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FIC: All About The Sex (Sirius/Lily) Hard R 
4th April 2010 19:19
Title: All About The Sex
Author: [info]allaboutkink
Characters Sirius/Lily
Rating: Hard R
Theme/Kinks Paddling
Word Count: 2000ish
Summary: Lily doesn't know whether she loves Sirius, but frankly it's not what matters.
Author's notes: This will probably appeal to no one: it is purely pr0n with no plot and little reference to canon - and it's got horrendous genderisations which will drive most people nuts. Apart from that, do read it!

It's all about the sex. It's all about his hands on me, ripping my clothing off me with bodily force, snarling in my ear that he wants me, that he wants me to beg, that he'll take me any and every way he fancies and I'll just beg him for more. It's all about that, because it's true. I want him to hurt me. I want to feel his fingernails digging into my flesh; his teeth gripping my shoulder like an animal. I want to feel his cock burning its way inside me so I'm aware of every single millimetre of him. I want him to pull my head back by the hair and bite my neck, vampire-like.

“Yes,” he says, kicking the door shut behind him, “I know exactly what you want.”

I think I love him. Think, but am not sure, because I am drunk on the fucking, on my passionate need of him. And now, as I wait for him to touch me (he watches me with eyes that suggest that he knows exactly what I am thinking, exactly how desperate I am for him), I don't give a damn about love. This is about lust, pure heated lust, and I care for nothing but that.

“What are you doing here, Sirius?” I want to provoke him, and he knows it: knows that my words are chosen to fire up his angry passion. It is a game-which-is-not-a-game.

“There's only one thing I come here for.”

He leans back against the door, hands stuffed into his pockets. (And no, oh no, Sirius – I have other places for you to put those hands: many of them.)

“My stimulating...” I leave a brief pause before adding, “conversation, I take it?”

“Oh,” he drawls, his voice low and sensual, “there are many other stimulating things about you, Lily.”

“I'm flattered.” I glance quickly at him, and look away.

“You should be more than flattered.” Sirius is giving me a long, hot, hungry look. “What about it, Lily? Are you standing there, nipples sharp peaks of need? Is there a throbbing between your thighs as you think about what you want me to do to you – what I might choose to do?”

I shrug. “I can live without you, Sirius,” I lie.

He gives a quick laugh. “Without me, perhaps. But without this?”

He has moved towards me and pulled me into his arms. I can feel his erection, hard against my clit. This is one of the advantages of having a partner the same size as yourself: everything lines up just perfectly.

“Without what?” I breathe.

“Shall I go home?” he murmurs.

My hands, of their own accord, tighten around his back, even as I say “Yes.”

He presses his mouth against mine, opening his lips to allow his tongue to tease mine, whilst he runs his nails up my back.

“Shall I go home?” he asks again.


It is the first submission. There will be more.

I hope.

He pushes his hand past the waistband of my skirt, so that his fingertips brush against my arse. “You're sure about that? You want me to stay?”


The longer I draw out my defiance, the greater sexual pleasure he (and I) will gain from my eventual compliance. We both know he can defeat me. We both want him to do so. But I will not make it easy for him. Why should I spoil our game?

“Oh, well.” He releases me, makes as if to go to the door. “I'll see you around, yeah?”

“Sirius...” I feel a sudden shot of fear. Once before, when I went too far, he left and did not return. He made me grovel before he agreed to come back.

“Lily?” he says, all innocent query, his hand reaching out to open the door.

I bite my lip. “Please, Sirius, don't go.”

He grins. “It's a 'please' now, is it? That's a bit more like it.” His eyes meet mine meaningfully. “Any more trouble from you, and I might just have to turn you over my lap and give that beautiful arse of yours a good paddling.”

I feel as if all the breath has been suddenly taken from my lungs. Sirius has never threatened (offered?) corporal punishment before; I did not know before this second how much appeal the idea would have. His grin broadens.

“Why, Lily, I do believe you're turned on by that thought. What a kinky slut you turn out to be.”

“I'm not a slut,” I snap back at him.

He nods. “You're right, Lil. Not a slut - my slut, isn't that right?”

“Prove it.” It is too much a plea. I had intended it to sound more a challenge.

“I will, Lily,” he promises, moving away from the door and dropping a light, teasing, kiss on my lips. “You know I will.”

God, I want him. So fucking much. If he asked me to lie down here and now for him, I'd do it. If he told me to follow him into the street and then fucked me there, I'd be willing. Sometimes the lust is nearer to hatred than love, and I even like that. I hate him for the fact that I'd do anything for him; I hate him for knowing it. And it's the hottest damn thing I know.


“You're wet for me already.” He moves close to me, runs a hand possessively down the side of my face, winding my hair through his fingers. “I can almost smell your desire.”

He's a fine one to talk. I'm drugged by his scent; that pure testosterone mixed with the leather of his jacket. I could bury my face against him and breathe him in. He yanks on my hair, pulling my head back, exposing my neck.

“Bite me, oh please,” I think, only realising afterwards that I've said the words aloud.

He laughs, and runs the very tip of his tongue down my neck. “There's a reason that wizards and Muggles both have an obsession with vampirism, isn't there?” He raises his mouth to my ear and nibbles the lobe.

“Yes,” I say, scarcely knowing with what I am agreeing.

“Oh babe, you want me,” he murmurs.

“Do not,” I hiss.

He sighs, theatrically. “I told you what would happen if I got any more trouble from you.” He lets go of me and looks around the room. “Now, what have we got which might make a suitable paddle?”

