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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Inappropriately Involved 
25th December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]mindabbles
From: A Wicked Watcher: [info]midnight_birth

Title: Inappropriately Involved
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes/Warnings: Explicit sexual situations: frotting, rimming, voyeurism, wanking, oral. Slight angst.
Word Count: 3,840
Summary: Harry can’t help but notice the passionate interest his new intern-Auror exhibits towards him. When he resists he finds that Scorpius can be very persuasive, and things get more complicated when Scorpius wants more than Harry can offer.
Prompt: "He would not stay for me, and who can wonder? He would not stay for me to stand and gaze. I shook his hand and tore my heart in sunder. And went with half my life about my ways." ~~ A.E. Housman.


Harry notices almost right away. He’s always had the eye for details, and he’s not one of the Ministry’s best Aurors for nothing. He considers the goings-on in his department his responsibility, even when they’re not strictly professional.

He’s almost immediately apprehensive when Scorpius’s form ends up on his desk. He does the usual – background check, school years, recommendations, and O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. marks. Of course, Minerva McGonagall’s and his own children’s stellar recommendations is not something he can overlook. He knows he has to be impartial, but even if he wanted not to be, there is not a single flaw in Scorpius’s application. In the end, he has no choice but to approve. He can admit to himself that letting go of prejudices isn’t easy, but he looks at Albus and James and they’re proof enough that not all sons grow up like their fathers. Albus is Harry’s copy, James couldn’t be more different. There is nothing in Scorpius’s polite, quiet manner and passionate want to execute justice and peace that reminds Harry of Draco, so he tries to get over it.

The boy follows him, stares. The first time Harry catches Scorpius hanging out at his usual after-work coffee shop a coincidence, but he knows it’s not the second or the third. He’s used to overzealous fascination from interns and most people, really, but Scorpius doesn’t watch from a safe distance. He turns up with Albus at the house, comes in early at work, and takes breaks at the same places Harry does, and approaches every time.

At first, Harry assumes it’s the usual “Saviour” fascination, but Scorpius never asks to hear stories of the war or Harry’s youth. He never brings up Draco, either. Naturally, Harry moves on to the assumption that he may have another Percy on his hands – a young man overly passionate about his career choice. At first, that’s all Scorpius talks about. He catches up with Harry to ask about training, their assignments and lessons. He seems adamant to learn as much as he can outside of the classroom as well, but Harry soon figures out that Auror training is a ploy to keep Harry talking and thus keep him around. Scorpius slowly starts introducing topics that are not work related as time passes, and soon phases work-talk completely out of their interaction.

Harry watches Scorpius carefully. He can’t deny that he enjoys spending time and talking to the younger man, but he gets an uncomfortable feeling of it somehow being wrong. Scorpius was a great friend of Albus’s during their years at Hogwarts, so he’s no stranger to Harry, but they’ve never even really spoken beyond civilities and small talk, not even when Scorpius spent the night. Harry guesses perhaps Scorpius is just lonely, seeking companionship and leadership in him that he’s perhaps not finding at home. Draco is on the front cover of most business newspapers, and Harry knows he travels a lot, so he assumes that Scorpius doesn’t have a lot of one-on-ones with his father. Harry is an authority figure, after all, so he can see how he can easily replace a father-figure in Scorpius’s eyes.

It’s with Kingsley’s gentle and subtle intervention that Harry becomes aware that he spends perhaps a little too much time with Scorpius. Scorpius is an incredible Auror, and Kingsley hints on the fact that it seems that he will rise quickly in the department and will have honours to call his own as soon as he becomes a full-fledged Auror. His achievements may become tainted, Harry realizes, if along with receiving all the recognition, he appears to be great friends with the head of the Auror department, even if he does deserve them on his own merit.

