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Kinky Kristmas Art: Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap! (Snape/Harry) 
22nd December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]venturous
From: [info]jin_fenghuang

Title: Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap!
Characters/Pairings: Snape/Harry
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: accidental facial
Other Warnings/Content: humor
Artist's Notes: A Merry Kinky Kristmas to all of you!

22nd December 2010 18:16
Haha, I love Severus's expression and pose with the bits of salad on his face. So funny! :)

The part of the image at the bottom with Harry and Severus entwined is beautifully done and the lyrics in the background is a nice touch, too.
22nd December 2010 22:22
very nicely done. the first part is funny and clever, and i love the lyrics in the background. but - that image of them entwined is sizzling! *stares* just beautiful - the shading, and the curled toes, and the way they fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. *drools*
23rd December 2010 00:41
Hee, funny and yummy!
23rd December 2010 01:26
WAHAHA!!! Made of WIN, 'mystery' artist! I love it to bits. your hilarious take on the prompt and it's sweet ending, what a delicious kristmas gift, thank you. **smooch**
23rd December 2010 02:24
Beautiful artwork! Funny and hot!
23rd December 2010 02:25
Ha! I love Severus' face and pose. Amazing what spilled salad will bring!
23rd December 2010 02:28
LOL Oh, poor Sev, covered in salad. *giggles* Love the image of the two of them entwined. Nice job.
23rd December 2010 03:49
That's one way to get Severus' attention focused upon you, Harry! *LOL* Love the text background, too, really adds texture to the picture.
23rd December 2010 05:27
OMG, that's hilarious and soooo hot. Fabulous!
23rd December 2010 08:43
This is gorgeous. Adore the way they are so closely pressed together, like their bodies are made for each other.
23rd December 2010 10:20

That's NOT what I was expecting as the "accidental facial". Well-done and clever, besides! (And, er, that last frame is sooooo lovely. I love their hair, and the contrasts of skin tones, and the lines and shading. So lovely! And hot!)
24th December 2010 21:30
Hot and hilarious! Love Snape covered in veg!
26th December 2010 16:16
Ooh, look how beautifully they fit together! Gorgeous!!
27th December 2010 12:05
Niiice artwork!
4th January 2011 04:04
Just love that final pose! Wonderful work!
4th January 2011 08:46
I love the take on the prompt. Funny and hot!
30th January 2011 18:46 - Giddy yap, giddy yap, giddy yap! (Snape/Harry)
Gawd - this is awesome. Love Mr. Pouty face.
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