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Kinky Kristmas Art: Unveiled (Severus/Sirius/Remus) 
20th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]celandineb
From: [info]karasu_hime

Title: Unveiled
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Sirius/Remus
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: Threesome
Other Warnings/Content: tiny bit of fluid [All characters represented are of age.]
Artist's Notes: I hope this is a good use of your prompt: "all I want for Christmas". Have a wonderfully kinky holiday season!

20th December 2010 17:25
This is gorgeous!
20th December 2010 17:55


This is just gorgeous! I love the angularity, both bodies and faces; Remus's scars; and the potion brewing in the background. Severus looks so intense, and Sirius high-spirited, as one might expect! Yummy yummy yummy - thank you so much!

♥ ♥ ♥

20th December 2010 18:20
oh, very nice!
20th December 2010 19:15
rawr! that is delicious. the boys all look good enough to eat ...
20th December 2010 21:09
Rawr!!! That's a fabulous pile of man flesh there!
20th December 2010 21:52
Mmmmm, delicious! I love how they're all tangled together. And Sirius's sexy face especially, looking up at Snape. :)
20th December 2010 22:13
Ooo, YAY! So much skin on skin yumminess! I love the story to this too, with the veil and the cauldron in the background. It appears that Severus and Remus are pretty darn happy to have Sirius back!
20th December 2010 23:47
Oh! This is lovely! It feels so raw and full of passion and just GUH.
21st December 2010 00:47
ooo hoo hoooooo yessssssssssssssssssssssss indeeeed...... *stares*
21st December 2010 00:49
Mmmmmmm, good lord, that's yummy!
21st December 2010 01:44
I've been glancing at this off-and-on throughout the day and I'm blown away by the little details: eye-line, body position, color, etc. That's the coherent comment I had to wait six hours to type.

My first comment was: "Guh! GUH! GUH! GUH! *wipe up drool...get towel for drool...enjoy*
21st December 2010 01:45
OH YES!!!! Awesome!
21st December 2010 01:57
oh lovely! i love the colours!
21st December 2010 02:17
Wow, that's gorgeous. Great job.
21st December 2010 05:31
Oh my, that's fabulous! I love their hair -- and Sirius' little beard suits him. I really love the bold lines, and their expressions are perfect.
21st December 2010 10:41
Gaaaahhhh! This. Is. Awesome! Things I love:
1. Remus' scars, especially leg scar
2. Sirius' jaw line
4. Snape's shoulders
5. Sirius' facial hair omg those eyebrows
6. The potion and veil of certain deathness in the background
7. The colors
21st December 2010 17:51
Lovely! I WANT REMUS' HAIR. *STARES* Can I please have his hair?!
21st December 2010 22:30
Mmmf! So deliciously hot and sexy! Guh! :)
23rd December 2010 21:33
Mmmn, what a great threesome :-)
24th December 2010 10:09
Your Sirius is gorgeous!

*stares for awhile*
25th December 2010 21:06
Woo hoo! Seventies hair FTW! I love it!!
27th December 2010 16:13
Mmm... long hair. Scars... Delicious.
30th December 2010 04:51
Simple gorgeous! I love this combination and there's nothing like a Sirius sandwich. YUM!
31st December 2010 00:15
Oh, WONDERFUL! I always love your art and this is glorious. Sirius's facial hair and his face, omigod, gorgeous!
31st December 2010 05:56
6th January 2011 16:58
Oooh, I adore how in-the-moment this seems! I really feel like there's a motion about it, that in this frozen second they're about to thrust and grind together if I watch long enough. *watches*
30th January 2011 18:45 - Unveiled (Severus/Sirius/Remus)
God look at all those delicious scars. Love Sirius' beard.

Great background.
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