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ART: Red Wine [Albus/Scorpius - NC-17] 
24th October 2010 16:53
Title: Red Wine
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Photoshop, tablet
Characters/Pairings: Albus/Scorpius
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Sex under the influence
Other Warnings: Nudity?
Artist's Notes: Eeeek, I totally thought today was the 23rd, so this is a day late. Sorry! I tried out a new colouring technique; something a little more... manga. I kinda like it, even though it clearly needs work. And I haven't drawn Albus and Scorpius for such a long time! :) Anyway, um... yeah. They don't look particularly drunk either, but... they are. *nods*
Art Preview:

24th October 2010 19:21
oh holy god.. is that hot. I love the way Scorpius is reaching up for Al's face. And just the look they're sharing...

*dies from teh hot*
25th October 2010 15:24
Thanks! :D
25th October 2010 00:48
very hot. :)
25th October 2010 15:24
Thanks! :)
25th October 2010 02:52
Mmmm, such gorgeous boys. :)
25th October 2010 15:24
Thanks! :D
25th October 2010 03:00
Guh, very sexy!
25th October 2010 15:24
Thanks! :)
25th October 2010 13:21
Oh so much sexiness and tenderness too! Beautiful art. <3
25th October 2010 15:24
Thank you! :)
26th October 2010 15:14
Sweet, hot and tender ♥
28th October 2010 21:59
Thank you! :)
27th October 2010 10:25
Mmm... gorgeous!
28th October 2010 21:59
30th October 2010 07:24
Mmmm, they're gorgeous and I love the tender way they are looking at each other!
30th October 2010 18:13
Thanks! :)
6th November 2010 15:57
Pretty, pretty boys. The pose is marvelous. Very nice.
9th November 2010 19:40
Thank you! :)
27th November 2010 18:25 - Red Wine [Albus/Scorpius - NC-17]
Their bodies are quite sexy, their expressions quit hot. The colours of the background and the couch are a great accent to the two.

Well done.
29th November 2010 20:31 - Re: Red Wine [Albus/Scorpius - NC-17]
Thanks! :D
5th December 2010 16:46
Wow! I have no words!
16th December 2010 03:02
Oh wow, how did I miss this???? Gorgeous!
17th December 2010 16:44
I love how you draw the two of them... younger sexier versions of their parents!! *guh* this is so hott!!
3rd January 2011 21:38
This is incredibly hot. And I'm know I seem to be saying the same things but my god this is quite HOT. The shadowing is brilliant, love the wine and their expressions...Very well done.
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