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Some Great Reward (Bellatrix/Barty Jr/Rodolphus, NC-17) 
30th January 2007 12:29
Title: Some Great Reward
Author: [info]misfit_ragdoll
Characters: Bartemius Crouch Jr, Bellatrix Lestrange, Rodolphus Lestrange
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: threesomes, oral sex, fingers, use of a Death Eater as a marital aid
Kinks chosen: Death Eater Kama Sutra, adultery (sort of)
Word Count: 3000-ish
Summary: After torturing two Aurors into madness, a Death Eater need to kick up his heels and relax
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]r_grayjoy who helped me find my way with this and kept Rodolphus on track and beta'd the beginning and [info]katesque for cheerleading and last minute beta-ing. Barty Jr is canon-compliant but in my head, he's still being played by David Tennant (thus the scrawny physique)

All in all, Rodolphus Lestrange thought, it had been a most productive day. Not only had they gotten those irritating Longbottoms out of their hair, but young Bartemius Crouch Jr. had at long last proven his worth to the cause. Rodolphus had been particularly impressed by the way Barty had artfully subjected Alice Longbottom to the Cruciatus, how his face had lit up in sadistic glee as she writhed and screamed in agony, how he’d toyed with the cow and promised her to he’d stop if she’d only give them information they needed – and then had just continued torturing her.

In the end, it hadn’t mattered much. Neither Alice nor her lump of a husband had given up any information about the Dark Lord or his whereabouts, but at least they’d been broken. Now there were two less Aurors in the world to contend with, two less enemies to fight.

Four Death Eaters had converged upon chez Lestrange: Bellatrix, Rodolphus, his brother Rabastan and young Barty Jr., all tired but elated. Rabastan had retired to his room upon arrival, leaving the other three to celebrate their victories, Rodolphus ordering Tansy, their house-elf to bring a bottle of elf-made wine and some food. It had been a long, arduous day and they were all sorely in need of refreshments.

“Barty, my boy,” Rodolphus said, clapping him on the back, “you were magnificent. He was magnificent, wasn’t he, Bella my-love?”

Bellatrix managed an indulgent smile. “He was most splendid. Much better than your brother, the spastic little git.” She pulled a face. “I was amazed he managed to do anything considering how badly he was twitching and gibbering. One would have thought he was the one being tortured.”

“Now now, my dear, you know how Rabastan is. He hasn’t been the same since the Dark Lord vanished. He’s just very enthusiastic,” Rodolphus replied calmly. He knew Bella wasn’t very patient with his brother but Rabastan did have his uses.

“Any more enthusiasm from him like that and I daresay we’ll have to take him to a Healer to make certain he’s not rabid,” Bellatrix replied with a snort. Her expression brightened as the house-elf, Tansy, entered the room bearing a crystal decanter filled with blood-red wine, and three glasses on a silver tray along with a dish of caviar and some bread. “About time, you lazy creature.”

“Tansy is sorry, Mistress!” the house-elf squealed, trembling so hard that the tray shook in her hands.

“And so you should be!” Bellatrix picked up her wand, eyeing the elf menacingly.

“Bella, my love, I asked her to find the best vintage and so she has. No need for that right now,” Rodolphus took the wand out of her hand and laid it down on the table. “Tansy, put that down and go before Mistress Bella turns you into a nasty stain on the carpet.”

The miserable house-elf didn’t have to be asked twice. She placed the serving tray down on the side table and then Apparated out of the room, still squeaking with fear.

Rodolphus poured out the wine, offering a glass first to Bellatrix and then Barty Junior. The young man seemed uncertain of his drink, only tasting it once Rodolphus urged him to try it. Rodolphus wasn’t surprised at the boy’s sour expression as he swallowed. Elf-made wine was an acquired taste, especially to someone with an untrained palate. The boy had so many things yet to learn, but that wasn’t expected given his upbringing or his parentage. Bartemius Senior was hardly the pinnacle of refinement, even if he was one of Bella’s cousins.

Despite the initial grimace, Barty Jr managed to finish his glass and accept another graciously. And then another. Within the hour, the decanter was empty, the food devoured. Rodolphus Summoned Tansy to bring them another bottle of wine, not ready for the festivities to end just yet.