“You wouldn't dare.”

“You think not?”

Sirius's eyes have lit on something over my left shoulder; I have to force myself not to turn to see what it is he is gazing at. Without his grasp on me, I can move. I tilt my head jauntily.

“I know you wouldn't.”

If anything will make him follow through, that will. He knows I'm intentionally baiting him – he's not an idiot – but I know that the idea turns him on as much as it does me. He'll take my bait. I hope.

“Want a bet?”

“Yes,” I say, trying to keep my arousal out of my voice. “You haven't got the guts.”

Sirius's eyes seem to darken. “You've asked for it, Lily,” he says, his molten chocolate voice having an edge of something fiercer. Chocolate with chilli, maybe – Sirius is, after all, undeniably hot. He brushes past me, and pulls a book from my shelves. It is – perhaps appropriately – a hardback book on cocktails; long and thin. I have a different sort of cock in mind for tonight. It's long, but it's definitely not thin. “On your knees and beg me for forgiveness, or across my lap getting what you deserve.”

Part of me wants to say “Oh please, Sirius, both” but... I've begged before and I'll beg again. He's never spanked me, and oh God, I want him to. Plus, of course, I enjoy the role-play, pretending I don't want him.

“As if I'd get on my knees to you,” I defy him, ignoring all the occasions in the past when I have done just that.

“Take your knickers off and come over here.”

“And if I won't?”

“You will.”

He's right. I will. I slip my lacy knickers down my legs and walk over to him.

“Now what?” I ask.

Sirius ensconces himself on the sofa. “Now,” he drawls, “you put yourself over my lap, face down.”

I can hear my heart beat so loudly in my ears that I wonder if I'm about to faint. It seems I have enough left in me to obey Sirius's orders, however. When I'm lying across him, he pushes up my skirt so that it is ruched around my hips. I can feel his arousal; his cock pushes against my leg. I am desperate to slide down and slip his cock inside my mouth. I'm almost moaning aloud at the thought. Sirius puts one warm hand on my arse, and I wriggle closer in, putting more of my weight against his erection. Suddenly, however, the hand is removed and I feel a sharp swat as he slaps the book down against my buttocks.

I want him to do it again. God, I want him to do it again. It's as if I can feel every single nerve-ending in my arse, and they're all aflame. I want him to fan those flames.

“You're a very naughty little slut, Lily,” Sirius chastises as he brings the book down again, this time focusing on my left buttock alone, quickly following it with a spank on my right. I'll be anything he wants as long as he goes on doing what he's doing.

“Yes,” I murmur.

He slaps the book against me several times in quick succession, building up a rhythm. I am humping his lap. Rubbing my clit against the inside of his thighs. I'm going to come any second, and he's not even touched me skin to skin.

“You deserve this, don't you?” he says, trying to keep his voice conversational. Even in the state I'm in, though, I know he's not as cool as he's trying to pretend. He's hard as a rock – but a damn sight sexier.

“Yes, yes, oh God, please.” There is a point at which pleasure becomes so intense that it's almost agonising. I am just – this – far from coming, and he won't give me the satisfaction to bring me off. I'm almost crying. “Please, Sirius. Please.”

I feel his cock twitch beneath me, and it's almost enough to send me over the edge. Fuck, Sirius, why have you never done this to me before?

“You're so fucking eager,” he says huskily, swatting me again and again.

He slides one hand between my legs, his fingers warm against my clit. With his other hand clenched around the book, however, he still continues to punish me with heating blows against my arse. I can't take it any more, I can't I can't I - I don't fall over that cliff of orgasm so much as throw myself off and find myself flying. I'm screaming, I know – but it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, I don't care.

When I come down, I'm still lying across Sirius's lap, my heart pounding in my ears. There's a dampness on his trousers, and it's not just caused by me: he, too, has come. This is a first for us, sex fully clothed; I'm hoping it won't be the last.

Before I have time to pull myself together, he's shrugged me aside, and strolled to the door with nothing more than a “See you, Lily.”

Sometimes I hate him. It doesn't matter: it's all about the sex.
5th April 2010 03:00
Well damn.
Okay so I am not fond of Marauder fic, especially Marauder fic that doesn't have Snape, and yet this was BLOODY HOT.
Guh, I can so see this dynamic working, too. Sirius and Lily playing this sort of game is... mmmmf.
Nicely done! :)
5th April 2010 18:30
Yeow! I don't like Sirius, but I do have a big kink for spanking. Mmmm, this was a hot steamy read....yum! Just what I needed to fire up the muse!
6th April 2010 17:01
Oh wow. This was really good. Not a pairing that I usually like, but all your reasons not to read it listed up there in the header were far too tempting not to, you know, read it.

I loved it.

I particularly liked this bit: I think I love him. Think, but am not sure, because I am drunk on the fucking, on my passionate need of him.
10th April 2010 11:27
I just love the idea of this relationship between them sooooo much! You've cinvinced me!
16th April 2010 00:07
This will probably appeal to no one: it is purely pr0n with no plot.

This will probably appeal to loads of people: it is purely pr0n with no plot, and delightfully hot pr0n at that.

There, much better. XDXD
17th April 2010 15:52
Horrible genderisations? No, hon, this is just damn good Dom/sub fic, that's what it is. Don't sell yourself short!! I adore this pairing, and making it into one where Lily gets off on Sirius ordering her around and paddling her is just insanely hot. ♥ !
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