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Kinky Kristmas Art: Can't Stop Myself (Angelina/Charlie, George) 
27th December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]florahart
From: [info]twilightsorcery

Title: Can't Stop Myself
Characters/Pairings: Angelina/Charlie, George (George/Angelina implied)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Adultery, semi-public sex, tattoos,
oral, wanking, and zelophilia
Other Warnings: Aaaangst. George is conflicted.
Artist's Notes: This was a *fantastic* prompt. I hope the art
lives up to your expectations!
All characters depicted are over the age of 18.
Art Preview:

27th December 2009 17:50
This. Is. Amazing. I love it, mystery artist!
27th December 2009 18:14
love the freckles, the xmas lisghts, and Angelina looks like a goddess. beautiful!
27th December 2009 19:18
Just gorgeous. The colours, Charlie's tats, their body language.
27th December 2009 19:31
Lovely. I especially like Angelina's posture!
27th December 2009 20:37
Um, yes. Yes, it lives up.

I love George's expression, and Angelina's, and the light on both ofthem, and Charlie's shoulder, and akfkjahlfkjahsdf.
27th December 2009 21:23
Okay, that is like the best premise ever, AND the best execution. The infidelity has so much WIN, and nnnnnrg, Angelina, you lucky, lucky thing, you. And I love that it's oral that Charlie's doing, just, alskjdf, and the jealousy and listening in, and Charlie's tat is awesome. ♥ !!!
27th December 2009 21:33
Mmmm, really fabulous and deliciously hot! You always do the prettiest art. *happy sigh*
27th December 2009 23:48
OMG, that is amazing! I love the colors and the way you've drawn the bodies.
28th December 2009 01:13

I just love that George needs both hands to wank.... ohhhhhhhhhh yeah...

Charlie = *thud*
Angelina - you lucky woman
28th December 2009 01:58
Apart from it being just gorgeous, I also love the details - like Charlie's tattoo - and George's "non-ear"! I've been staring at it for a while and it took me a while to notice that XD

Angelina's body is perfect, and I adore her hair. And Charlie is just... guh.

Just... wow.
28th December 2009 02:26
28th December 2009 04:32
But, George, there is an easy solution to your angst: sandwich :D

Great job not-so-mystery artist! That is seriously hot!
28th December 2009 05:01
Oh-- Just Wow-- I keep sitting here shaking my head because there really just is no comment good enough to put here.

God, how I love this.
28th December 2009 05:27
Fantastic. Angelina is gorgeous. Love the expression on George's face--sad and conflicted and turned on and you capture all of that. Very nice work.
28th December 2009 06:19
Fantastic! I love how Charlie's looking up at her!! Lucky girl!
28th December 2009 11:37
Absolutely gorgeous!! I love the scene you've created here, amazing art. :)
28th December 2009 14:11
OMG Wow! So gorgeous and hot and angsty. Angelina is so beautiful, head thrown back like that. And poor George! Anguished and aroused-nnnggh! Love that Charlie's going down on her. Great job.
28th December 2009 16:10
This is fabulous, Mystery Artist! Angelina is gorgeous. I love her hair, her expression, and her fingers touching Charlie's head. George -- guh! He looks so caught up in this, and both hands gripping his cock! ::dies:: The breeze blowing the curtains is a great touch; you've made the curtains appear very light and diaphanous. My favorite thing, though, might be the lighting -- especially the green holiday lights reflecting on George's skin. So, so awesome.
28th December 2009 17:30
Eee, I love this! The whole theme of infidelity, with George wanking to Charlie and Angelina, is so hot, guh! And OMG, how gorgeous is Angelina?? I can hardly tear my eyes away from her breast. I love how both she and Charlie seem to be so lost in each other. George should stop being conflicted and just join them. ;)
28th December 2009 19:32
Oh. ouch

Is it bad that I see this as AFTER marriage? (You don't get much sight of either character's ring-finger...)
29th December 2009 23:04
Very hot and sexy and lots of freckles, and my heart breaks for George because who could compete with Charlie as a brother. Also, Angelina is gorgeous!
31st December 2009 03:11
OMG! So amazing! Oh, mystery artist, you know my kinks, bb! I swear this could have been drawn for me! Eeee! Cuckholding! FOR THE MF WIN!!! Your art, as always, is just gorgeous. I just can't stop looking, lol. I want to lick every single one of them. BEAUTIFUL!
1st January 2010 21:20
That is *lovely*
2nd January 2010 14:56
Mystery Artist you rock! This is beautiful, the details! I love the moon light and the tats on Charlie!
3rd January 2010 19:52
rawr! just gorgeous!
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