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Kinky Kristmas Art & Fic: Illumination (Severus/Harry) 
29th December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]alisanne
From: [info]venturous

Title: Illumination
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Media: pastel, PS
Word count: 940
Kinks/Themes Included: glove fetish, orgasm denial, D/s implied,
Other Warnings: blow job
Author/Artist's Notes: I loved the idea of the gloves, and enjoyed exploring it.
Art Preview:

A light too blue for wandlight spilled out from Severus' bedroom as Harry padded down the hall. What was he up to? Harry wondered, and paused at the threshold. Severus purred in his most arousing velvet voice: "Come in, Harry, please do come in."

The room was dark, no moon shone through the tall windows, no lamp or candle glowed. But the bluish light illuminated Snape's face, which floated eerily in the darkness. This ghostly visage, bearing its severe expression might have frightened Harry, once. But he trusted his lover, no doubt because of what they had done together in this very room. Things that required a great deal of trust, where Harry had surrendered himself into Severus' capable hands.

When he saw the source of the light, Harry got weak in the knees. Fitted white gloves, short, with just a few buttons, graced Severus' long-fingers, and they were charmed to glow! Harry grabbed the doorjamb for support since all his blood rushed to fill his cock. When he could breathe again, Harry whispered "how did you know?"

"Disrobe, now. Then come here." Snape said firmly, not smiling. Harry trembled as he complied.

A glowing hand summoned him. It was all he could see. He shivered, and ached to feel it's silken touch.

Harry had never shared his interest in gloves with Snape. But he had thrilled to white gloves since his earliest fantasies. He was ashamed of this when very young, because all he knew of them came from Vernon's cruel inspections of his room for dust, and Aunt Petunia wearing them to church. He risked stealing one of her gloves once, and enjoyed it until it was threadbare. Had Severus seen this in his memories? He felt a bolt of cold fear, that Snape would pillage his mind so.

"Harry, look at me." He hadn’t realized he had dropped his gaze, until That Voice summoned him, and he looked up into Severus' piercing eyes as the gloved hand touched his throat, his jaw, tilting his face up and drawing him in for a kiss.

Smooth gloved hands glided over Harry's thin frame as he dove into the wet and eager kiss. He wriggled himself onto Severus' lap, wrapping his legs around him and arching into the silken touch. He thrilled to the shimmer of light he swore he could feel on the inside as well as see, and sucked Severus' tongue into his mouth.

Snape put both hands onto Harry's shoulders and pushed him back, sliding out from under him and spreading him across the coverlet. Harry whined with need, squirming against the deep green satin, heels sliding as he tried to thrust his cock into empty air. "Please!" he moaned.

"Mmmmmm," Severus rumbled, and Harry could tell he was smiling from the sound. Bastard. Now disembodied hands tormented him, stroking, tickling, tracing the lines of his body, following the trail of hair from his navel, then skating around his leaking cock to stroke his long thighs. "Please, Severus! Oh touch me, please."

A glowing hand slid up his belly and pinched his left nipple. He thrashed, searching for Severus, for skin to make contact with. He was pinned with a kiss, which calmed him somewhat, and then felt the ghost of a touch on his thigh, pressure increasing slowly as Snape traced a line toward his groin. The silken hand brushed his bollocks, then cupped him, squeezing and pulling in one quick, harsh gesture that caused Harry to shout into Severus' mouth. He shuddered, then melted under his lover.

At last the glowing hand wrapped around his cock, so rigid that it hurt and thrilled at the same time. The silken glove wrapped around him, sliding up and down his shaft. He moaned in time with the rhythm of the stroking. Severus sat up and made a tight ring with his thumb and forefinger at the base of Harry's erection. He used his other brilliant white hand to touch the head, and taste the wetness on his gloved finger. Then Severus bowed his head, sweeping his black hair across Harry's quivering thighs, and drew the weeping cock into his mouth and sucked.

Harry wanted to explode. He heaved his hips skyward, though Severus pushed him down, still clamping the base of him to prevent his coming. Harry moaned and thrashed, and Severus sucked with great gusto, then paused for a breath. "Will you come for me, Harry?" he asked in his most alluring voice, and licked the purpling head. Incoherent moaning seemed a sufficient answer for Snape, and he released his grip then slid that hand up, pinching a nipple en route to Harry's face.

"I want to watch you come," he said, touching and illuminating Harry's flushed, impassioned face. Snape's other hand stroked his young lover firmly once, twice, three times and then Severus watched with fascination as Harry closed his eyes and opened his mouth, making long breathy sounds.

Soon Severus kissed Harry, softly, sweetly and caressed his damp hair. Eventually, Harry opened his eyes and Severus looked in wonder at the green fire within. He held Harry's face in both glowing hands and kissed him again, still gazing into his eyes. "Did you like that?" His dark eyes sparkled.