It’s after the first year of training, when the interns have a month-long holiday after their exams, that Harry really has to deal with the issue for the first time. There is a small celebration within the department for interns and their families. The Malfoys are nowhere to be seen, though Scorpius casually notes that Draco had sent regards from Russia and has taken the time to write a long letter that he and Astoria are very proud of him, and extend their sincerest apologies for not being able to attend.

“But it’s not like it’s graduation or anything. There are two years more of training.” Scorpius shrugs and Harry rolls his eyes.

“You’re doing great,” Harry says, and pats the blond on the back reassuringly. Scorpius smirks, though his smirk is softer than Draco’s and has more smile in it.

“You must be happy to be rid of us for two weeks,” Scorpius says, obviously eager to change the subject.

Harry chuckles. “Teaching you is the relaxing part of my work. I may take some field assignments. I think all this desk-work is making me rusty. I have no scars to show for my work for the first time in years. We have a surprising amount of aspiring Aurors this year.”

Harry suddenly wants to wrap himself up in something as Scorpius’s eyes glide over his body at the mention of “scars”, though never landing on her forehead. He feels naked, as if with one sweeping glance Scorpius has managed to undress him. He knows it’s silly, of course, but can’t help it. Scorpius’s grey eyes are piercing, and for one uninhibited moment Harry thinks he catches something in Scorpius’s eyes that triggers his brain to whisper warningly in his ear that one does not look at a father-figure that way.

“Would you like to get together for a pint sometime in the month?” Scorpius asks. The question is easy and non-committal and Harry almost envies Scorpius the ease with which he can communicate with those around him, even on matters many others would find awkward.

Harry sighs and then motions for Scorpius to follow him towards the fireplace. It’s less crowded and Harry finds it the best place to speak to Scorpius – away from prying ears but still in view of all the rest present, alleviating any suspicion that may arise of Harry leading Scorpius away alone. He knows he’s probably being a little too paranoid, but he trusts Kingsley’s judgement and knows well enough that his relationship with Scorpius was blurring some lines within the chain of command at a workplace.

“I’m sorry, Scorpius, I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to see each other outside of work.” The moment it comes out Harry knows it sounds ridiculous.

Scorpius seems to share the notion, because his eyebrows shoot up in mock shock as he stares up into Harry’s eyes. “You’ve made such a big deal of getting me alone to tell me you don’t want to share some Butterbeer?” he asks.

Harry can’t help but laugh. It’s another thing he likes about Scorpius. He may be blurring the lines, but Scorpius seems to be able to maintain an appropriate equilibrium in their boss-employee teacher-student relationship. He manages to be his friend and his inferior.

Harry shakes his head. “I’m sorry, Scorpius. It just doesn’t look good. You’re going to be an incredible Auror, but I am concerned that anything friendlier than a strict working relationship wouldn’t do you any good.” Scorpius frowns and narrows his eyes. “I’m very flattered by your attention, and I’d be glad to be your mentor, but –”

“You’re afraid someone’s going to think we’re inappropriately involved?”

Harry recoils. Looking up into Scorpius’s eyes he can see there is no jest there. He stops himself before responding rashly. He has considered that perhaps, however unlikely it may be, Scorpius harbours feelings for him that go beyond appropriate or desirable, but he’s repeatedly pushed that to the back of his mind as something too improbable and downright ridiculous. Scorpius wants a father-figure, and that’s what Harry wants to, has to, believe.

“Some may say that our interaction could be considered a little... inappropriate, yes,” Harry replies, being very careful with his words. “It could be construed as favouritism, Scorpius. You’re great friends with my children, but I am a lot older than you are, and I am your boss. For the next two years I am also your teacher. You will be coming out in the field come next year, and I will be responsible for your lives when you’re with me.” He smiles and places his hand on Scorpius’s shoulder. The boy is stiff as a stick beneath his touch. “It would be better if the two of us had a more clear-cut professional relationship for now, Scorpius.”

Harry doesn’t quite understand Scorpius’s expression. There is wounded pride there, and hurt, but Harry can almost swear there is a tiny hint of amusement. Scorpius’s eyes are cold but sparkling the way Harry had seen Sirius’s do when he talked of all the trouble the Marauders got into in their school days with pride. It makes Harry nervous.

