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29th March 2010 00:04
Title: three sketches titled Housekeeping, Can't Resist, and Afterglow

Inspired by: Clean and Filthy
Author: EntreNous ([info]entrenous88 )
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Costumes
Other Warnings: Cross-Dressing, nudity
Medium: ink, brush, paper
Summary/Description: On the run after HBP, Draco finds himself in a messy situation.
Artist's Notes: I tried on quite a few ideas for this birthday celebration. It was hard to choose! But [info]entrenous88 's October 2009 fic on the Costume theme was so memorable, I had to post these.


Can't Resist

29th March 2010 04:39
OH MY GOD! I love these!

I was just about to stumble off to bed -- really, I am mid-stumble -- and saw my name when I refreshed IJ.

I'm just thrilled beyond words you enjoyed the fic and found it memorable enough to create artwork for it. And these amazingly hot awesome images are just ajsdkflj;klasdjfkl;sjd;f!!!!!! The coyness of the first one, the heightened arousal and that loaded contact of the second, and the guh guh guh sexytiems gorgeousness of the third are amazing!

Hahaha, I am going to be up for hours now, staring at these and thinking of Snape/Draco erotic situations! Thank you, thank you, for your beautiful work!!!
29th March 2010 04:40
Also, I love what you did with Draco's RUFFLED PANTIES! The lines of ruffle are really well suggested in the sketch. And the tatters of Draco's costume in the last one, om nom nom!!!

29th March 2010 12:21
These are divine! Draco's costumes are so perfectly detailed, and the expression on his face in the first one is making me laugh.

I love your style, and I'm so glad you chose this fic. I adored it, and this is a delicious accompaniment.
29th March 2010 12:41
These are just delicious.
29th March 2010 15:07
OMG, those are so hot, and Draco's outfit is just delicious. Very well done!
29th March 2010 20:47
These are all fantastic, but for some reason I just love Draco's expression in the first one!
29th March 2010 21:39
Oh, yes. I really liked the imagery back when I read the fic, and I think you've captured it well. The second one is particularly delicious, but they all look great.
29th March 2010 22:32
Adorable -- esp the first *plays with frillies*
30th March 2010 01:25
Oh, these are great! So perfect for such a great fic. :)
30th March 2010 01:26
Just gorgeous! I love the layers of Draco's skirts. Declicious...
30th March 2010 08:26
Unf. Loved the fic, and love the art!

30th March 2010 09:10
These are perfect for the fic. Gorgeously done. :)
30th March 2010 13:39
Beautiful! I love the second one especially!
31st March 2010 12:59
:D I approve of the naughty. I love the ink, it works so well for the scenario!
3rd April 2010 18:04
GUH GUH GUH! That fic was SO hot and you've done a marvelous job. Those scenes are just delicious. Wonderful!
8th April 2010 18:38
I LOVE Draco's attitudey little face in the first one, and how cute they are in the third. Wonderful illustrations.
12th April 2010 03:22
oh! love these sketches. so perfect for the story and the little snippets of something clandestine and private.1
24th May 2010 21:53
I absolute loved it!
Crossdressing Draco and Snape in bed are just too hard to resist
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