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Kinky Kristmas Art: Happy Christmas, Darling (Hermione/Ginny) 
23rd December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]twilightsorcery
From: [info]venturous

Title: Merry Christmas, Darling
Characters/ Pairings: Hermione/Ginny
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: film noir; cheating, exhibitionism
Other Warnings/Content:
Artist's Notes: I hope this hits a sweet spot, dear giftee, and I apologize for the lack of explicit smut. these two were into lots of eye!sex and anticipation. Thanks to friend C and r_grayjoy for input, and kudos to cloaks at deviantart.com for the textures
Art Preview:

23rd December 2010 19:05
Wow, your Hermione looks a bit like Bette Davis! I love how she's reclining and stroking the cat while Ginny poses for her. The smoke from the cigarette is a very nice touch, too, and the red in the shoes, Ginny's hair, Hermione's lips and fingernails really pops. Wonderfully done, mystery artist! :)
23rd December 2010 19:52
I absolutely ADORE the vintage look to this! I agree with Vividzephyr, Hermione does have "Bette Davis Eyes" here. LOL! I really like the languorous and anticipatory feel here.
23rd December 2010 19:54
Oh my, Hermione is incredibly sexy, and Ginny standing there in just a red thong...guh. Love that smokey-eyed look on Hermione and Ginny's pose is just gorgeous, full of confidence--and her long red hair is so pretty. I love this!
23rd December 2010 20:19
Guhhh, so delicious! *fondles Ginny's bum*
23rd December 2010 21:15
Gorgeous! They are both so sexy here, and I love the way Hermione is reclining with her cigarette holder - what a dame! I like the inclusion of Crookshanks, too, & I'm wondering if that marks out Hermione as the villainess?
23rd December 2010 21:27
very sexy, and i love all the textures and patterns. and the cat. :D
24th December 2010 02:03
Ginny's ass and heels are to die for!
24th December 2010 05:49
I love the old school look of Hermione! Like Bette Davis and Judy Garland, lovely! The heels are amazing and Ginny's saucy pose is divine. *stares blatantly at her ass* Hehe, and Crookshanks, and the wallpaper is awesome.
24th December 2010 11:03
Ooh, I love the film-noir feel to this. Love how Hermione lies back on the sofa and the way she holds her cigarette, and Ginny looks very sexy (hair and buttocks!). The whole scene is very sexy. :) And yay, Crookshanks!
24th December 2010 14:28
This is gorgeous! Hermione looks so appealing and Ginny's back is so sexy. And Crookshanks (I'm guessing that's him!) is such a darling by her lap.
24th December 2010 21:16
The vintage look works really well. This is gorgeous! Great piece!
26th December 2010 16:51
Oh, I LOVE this! Love the vintage feel to it!
27th December 2010 10:01
Oh, nice arse! :D
28th December 2010 16:28
Fabulous! Love the thong-and-heels look, and Ginny's hair is beautiful. :))
4th January 2011 02:29
Oh, YUM. That LOOK on Hermione's face is *killing* me! I know I should be focusing on Ginny's delectable arse, and believe me, I've noticed it (mmmmm...), but it's that expression that's just sexy as hell.

Also, can we talk about the shoes? Because OMG I want those gorgeous little red sandals Ginny's wearing.

Also, hello sexy cigarette holder. :D

Thank you so much! I loooove it. :D :D :D
10th January 2011 18:37
glad you like the shoes, and H's attitude. I'm sorry the netted hat thing didn't work out, but I really enjoyed trying to get the noir vibe.
10th January 2011 06:33
Nice. There's one awesome look of challenge in Hermione's eyes, there. :)
30th January 2011 18:48 - Happy Christmas, Darling (Hermione/Ginny)
Colours are fantastic, as is the carpet, couch and wallpaper.

Love Ginny's pose, her shoes are perfect. Hermione's cigarette and expression is perfection.

Love it.
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