Sprawled out in a comfortable chair, he watched young Barty with some amusement, noting the boy’s furtive glances at Bella’s elegant form when he thought no one was looking. It wasn’t unexpected; Bellatrix was a stunning woman and Rodolphus had spent most of his life be aware of other men being aware of her. There were times when he wondered why she had chosen him out of all the men she could have had but somehow, they had made it work.

Bella seemed oblivious to the boy’s attention, or perhaps she was purposely ignoring him. It was very hard to tell with her.

“Really, Barty, you need to be more covert than that if you don’t want to get caught,” Rodolphus drawled, setting down his now empty glass. “Otherwise, you’re only putting yourself in the line of fire should you get caught.” He raised his eyebrows and leered at the younger man. “Unless you do want to get…caught. Looking at my wife like that is quite dangerous.”

Barty Junior blanched, and choked on the dregs of his wine. “I-I wasn’t…” he protested meekly, eliciting a snort of amusement from Rodolphus.

"Oh, no, not that I'd do anything about it, my dear boy. Bella is quite capable of protecting her own interests, as I'm sure you're well aware."

Bella arched an elegant eyebrow in her husband’s direction, then looked at Barty, studying him as if she’d just noticed him for the first time. “Weren’t you?” she asked, her eyes narrowing in curiosity.

“I—“ Two red splotches appeared on Barty’s pale, freckled cheeks as he looked from Rodolphus to Bellatrix and back again, shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

“It’s quite alright, Crouch. You’d have to be an inferius not to notice my Bella,” Rodolphus assured him, the hint of a smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth.

“Well,” Barty stammered, pushing straw-coloured hair out of his eyes nervously. “she is beautiful…”

“There. You see?” Rodolphus said with the wave of his hand. “Simple as that. I think you ought to kiss her, my boy.”

Barty let out a strangled mewl, his eyes once again darting between the Lestranges.

“Oh you do, do you?” Bella asked dryly.

“Go on. Kiss her, Crouch. Just take care—she bites.”

To Rodolphus’s amusement, young Crouch did as he was told, leaning in to brush his lips tentatively against Bella’s full mouth, pulling back as if he was honestly afraid of her reaction.

Bella rolled her eyes, placed her hands on either side of the young man’s face and pulled him in for a long, impassioned kiss, her tongue snaking out to probe between his parted lips. For a moment, it looked as though Barty might faint, but he rose to the challenge, finally kissing her back with equal fervour. Eventually, he drew back, breathing ragged, his eyes slightly glazed and fixed on Bellatrix’s darker ones.

"Very good," Rodolphus drawled. "He learns fast, does he not, my love?" Barty jumped at that, turning to look at Rodolphus with wild eyes, as though he had forgotten his host was there.

“I knew he was a clever boy the moment as he joined us,” Bella replied breathily, her long, graceful fingers now caressing the sides of Barty’s neck. “Our Master has chosen well.”

“Go on.” Rodolphus waved his hand in their direction. “Kiss her again, Crouch. Don’t be afraid to touch her. I can assure you she won’t break.”

Barty complied, kissing Bellatrix more intently this time, burying his fingers in the dark mane of her hair. Rodolphus kept his eyes locked on the pair of them, watching them kiss with abandon. He shifted, his robes starting to grow uncomfortable. It had been a long time since he and Bella had had the opportunity to play like this, far too long for his liking.

He rose, crossing the room to settle himself behind his wife, pushing away her heavy tresses to nuzzle at the back of her neck, smiling as he heard her moan in approval. His hands found her breasts, cupping and kneading them through the thick fabric of her gown as he looked over at Barty and murmured, “Isn’t she magnificent?”

Barty froze, staring at Rodolphus, his eyes wide with apprehension.

“Touch her,” he ordered. “And tell her just how glorious you find her.” Rodolphus took the younger man’s hand and placed it on his wife’s breast, squeezing gently.

“S-she is glorious. A d-dark goddess.” Barty seemed to come out of his terrified trance, allowing Rodolphus to guide his fingers along the swell of Bella’s breasts, touching her gently and reverently. Bella leaned back, her eyes closed, a smirk of satisfaction playing on her lips.