The silence is broken by Albus striding up to them and throwing a hand around Scorpius’s shoulder. “Well, you did it, mate! Time for some Firewhiskey. We’re celebrating the end of my first year as a Healer apprentice at Dad’s tonight. You’re coming to that, right?”

Harry does his best to hold back a groan as Scorpius studies his face with a small smile. His decision to keep his distance from Scorpius is made much tougher by the fact that the young man is his youngest son’s good friend. He can’t, in clear conscience, tell Scorpius not to come in front of Albus, of course, especially now that the invitation has been extended. “You’re more than welcome to join us, Scorpius,” he says tightly with the most convincing smile he can pull off.

Uncharacteristically, Scorpius grins. “It’s kind of you to invite me, Albus, Mr Potter.” He bows slightly in Harry’s direction, something he has never done. “I would love to come.”

Harry watches, his eyes narrowed, as Albus drags Scorpius off towards the table with the liquor. Just for a split second Scorpius glances back, and Harry catches a glimpse of that amusement again. It’s almost menacing. He shakes his head. He feels that as a supervisor and a boss, he’s done the right thing. He’s cleared the air and made his feelings and intentions known, and what he wants is to forget about the whole thing, finish all the loose paperwork and grab a couple of cases in the upcoming month, and then continue doing what he so enjoys – teaching his interns how to help and protect others.

Somehow, that one second-long glance from Scorpius makes him feel in his gut that things can never be that easy.


Harry leans back against his pillows and closes his eyes. It’s the fourth time this month, and he knows Albus, as easily manipulated as he can be, is not responsible.

When Harry and Ginny separated, Albus had made a decision to stay at his father’s house close to the Ministry until he felt confident moving out on his own. Back then, Harry felt delighted. Now, he feels it’s a curse. It is the fourth time in the month that his interns have their holiday that Scorpius visits and stays late, leaving an oblivious and more than happy to oblige Albus no choice but to insist Scorpius spend the night.

Harry has no doubt of it now. Scorpius is pursuing him, and the pursuit only seems to intensify with every subtle but firm rejection that Harry tries to send out. His father-figure hypothesis doesn’t hold up anymore, though he still finds himself trying to catalogue Scorpius’s behaviour under that reason sometimes.

As always, Scorpius seems perfectly polite and civil, but it’s the small things Harry knows anyone would say he’s reading too much into, but something in him knows. The accidental run-ins in the middle of the night while going to the loo, the innocent brushes of bare chests when Scorpius makes little attempt to move out of Harry’s way during those bump-ins. Harry feels like putting on a snow-suit, because whenever those grey eyes land on his body he has a moment of paranoia when he has to look down and make sure he’s actually dressed.

He runs his hands through his hair. He knows the real reason he’s this irritated is not because Scorpius is pursuing him, but because Harry can’t explain his own reactions to Scorpius’s advances. He’s been attracted to men before, but never anyone so much younger, or a classmate of his son, or a Malfoy. He doesn’t fancy Scorpius, but his body responds more than readily. He knows it’s wrong and impossible, but even blaming it on the fact that he hasn’t had sex in a few months and it’s flattering to be pursued by a younger handsome man doesn’t make him feel justified in his reaction. He knows the only way to fight it is to get away from Scorpius, but Scorpius knows that too and does not allow it. Scorpius is playing, Harry realizes, and the game is so subtle Harry can’t even call him on it.

He sighs again and glances down at his erection. Running into Scorpius in the hallway, the young man stepping aside respectfully, but not before making sure Harry’s nipples brush against Scorpius’s chest, make Harry more aroused than he ever imagined he could get from such a slight touch. Grudgingly, he frees his cock from his pants and begins stroking it slowly, closing his eyes and throwing his head back.

