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FIc: Taste, Too 
2nd March 2010 07:07
Title: Taste, Too.
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Based On/Inspired By: [info]akatnamedeaster's Just A Taste
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Bloodplay, knifeplay, 69, cutting, oral sex
Word Count: ~1,042
Summary/Description: Severus has always had a penchant for walking the edge, and so has Harry.
Author's Notes: Written for [info]daily_deviant's 4th Birthday! May you have the most kinky year. [info]akatnamedeaster, I simply adore your work; thank you for sharing with us. It was extremely hard choosing which of your gorgeous posts needed a story. I finally picked a Severus, although Black came in a swift second. Also, thank you to [info]angela_snape for the beta, any remaining mistakes you find are my own.

The flash of the blade in the candlelight stole the very breath from his lungs, and still, the sight of that short, smooth edge stirred something in Harry's chest and stomach. He wasn't certain if it was fear or respect of the tool, both of which were smart. He missed what Severus had said and pulled his gaze away from the blade just for a minute but his eyes were brought back to the flat surface of the blade, pointed tip and the garnet-inlaid hilt.

"You want to do what?" Harry breathed and continued to watch as Severus's long fingers turned the handle, showing off the glint in the light.

"Just a taste..." Severus murmured and brought the knife closer, ever so close to his face and Harry could have sworn that the metal moved, was alive when Severus swept his tongue over the back. "Won't hurt a bit."

Harry scoffed, but couldn't take his eyes away. He knew Severus's knives were sharp, so sharp that you could have sliced your finger clean off and not realized it until the digit had fallen away. The pain always showed up once you saw the blood, and it was his blood that he was seeing on the knife again like once before. The clean blade turned in the light, confusing and tempting him with the possibilities. The thought of Wormtail's cold blade as it had seared his skin all those years ago made him hesitate. But Severus wasn't Wormtail.

A scraping sound drew him out of the reverie, and Harry drew in a breath as the edge scraped over the whetstone. The water washed away the flecks of stone as Severus drew the blade over and over the surface. The buzz filled his ears, teasing and taunting him. He followed the shiny silver dripping with the water, and Severus licked the shaft of the knife again. As if Harry could resist that tongue...

"A sharp knife makes a clean cut..."

Harry arched a brow.

"Trust me."

Or disobey that siren's song of a voice...

"A-all right," Harry breathed and wrapped his hand around Severus's wrist. "But I don't want to be bound."

Severus nodded once and gently scratched the knife along the stubble of Harry's cheek.

Harry gasped and closed his eyes, listening to the sound while his body, his heart, and his cock tensed. He groaned when the blade left his face, and he gripped his fingers in Severus's robes when Severus’s thin lips bumped roughly against his own. Then the world was turning, and Harry was upended, stripped of his clothing and landed with a muffled thump on the bed. Severus crawled up beside him then lay back, drawing Harry's leg and arse over his chest and shoulder.

Rolling to take the weight off Severus, Harry stared down at his cock; horror and excitement rushed through him as he waited to feel the blade. He flinched as Severus brought it closer, running the flat side against his skin. The metal was warm, not at all like Wormtail's blade, and he arched into the satiny finish as Severus glided the handle over is skin, the rear bolster digging into his flesh. He jumped as the back of Severus's knuckles grazed his cock, and shuddered as he was instantly hard, despite or because of the close proximity.

Arching a brow, Severus smirked and reached up, resting his forearm over Harry's cock, his fingers twirlling the blade around. Turning his head, he licked Harry's thigh, the silky fine hairs tangling then standing up under the onslought of his tongue. He blew across the wet patch, casting a glance at Harry though his legs.

The unreadable emotions in Severus's black eyes mesmerized him just like the knife blade had done, and Harry shivered again. He watched as the shining silver came closer to his skin. His cock! Harry’s mind screamed but Severus's arm was rubbing his foreskin slowly up and down the length of his shaft, blocking the metal's surface from contact.

Concentrating on Severus's tongue swirling on his leg, Harry breathed deep, trying to calm himself when the tip of the knife dug into his skin. Even as he watched that point slide into his thigh, he could do nothing be feel. Severus had been right; there was no pain until the burn, the swiftness and the realization that he was cut and bleeding for Severus hit him all at once. He bit his lip trying not to move, arch into the scrape or cry out.