As Barty continued his awkward exploration, Rodolphus set to work on undressing his wife, unbuttoning her bodice, slowly exposing the creamy alabaster skin beneath. He peeled her gown off her shoulders, down her arms, letting it pool around her slender waist before covering her bare skin with kisses.

“Undress him, my dear,” he whispered in Bella’s ear then caught her earlobe between his teeth, sucking hard.

Bella laughed, leaning forward to unfasten Barty’s robes, quickly divesting the boy of his outer clothing. Barty wasted no time in aiding her, toeing off his boots and kicking them away. He sat there, clad in only his trousers, bulging erection clearly visible, a hopeful expression on his freckled face, causing Bella to laugh even harder.

“Come now, Bella, you must remember how eager young men are,” Rodolphus reminded her, releasing the ornate catch on the front of her black bra, letting her breasts spill free. “Especially when it comes to earning your favours. I would think you’d find his enthusiasm endearing.” It had been many years since he himself had been such a callow youth although he had no memory of being quite so inept around beautiful women. “Of course, enthusiasm is useless if not accompanied by skill.”

Bella sighed as Rodolphus tugged and tweaked at her hardened nipples, the sighs turning to moans of satisfaction as Barty joined in, caressing and kneading the soft mounds of her breasts.

“You are a fast learner, my boy,” Rodolphus commented with a smirk. “In time, I can see you becoming one of my darling Bella’s favourites.”

“We shall see,” Bella murmured, tilting her head back against his shoulder, her raven hair spilling against her husband’s chest, and yielding to a searing kiss from him. “I am not entirely convinced yet.”

“Perhaps you ought to give the boy some incentive, my dear.” Rodolphus relaxed his grip on her, and nudged her forward, his eyes now fixed on Barty’s crotch. “Give him a taste of what he could have.”

Bellatrix twisted around, eyeing him in surprise. “And what shall I get in return?”

Rodolphus broke into amused laughter, then kissed her soundly. “That’s my Bella – a true daughter of Salazar if ever there was one. Don’t worry, my love, I’ll see to your--compensation. You don’t think I’d leave you in the hands of such a green boy, now do you?”

“Oi!” Barty exclaimed, his eyes flashing with indignation. “I’m not—“

“Of course you are, Crouch,” Rodolphus interjected. “But, you will learn in time. Finish undressing and let Bella have a look at you. If she likes what she sees, perhaps she’ll make it worth your while.”

That shut the boy up. He gaped at them like a fish on dry land, then blushed and got to his feet, quickly shucking his trousers, underpants and socks into a heap on the floor. He stood there naked, goose pimples rising on his pale, freckled flesh, erection rampant despite his embarrassment.

There was a sharp intake of breathe as Bellatrix ran her dark eyes over his long, lean body, the tip of her sharp tongue wetting her lower lip as she examined him. Finally, she spoke, her voice husky. “Oh, he’ll do.”

“Go on then, suck him,” Rodolphus urged her, letting go of her entirely. Bella slipped off the sofa and on to her knees although her bearing was anything but submissive.

“Come here, Barty,” she ordered, crooking her finger at the boy.

Barty didn’t need to be told a second time. He stood in front of her, hands on his hips, groaning as Bella wrapped one hand around the hilt of his cock and tugged him forward, her tongue flicking out across the head. He hissed as she blew warm air against his skin, then licked again for maximum effect.

“Let’s see how long you can last, Crouch,” Rodolphus told him, huskily. “That is the difference between a boy and a man. One of many.”

Barty squeezed his eyes shut, biting his lower lip and nodded his fair head, groaning again as Bella engulfed him with her mouth, taking him in deep, only to slide him out again, slowly and deliberately.

Rodolphus chuckled, fascinated by the way she toyed with the boy, reminded of a cat tormenting its prey before devouring it entirely.

Bellatrix took Barty’s cock in her mouth again, her crimson lips leaving a subtle streak of colour in their wake, her free hand dipping down to cup his balls. She squeezed and stroked him in time with the rise and fall of her glossy head, at first slowly and deliberately, building up into a more intense rhythm.