The image of Scorpius does not leave his mind. It’s one of the very rare circumstances under which Harry doesn’t fight it but embraces it. Scorpius is an extremely sexy man, and Harry knows there is no shame in admiring the younger man's strong build, big hands, broad shoulders, shoulder-length blond hair and those piercing grey eyes, of course. He knows that if he met Scorpius in a pub somewhere without prior knowledge of who he was, he wouldn’t hesitate to try and have sex with him.

He moans quietly as he brushes his thumb over the head lightly, imagining Scorpius spread out before him. Suddenly, he freezes, his body tensing and his grip not loosening. It’s almost nothing, but Harry hears. He hears the creak on the floor and a quiet sigh that could easily be the wind, but Harry knows it’s not.

Ha glances over at his wand on the bed stand and knows what he should do. Something inside him hesitates, and in that momentary hesitation he loses the battle against his logic and common sense. Closing his eyes he begins stroking again, deliberately slowly. He moans quietly, biting his lip as he goes slower than he ever does, prolonging the pleasure, building up to the orgasm at a painfully slow pace.

The sounds in the room aren’t as quiet anymore. Harry doesn’t know whether Scorpius is that bad or he is just that good, but he can hear every breath, each heavier than the last. He doesn’t know why being watched excites him so much, or why he’s not appalled by such complete disregard for his privacy, but as his orgasm nears, he can’t bring himself to care.

Secretly, he hopes this will be the end of it. That whatever Scorpius is looking to get from Harry, he realizes this is all he can ever get. There is no need for an awkward conversation because Harry sees no need to ever let Scorpius know he was at any point aware of his presence. Harry knows that he still doesn’t get anything out of it, but he’s used to sacrifices and choosing the right over the easy.

He startles when a cold hand lands on his and stills it as he’s almost on the verge of orgasm. His eyes snap open only to see Scorpius hovering above his bed, his eyes shining with hunger and lust and need. It only takes a second for Harry to assert the whole situation and to see his own Invisibility Cloak on the floor by the bed and Scorpius’s hand grasping his own erection. Scorpius is naked.

“Scorpius... What –”

The words come out in a half-gasp half-moan, but Scorpius silences him with his hand.

“Please, not now. Don’t. Just... Please.” Scorpius’s voice is assertive and desperate. “Tonight just let it. Just let it, Harry, please, this once.”

Harry will not later remember how they went from Scorpius standing beside his bed grasping his hand to Scorpius on top of him, kissing him with bruising kisses. Their erections and chests press together and Harry instinctively throws his arms around the pale body on top of him, pulls him close, knowing it’s not close enough. He doesn’t let himself think anymore. He knows of the dire price he will have to pay for that decision, but with Scorpius that close, biting at his neck, rubbing against him, he can’t bring himself to care.

Harry wants to keep Scorpius’s taste in his mouth, but Scorpius moves down, kissing and nipping along Harry’s collarbone and flicking his tongue over each nipple in turn before sucking in one, biting lightly to elicit a loud moan from Harry. Harry screams out again when Scorpius moves on to the other one, and somewhere at the back of his mind common sense wakes up for long enough to make Harry fumble for his wand and mutter Silencing and Sealing charms through gasps. He does not want Albus walking in on this.

He fists the blankets when Scorpius’s hot mouth is on his stomach and moving lower. He’s forgotten what it feels like to have his cock deep inside a mouth and almost comes when Scorpius kisses the head hard and then slowly takes Harry’s cock in its full length, sliding his lips up and down, his other hand playing with Harry’s balls.

“Not going to be able to last much longer,” Harry breathes out and Scorpius stops sharply.

“Not done with you yet,” Scorpius murmurs.

“Sorry.” Harry chuckles. “Been a while and I’m not exactly nineteen.”

Scorpius strokes the inside of Harry’s thighs gently and then spreads them and throws Harry’s legs easily over his own shoulders, lifting his arse off the bed. Harry whimpers. Ginny had never done that for him, not that he expected her to, and not many flings since her have, either.

