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23rd May 2015 20:07
This seems very Luna - that she would understand the necessity, would be perfectly calm about it, and would be worried that it might be difficult for Severus.

My only quibble is that at 16 she's over the age of consent for Muggle Britain - so this really isn't chan, I'm very pleased to say - and the weird Black family tree which JKR drew up suggests that pure-bloods in fact marry very early. She has one of the Victorian Blacks fathering a child when he himself was about twelve, and if Bellatrix overlapped Severus at school at all then her younger sister Andromeda must have been pregnant with Tonks while she was still at Hogwarts, and we know Molly and Arthur were courting at school. So the idea that Luna would be expected to be a virgin because she's a 16-year-old pure-blood isn't very convincing. It's more likely they would assume it because she's never been known to have any romantic entanglements.

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