! Heee.

I love, love, love the warm glow of the lighting on their skin here; there must be lamp and/or canldelight coming in from the outside room, and it makes me wonder just how public or private this scene is. It certainly feels like we're stumbling across it accidentally. And the contrasting blue flare/fumes from the cauldron! Like a halo around Snape that reflects what he's feeling... Fantastic! In a way, that's my favorite part of all of this.

Oh, and YES to the half-dressed smut and Snape's pants around his knees. Abkjpcaf, O HAI THAR, bullet-proof kink!

YOU FTW! ♥ ♥ ♥

30th December 2010 02:14
Oh man, that's so gorgeous! XD I was away for a while and when I come back BAM! I've to tell you, mystery artist, I heard of it first from all the recommendations, all over the place!!!

I'm so so glad I'm the recipient!! I'm terrible with words but I'll try to say a bit why this image is so amazing...

The first thing that that I see when I look at it is their faces. Snape is just so... Snapey! I can easily imagine him raising those pants and coat up and becoming the impenetrable potions master again. ♥♥ Now Remus is just lovely, he fits with Severus perfectly and those scars are just the perfect little details!!!

And I have to tell you your use of color is just fantastic! All the warm tones and the blue glow from the potion behind them (and does that cauldron look dangerous! Maybe there was some potion involvement ;) ) make the perfect contrast catching our attention so well!! Oh, I just love it!! Thank you so much for drawing this, Santa!!! Thank you!!♥
31st December 2010 04:29
Of all the heat and beauty in this piece, I can't stop looking at Snape's still-clothed left arm and the robe trailing behind his leg. It's the half-clothed thing that slays me. NGUH!
31st December 2010 05:59 - *flails*
THIS! Just wow! So yummy!
4th January 2011 04:08
Ooooh, Severus's clothing juuuust hanging off him makes everything far sexier! And Remus's trousers riding low on his hips, guh! I love that the fumes from the potion could be causing it all, and also give a sense, with the cauldron in the background, that Severus and Remus are making steamy magic with their sexy blowjob action. :D Very hot and well done!
4th January 2011 08:59
Love the clothes falling off of Snape and Lupin's sexy arse. Gorgeous!
6th January 2011 18:24
Love the light, love the potion fumes, and love the pair!
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