"I'm not sure, Severus. Can we try it again?" Harry smirked.

29th December 2009 17:26
Glove fetish FTW! Wonderful, hot fic-love the idea that Harry nicked one from Aunt Petunia! *giggles* I love the way you've lit the art, as if the glove really is glowing. Great job, hon!
8th January 2010 02:34
*glee* thank you, Tor! you're a peach!
**ducks flying fruit**
29th December 2009 18:59
Oh my, the writing is so flowing and intense, and there is some truly lovely imagery there. You set the scene and the tone right from the very beginning. I love the way you've described the light from the gloves and the way they seem disembodied to Harry in the dark and... just everything!

The art matches the tone of the writing beautifully -- the intensity and intimacy. The way you made the glove glow is wonderful -- like a light really is shining from the artwork! I love their hair -- Harry's with the highlights and Snape's so stringy. And Snape's nose is a thing of beauty, oh yes.

Fabulous job, really!
8th January 2010 02:35
**blushes** thank you so much!
29th December 2009 20:04
Wow, this is so sensual and gorgeous and luscious and HOT. Mmmmm.
THANK YOU, Mystery Author/Artist/All Around Awesome Person! *glee*
The glove kink is a new one for me, but with this kind of art and fic to inspire my muse, I bet I end up writing some myself soon. *g*
I LOVE that Harry's had a glove fetish for so long (Petunia served one good purpose in her life, I guess). And that Severus so readily knew what would turn Harry on... Guh!
As for the art... *fans self*
The glowing glove is PERFECT, it seem lit from within. And the tender way Severus is cupping Harry's jaw is just... *happy sigh* Even the tiny smirk on Harry's face is fabulous. And I agree with R_Grayjoy. Snape's nose truly is a thing of beauty.
Thank you, darling (oh, wait, I'm not supposed to know you, am I? Right.) I mean, Mystery Artist. This is a fabulous gift and I love it. ♥
8th January 2010 02:41
what? I didn't fool you? Damn, I shall try harder next time.
of course, I had no idea who YOU were... that's so strange.

What a cool kink. This prompt summoned up a memory of my grandmother's house and her dress gloves, wrapped in tissue in a special drawer... they were kind of sacred, like lingerie.

I am delighted that you enjoyed my little fantasy.
29th December 2009 20:09
Mm, very intense! You really conveyed the strength of Harry's fetish, and the art was a perfect complement.
8th January 2010 02:42
thank you! hands are sooo sexy...
29th December 2009 20:53
Ooo, gloves! Funny where fetishes come from--I liked the hint that this one might've somehow been tied to Vernon and Petunia. Snape was so damn good with that glove, and it glowed! Very hot, and the the way the glove lights up the art is fantastic!
8th January 2010 02:44
of course Severus was good with it! the man has magic hands...
(like your kitteh, there. *g*)
29th December 2009 23:08
Ungh! That was very hot! It warmed me up on a freezing day!
8th January 2010 02:48
my work here is done!
30th December 2009 04:58
Wow, so hot... lovely story and lovely illustration.
8th January 2010 02:49
thank you! this was great fun to make.
30th December 2009 10:07
Sensuous and luminous - both fic and art, and in every sense.
8th January 2010 02:49
thank you so much, I am honored!
30th December 2009 18:25
Mmmm... so hot and delicious, Mystery Artist. Keep this up and I could develop a glove fetish.
8th January 2010 02:45
I think I may have added this fetish to my repertoire.
31st December 2009 02:51
Oh, wow, that's fantastic! I love gloves! This was marvelously written, and the art is just gorgeous! Thank you for this treat, dear mystery artist!
8th January 2010 02:51
I'm thrilled to get such a nice comment, and from you, esteemed writer!
31st December 2009 09:45
Murr, that was hot! And there is something about Snape's eyes, they are incredibly intense!

\o/ Mystery author!
8th January 2010 02:46
thanks, mystery commenter!
2nd January 2010 12:15
Wow, lovely and well done. Awesome!
8th January 2010 02:52
thank you!
3rd January 2010 02:34
Lovely! I adore the "glowing" glove and how it illuminates their faces. Well done, mystery artist!
8th January 2010 02:58
thanks so much!
3rd January 2010 09:51
Yummy indeed :)
8th January 2010 02:59
glad you enjoyed it!
3rd January 2010 16:07
Oooh, delicious!
8th January 2010 03:00

love your icon, btw
6th January 2010 08:00
Oooh glove fetish! Both the fic and art are wonderful! (But because I'm twisted, I keep thinking of the Spinal Tap album Smell The Glove whenever I look at the art. Please don't hate me!)
8th January 2010 03:01
well, OK, I wont hate you. *snicker*
wizards having cleaning charms, you know.
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