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Kinky Kristmas Recs Collection Post 
31st December 2009 14:15
Those of you who've been reccing pieces from Kinky Kristmas throughout the month -- and thank you! -- this is the place to let us know. Just drop them in the comments to this post. If you could, please tell us the name of the piece(s) you've recced and give us a link to the journal post or other location where you've recced them. Public entries only please!

And yes, of course you can continue reccing even though posting has ended! ;)
1st January 2010 08:07
I recced two KK fics, on my LJ @ http://leni-jess.livejournal.com/204404.html and my IJ @ http://leni-jess.insanejournal.com/186496.html: On Merlin's Balls and Fleur-de-Lis (both written to prompts of mine, and both far more than I could have hoped for). Looking forward to the reveal!
1st January 2010 14:38
Ooh, I've got quite a few. *rummages*:

Carol of the Bells (Luna/centaur)
Can't Stop Myself (Charlie/Angelina, George)
Mystical Mistletoe (Ron/Hermione/Harry)
Neverending, (Ever Changing) (Fleur/Ginny/Angelina/Luna/Tonks)
All here: http://snegurochka-lee.livejournal.com/271219.html

Potter Shots (Draco/Al)
Working Late (Harry/Draco)
Both here: http://snegurochka-lee.livejournal.com/270885.html

Give Her What She Wants (Draco/Hermione)
What is Right (Harry/Scorpius)
Both here: http://snegurochka-lee.livejournal.com/268660.html
2nd January 2010 01:28
Wow, you are full of awesome! Thanks!
1st January 2010 14:46
Recced Most of what is good dies fast and Let Your Hair Down, Miss Kitty here. Recced Heal here.
1st January 2010 20:31
From [info]leelacat:

"Potter Shots"
"Neverending, (Ever Changing)"
here: http://leela-cat.insanejournal.com/83698.html

"Most of what is good dies fast"
here: http://leela-cat.insanejournal.com/79662.html

"Far Out"
"Leap of Faith"
"On Merlin's Balls"
here: http://leela-cat.insanejournal.com/78473.html
3rd January 2010 21:36
I also recced Fascination here: http://leela-cat.insanejournal.com/82027.html
1st January 2010 20:35
5th January 2010 02:04
Also from [info]eeyore9990:

"Once Upon a Time Turner"
"Let Your Hair Down, Miss Kitty"
"Christmas Wish"
"An Awkward Path Toward Grace"
here: http://eeyore9990.insanejournal.com/314635.html
1st January 2010 20:41
From [info]bewarethesmirk:

"A Galleon and a Good Time"
"Working Late"
"Never Be Too Careful"
"Leap of Faith"
"An Unwrapped Gift"
here: http://bewarethesmirk.livejournal.com/346970.html

"Oh Come All Ye Faithful"
"Magical Mistletoe"
here: http://bewarethesmirk.livejournal.com/346405.html
1st January 2010 20:46
From [info]ariadneelda:

"O My King"
"Carol of the Bells"
"Bad Elf"
here: http://ariadneelda.livejournal.com/105011.html

"Knock on My Door"
here: http://ariadneelda.livejournal.com/104857.html
2nd January 2010 01:19
I've also recced "Mystical Mistletoe", "Who's on First?" and "Let Your Hair Down, Miss Kitty" here: http://ariadneelda.livejournal.com/104480.html :)
2nd January 2010 01:28
Oh good! I thought there were more. Thanks!
1st January 2010 20:50
1st January 2010 23:01
I recced "Far Out" too right here: http://nehalenia.insanejournal.com/55561.html#cutid1
3rd January 2010 17:49
Awesome! I was just coming here to do this...THANKS DARLING!!
3rd January 2010 17:52
Hehe, you're welcome! I remembered seeing them, so I went ahead and stuck them here.
1st January 2010 21:55
From moi: I purposely didn't rec anything but my gifts because I knew who did what so that wasn't quite fair...

Neverending (Ever Changing): http://ragdoll.livejournal.com/1724393.html

Bad Elf: http://ragdoll.livejournal.com/1724846.html

Sirius Black & the Visitors: http://ragdoll.livejournal.com/1725940.html
1st January 2010 22:33
I recced "Idle Threat" here and "At Long Last" here and I plan to give Miss Kitty and Bill their due at some point, too.
1st January 2010 22:34
I have a gigundo recs posts I just put up on IJ and LJ
IJ: http://alisanne.insanejournal.com/963804.html
LJ: http://alisanne.livejournal.com/357316.html
2nd January 2010 01:31
Just for my own reference:

"Sirius Black and the Visitors"
"Far Out"
"It's Not Easy Being Green"
"That Damnable Cursed Mistletoe"
"Potter Shots"
"Most of what is good dies fast"
"Neverending, (Ever Changing)"
"Carol of the Bells"
"Mystical Mistletoe"
"Can't Stop Myself"

2nd January 2010 01:38
2nd January 2010 01:42
Rec for "Greeting the Moon"
2nd January 2010 05:45
lalalalalala I actaully recced some fic myself! Nearly skipped this post over on autopilot; I NEVER rec stuff. ><

A Cup of Christmas Cheer here
2nd January 2010 16:51
I recced "Far Out" and "Quid Pro Quo" here: http://belles-lettres1.insanejournal.com/433.html
2nd January 2010 22:31 - Bunch of recs from Who_La_hoop

Inappropriately Involved
An Awkward Path Towards Grace
Catch Me If You Can
Leap of Faith
2nd January 2010 22:46
From [info]themostepotente:

"The Pleasure to Be Found in Soul-Sucking, Joy-Destroying Bastards"
here: http://themostepotente.livejournal.com/245079.html

"Oh Come All Ye Faithful"
here: http://themostepotente.livejournal.com/243226.html

3rd January 2010 21:57
A couple more recs here. For "Christmas Wish" and "Can't Stop Myself".
4th January 2010 20:58
*delurks* So far I've recced Taking Advantage (Severus/Sirius), over at Snapedom, here: http://asylums.insanejournal.com/snapedom/255559.html
5th January 2010 05:38
"Carol of the Bells"
"Can't Stop Myself"
"Christmas Wish"
here: http://insaneformality.livejournal.com/30243.html

"Pinstripe Pet"
here: http://insaneformality.livejournal.com/29723.html
5th January 2010 06:14
5th January 2010 06:15
5th January 2010 19:35
I recced "Catch Me If You Can" and "Christmas for Sale" here: http://nehalenia.insanejournal.com/56400.html
5th January 2010 19:59
Can I talk you into unlocking the post for a couple of days so I can use it to send those in? :)
5th January 2010 20:11
5th January 2010 20:15
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