Satisfied with the scene unfolding before him, Rodolphus slipped behind his wife, his hands going beneath her voluminous skirts to caress up her legs, savouring the feeling of silk on warm skin. His hands skimmed over the tops of her stockings to her bare thighs, then over the lush curves of her arse to the elastic band of her satin knickers, tugging them down over her hips. He brushed his palms across her arse again, letting his fingers dip between the cleft of her cheeks, the tip of his finger teasing against the tight ring of muscle before moving further downward.

Bellatrix hissed and spread her legs further, giving her husband further access as she continued to lick and suck at Barty’s cock as if it were an exotic treat. Rodolphus wasn’t surprised to feel how wet she was; his wife liked to play as much as he did, although this was tame compared to their normal games, just enough to whet everyone’s appetite. Bella moaned against Barty’s cock as Rodolphus slid a thick finger between her legs, smearing her juices all over the lips of her sex and her thighs before thrusting upward in one smooth movement. The moans grew louder as he added a second finger, and then a third, Barty’s cries mingling with hers as she took out her exhilaration on his cock.

Rodolphus watched the boy, his head thrown back blissfully as Bella continued to work him with lips and tongue and teeth, her hips bucking as she rode her husband’s hand. “That’s it, Bella,” he crooned. “Show the boy just how skilled you are.” Later, he would make her show him those same talents – and more – but for now, it was enough to watch the enraptured look on Barty’s face and know his wife was the cause of it.

Barty reached out to steady himself, his hand gripping Bella’s shoulder like a vise, groaning and panting like a wounded animal. The poor boy was trying so hard to control himself but it was too late; he thrust up into Bella’s mouth wildly, and with a loud cry, came in her mouth. To Bella’s credit, she never slowed her movements, continuing her ministrations until the boy slowed, then stilled, pulling his now flaccid member away and falling to his knees in exhaustion.

Letting out a ‘tut’ of disapproval, Rodolphus grabbed Barty’s arm with his free hand and shoved it beneath Bella’s heavy skirts, guiding him to her clit. “A man never lets a job go unfinished,” he said harshly.

Bella mewled, her face obscured by the black curtain of her hair. She rolled her hips frantically as Rodolphus continued thrusting deep inside her and continued directing Barty’s fingers as they fumbled between her legs. He could see teaching the boy some finesse was going to take some time. It was obvious young Crouch had quite a few lessons to learn.

Despite Crouch’s lack of skill, Bella was nearing climax, her movements turning frenzied as she bucked and writhed against her husband’s hand. Rodolphus forced Crouch to slow his strokes, encircling her engorged clit rather than assaulting it. He could feel Bella clenching around his fingers, then tense before she went spiraling into paroxysms of pleasure, gasping and moaning in release.

Barty looked stunned, as if Bella’s reaction was completely unexpected – and perhaps it had been for him. Another mistake that needed correcting, but not right now. Rodolphus let go of Barty’s hand, withdrawing his fingers completely as Bella sat back on her haunches, resting against him, relaxed and sated. Her eyes were half-lidded, her smile beatific and she sighed with contentment as Rodolphus idly petted her bared breasts.

“I believe our entertainment for the evening is over, pet,” he said softly, grazing at the crook of Bella’s neck, before raising his head to give Barty a pointed look.

“But—“ Barty protested.

“You shall have more when you’ve earned it,” Rodolphus replied sternly. “My Bella deserves the best – and she shall have it.”


“Come back when you’ve practised a bit more and we shall see.” There was a note of finality in his voice which warned the younger man he’d brook no arguments now. “Tansy will see you out. Bella and I have more important things to…discuss.”

Bella laughed, twisting in his arms to kiss him savagely, as if to remind him of where her loyalties truly lay. He could just taste Crouch’s tang on her lips but it, like the boy himself, would be gone soon. Rodolphus didn’t even glance in Barty’s direction as he gathered up his things petulantly and slunk from the room, now focusing solely on his wife. Soon he would remind her of true skills and true worship, a reward fit for the queen of his heart.
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Oooh, yes. I love this. :D
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Thank you! So glad you liked it!
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