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Kinky Kristmas Art: Double Stuffed (Sirius/Severus/Remus) 
12th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]karasu_hime
From: [info]serpenscript

Title: Double Stuffed
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Severus/Remus
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: genderbender, double penetration, anal sex
Other Warnings/Content: -
Artist's Notes: Any anatomy issues are mine alone. Also, first time drawing Black, and for some reason I think he looks more like I imagine James T_T Enjoy!
Art Preview:

12th December 2010 17:27
poor little girl!Snape! **rescues her**
nice scars on that big bad wolf, btw.and stubble.
12th December 2010 18:51
OMG That's hot. Poor girl!Snape though, sweet little thing. I like the way Remus is nude while Sirius is still dressed. Very nicely done.
12th December 2010 19:09
Unf! It's kind of unspeakably hot to me that Sirius still has his clothes on. Woooo! Open belt and dog tag, ;alskdjfsd. :D
12th December 2010 22:36
Severus makes such a delicate girl. He also seems to have found a way to enjoy the Marauders' pranks!

12th December 2010 22:49
Ha ha ha ha!!! Sexy XD For not generally liking Snape genderbent, I really like this art not-so-mysterious one ;)

12th December 2010 23:37
I love it!!!
13th December 2010 02:43
Oh, GUHHHH. *admires this for a while*
13th December 2010 06:50
I love Snape's wide-eyed look! and how fabulous it is that Remus and Snape are both naked, but Sirius has only his dick out. Gorgeous colours, too :).
13th December 2010 08:55
KaPow! I'm glad I stopped by before hitting the sack! Nicely done "mystery artist" and thank you! I love how SB is just his dogtag and penis! Remus being fully unclothed and snape being fully unclothed makes me think they were getting it on first!

Thank you!
13th December 2010 15:01
I love how Sirius is still dressed while the other two are completely starkers. Poor little girl!Snape, I hope someone comes to rescue her, although not too soon! ;)
13th December 2010 15:27
Fully clothed Sirius with the trousers undone is just about the most GUH thing I've ever seen. Freaking hot man.
13th December 2010 15:31
Damn, there's something about a mostly-clothed man, especially when contrasted with two naked people and DP. Mmmhmmm...
13th December 2010 17:01
i agree with most commentors! very hot, sirius looks very good!
13th December 2010 21:45
Eeeeeeeeee!!! Not only is the a smokin' pic but I can't help but think about how the stories would have changed if the character was Serena Snape.......
14th December 2010 20:48
Double pen!!! *guh* Also clothed Sirius. So hot.
15th December 2010 02:32
Woah. I love the scars on Remus, and you've made girl!Snape adorable, yet Snape-y. Think her eyes really do it for me. Nice job!
16th December 2010 02:23
GUH!!!! This is so very HOT!!! :DD
19th December 2010 01:12
Mmm, Sirius is so sexy with clothes on, like he couldn't be bothered to get fully undressed for Snape. Love the scars on Remus. Lovely piece.
19th December 2010 14:28 - Double Stuffed (Sirius/Severus/Remus)
Oh, this is just bloody fantastic! I love the colours. Sirius not naked with Severus and Remus completely is quite hot. I also love we can see some of Sirius' nest of hairs.

Remus' scars are well placed.

20th December 2010 02:28
Uhh...*wiping drool from chin and keyboard*

Remus and Severus must have been together when Sirius got home...and nicely warmed and ready for Sirius' quick addition...that flying dog tag gives a fine sense of motion.

20th December 2010 17:40
Hee! I love that Sirius is still dressed while the other two are totally naked. Gives me all sorts of ideas about how this scenario came about. Sirius' hand on Snape's arse, holding him/her up is guh, tasty, as is the way Snape's clinging to Sirius' shoulders. And Remus looks like he's just having a grand time. LOL Nice. :D
30th December 2010 11:38
Oh. Hot! Scars! Remus! <3
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