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Art: Observing (Severus/Draco, NC-17) 
7th June 2010 15:17
Title: Observing
Artist: xaphania
Media: Photoshop
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Draco, sort of implied Lucius/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: discipline
Other Warnings: implied incest, voyeurism
Artist's Notes: I like how this month just exploded with Snape. Anyway, I know this is not exactly original, but despite having read loads of fics with (more or less) this, I've never seen any fanart that I can remember. So I figured I'd do it myself.
Art Preview:


7th June 2010 14:08
Oh, lovely! Draco's pink backside, his clenched fists, his tears...So many wonderful details! This is terrific!
7th June 2010 18:16
^///^ Aw, I'm glad you liked it so much.
7th June 2010 15:34
perfect. yes, I've seen lots of Harry in this position, but not enough Draco. lovely!
7th June 2010 18:10
Thank you. There needs to be more Draco, yesss.
7th June 2010 16:46
Mmm...Very lovely. I love the idea of his father watching his punishment that way... :D
7th June 2010 18:12
Thank you. It just popped up in my head, while I wasn't even thinking much about this I think, and then Lucius DEMANDED to be part of it. And I'm not really one to deny him anything, soo... : D
7th June 2010 18:13
Heh. He's like that, isn't he? ;D
7th June 2010 18:17
He is. <3
7th June 2010 16:50
Since I have a major kink for a spanked Draco I love this! :-D Not by far enough art of him in that position ;-) Well done, you! It's delicious to look at - and so beautifully detailed! Discipline and him being watched like that is so very hot!

(See, I like it despite having a major squick regarding one Professor Snape in sexual situation. But this works for me anyway. This is ginormous praise! Seriously! )
7th June 2010 18:10
Oh, wow, I'll take that as a huuuge compliment, then. <3 Thank you.
7th June 2010 17:36
oh my god, Draco's face! *freaks out* mmmph, that's just... Wow. So much going on. Gorgeous and desperately hot.
7th June 2010 18:18
Heehee. <3 Thank you.
7th June 2010 18:46
Snape/Draco YES PLEASE! This is extremely pretty, and I do so like all the background detail (that quill-rest-inkwell thing is gorgeous).
8th June 2010 01:02
Snape/Draco ALWAYS. <3 I just had to re-state that. Anyway. Glad you liked it. And that inkwell thing just popped into my mind when I decided to do a proper background and was simply BEGGING me to draw it. And who am I to resist? I figure it might be a present from Lucius or Draco. There is just no way Snape would buy something like that for him self, no matter how very Slytherin the thing looks.
7th June 2010 20:05
HOMG it's beautifullllll --- Snape especially with that hand -gurgles- And Draco's tears are a win :3

(Love the background you've done as well!)

8th June 2010 01:03
Hee, thank you. I might actually have put more work into the background than the characters in the end. xD But it just.. happened.
7th June 2010 21:06
Oh! This begs for a fic!
8th June 2010 00:58
Well it would certainly make me very happy if someone wrote that fic. <3
7th June 2010 21:36
Oh wow, Draco's bottom is simply lovely, and I love that Lucius is watching on. Your work is simply perfect!
8th June 2010 01:00
Oh, trust me, I had a lot of fun with that bottom (mostly talking about it, but oh well). I'm glad you liked it.
7th June 2010 21:47
Oh that's gorgeous. Love his reddened arse, the way Lucius is watching, Severus in his basic black. ;) Wonderful work.
8th June 2010 00:59
(Oh, what a fabulously fitting icon. I love it.)

And thank you. (:
7th June 2010 22:17
*whimpers* This is so ridiculously hot. Draco's pose kills me.
8th June 2010 00:59
Thank you. :]
8th June 2010 02:51
Mmm. What a wonderful backdrop and an excruciatingly tense scene. I love the use of shadows, color and detail. Draco is, of course, delectable. And his arse? *spanks*
8th June 2010 19:39
Nnn, thank you~ : D
8th June 2010 04:13
Wow. There are so many fabulous details here - Snape's hand, Draco's red arse, the expression on his face, the tears. And Lucius watching it all....amazing.
8th June 2010 19:40
I'm such a detail whore. Well, sometimes at least. When I get started. Pff~
8th June 2010 17:28
*dies and is completely DEAD*

Mmmmmmm, yessssssss!

Fuck that's HOT ♥
8th June 2010 19:41
Nuuuu~ *Revives*

But thank you. ^^
8th June 2010 18:09
Oh, that's awesome!!! Love the concept, and all the colours and the general mood of it is perfect. :)
8th June 2010 19:41
Hee, thank you. :]
9th June 2010 19:53
Guhhh. That's hot and awesome! Oh, delicious wrongness, hits my kinks perfectly. :)
9th June 2010 22:54
Heeeh, I'm glad. : D
12th June 2010 20:32
This is SO hot.
14th June 2010 06:26
Mmmm, just a hint of a cock, and a nice red bum... I could look at this all day.
28th June 2010 07:04
I'd would have liked his arse to be slightly redder, but that's okay. Very hot.
25th July 2010 03:46
I think the best thing is that Snape looks like he's in his thirties, and his hand is just beautiful. I also love the passivity in what little we see of Lucius' face, as well as the hints of his rich clothing. The background is striking, interesting without being too busy, and Draco's hair, I think, is what really brings him from 'Draco' to 'Lucius Malfoy's son'. I think there's a lot of disconnect there, in most art and fic.

This is a beautiful piece. I'm going to go look for more of your work now.
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