Severus drew the blade down Harry's skin, eyeing the dark red beads that appeared and formed a flowing trail down Harry's leg. He palmed the blade, arching up to savour the claret when the hot wetness of Harry's mouth surrounded his own cock. He moaned and closed his eyes, wicking away the crimson trail with just the tip of his tongue.

Harry forgot all about the blade as Severus's bumpy tongue glided over his skin. It was hot, hotter than the blood running down his thigh, and more searing than the pain that had just begun to throb. He felt the scalding wetness slide in between the folds of the cut and he gave into the sensations, bowing up to meet Severus's mouth, coming hard and fast.

Splashes of semen flicked across Harry's skin and Severus drew those in as well, mixing the two salty fluids on his tongue. Harry's mouth had gone lax around his cock, and Severus canted his hips, slowly pushing past the soft smoothness of Harry's lips until they tightened. Then Harry came alive again and sucked, hard, at the same time Severus moulded his mouth around the cut.

Harry siphoned his release out of him and Severus lay back, spent, but still in control enough to quietly sing-spell the slit flesh shut. Breathy pants cooled his prick and Severus waited but a moment before craning his neck to check on at Harry. His eyes were closed and his mouth hovered above Severus's cock, but the expression on his face betrayed his satisfaction. His lips began to curl, and Severus waited.

"I want to taste you, too."

Harry fingers closed around Severus's and the knife's bolster, squeezing then releasing to run his fingers along the spine.

And Severus smirked.
2nd March 2010 13:26
Nnnggh! Love Harry's nervousness (rightly so, all things considered) and the way you've described it--so erotic--I, like Harry, am completely won over. Excellent fic, perfect for the gorgeous art. Great job.
2nd March 2010 13:46
Thank you! Blood/knifeplay has to be done just a certain way for me to be won over, and I'm glad I was able to do the pic and the kink justice for you, as well.
2nd March 2010 14:19
ok, sharp cutting object play scares me, but this was well-written nonetheless!
2nd March 2010 15:31
Thanks for reading something out of your comfort zone, love.
2nd March 2010 17:50
Wow. Only you could manage such a sensual tale with knifeplay.
Beautifully written, darling. No wonder Harry was sunk. Hell, I would have been, too. *g*
3rd March 2010 22:58
*smishes* Thank you, darling! I'm glad you enjoyed this. I was a little afraid that it might have been not safe for Alis. *g*
2nd March 2010 18:33
Oh my! That was exciting, and hot, and erotic, and oh my!!!
3rd March 2010 22:59
Thanks, love!
2nd March 2010 19:29
He felt the scalding wetness slide in between the folds of the cut and he gave into the sensations, bowing up to meet Severus's mouth, coming hard and fast.

Oh, serious nom. I mean, ow, jesus, but awesome. I think now I need to read some bloodplay involving the ladies, too ;)
3rd March 2010 23:00
*g* Thank you! I might have to try a femme pairing with it next time.
2nd March 2010 20:22

That was unbelievably sensual and oh-so-hot. I loved Harry's nervousness.
3rd March 2010 23:01
Thank you!
3rd March 2010 02:44
Oh my, that was good! Bloodplay is not really my thing but I really like how you handled it here, very hot and very believable. Harry was who I had in mind when I doodled that, you read my mind!:)
Thank you so much for picking my pic to write for and thank you for the kind words. Although, all you do is encourage me to do more. ;)
3rd March 2010 23:04
YAY! Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it, and *tempts* by all means, please draw more of anything your heart and muse desires. I would love to see them and if you don't mind, write for other pics if it is all right with you.
11th March 2010 00:55
Its absolutely all right with me, in fact I'm extremely flattered that you'd want to, thank you.
4th March 2010 02:29
Very well done! I'm glad the story acknowledge Harry's frightening experiences with knives, and then detailed the ways in which this differed entirely. Suspenseful and hot.
7th March 2010 05:16
Thank you! Addressing the experiences and differences is the only way I could ever see Harry enjoying this kink.
10th March 2010 07:22
Blood play is one of my least favorite kinks, but after reading your story I can see how with the right partner someone could be seduced into trying it for themselves.
10th March 2010 16:09
Thank you for reading something beyond your comfort zone. I am glad you came out of it with an understanding.
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