“Touch yourself,” Scorpius purrs as he kisses both of Harry’s ass-cheeks before spreading them gently.

Harry complies, wrapping his hand around his cock and staring up the pace again. Scorpius does the same to himself as he kisses Harry’s opening and then licks at it slowly, wanting to feel every inch of the heat with his tongue. When Scorpius plunges his tongue in as deep as he can and then starts thrusting, imitating the pace of Harry’s hand, Harry thinks he blanks out. His whole body becomes one pulse of pleasure, and he can barely differentiate between his cock and his ass.

His orgasm comes unexpectedly. His upper body shoots up and then falls back on the pillow as he feels Scorpius’s unrelenting tongue in his arse and his own hot come on his stomach. Faintly, he hears Scorpius pant and convulse before collapsing, gasping, his head still in between Harry’s legs.

They lie in silence for what feels like forever, trembling and gasping, twitching from time to time from the aftershocks that just keep coming. It’s when Harry finally catches his breath that the fog slowly starts to lift and he can’t help but allow himself to think about what’s happened.

“Scorpius...” he says quietly, reaching out and placing his hand on Scorpius’s head, entangling his fingers in the tangled locks.

Don’t.” Scorpius’s voice is surprisingly sharp and Harry jumps at the way it rips through the room and disintegrates all the confusion. Scorpius is off the bed in one graceful move, waving the wand at Harry, himself, the wards on the room.

“We’re going to have to talk about it, Scorpius,” Harry says when Scorpius grabs the cloak off the ground and heads for the door. His authority is back, and Scorpius stops, his shoulders drooping.

“I know what you’re about to say,” he replies quietly. “Can’t happen, right? Didn’t happen?”

Harry closes his eyes. The dire price is now and he knows he deserves it. Scorpius does not.

“What happened happened and I’m not intending on denying it. But I’m older, Scorpius, and I have a long-standing relationship with your father I have no doubt he filled you in on. If word of this gets out both our careers can suffer, and we both know yours more than mine. What I let happen here tonight was unfair.”

Scorpius whips around. “Unfair?”

“You didn’t intend for this to be a one-time thing, did you?” Harry asks sharply. “That was never what you wanted. Or is this it? Can you tell me with confidence that now you’re satisfied and we can both go back to our lives like nothing happened?”

Scorpius looks down. Harry sighs and grabs his pants, putting them on awkwardly and coming to stand beside Scorpius. His legs are weak but he wills them to hold him up for this.

“I’m sorry, Scorpius. I don’t fancy you. I think you’re a handsome and wonderful bloke and I wanted you, still do, but I’m not going to lie to you and say I can get into a relationship with you, or that this wasn’t a huge mistake.”

“I am your student and an intern and it’s inappropriate,” Scorpius says in a robotic tone, seemingly glossing over the part where Harry said he doesn’t fancy him.

“Scorpius...” Harry reaches out but Scorpius shrinks back.

Then, suddenly, he straightens up and looks Harry square in the eyes with his signature smirk. “It’s fair enough, Mr Potter,” he says, his voice clear. Harry is almost afraid at the complete turn of his attitude. “This was my fault, my instigation, and I apologize. It’s not the right time and I hope we can work past this and move on with our lives.”

Scorpius extends a hand and Harry takes it unsurely. It seems a strange gesture between the two of them after what has just happened between them.

“I’m sorry I can’t offer you what you want, Scorpius. I really am.”

Scorpius nods and turns to go. Momentarily, when Harry catches his eyes, there is a look of that same familiar amusement in Scorpius’s eyes. When he shuts the door behind him, Harry sinks onto the bed and puts his head in his hands. He can’t be certain, but he would swear he heard Scorpius murmur, “Malfoys don’t give up that easily, Harry,” before the door shut.

He decides to go about his life as if nothing happened. Try to push it to the back of his mind and be the best Auror and mentor to Scorpius he can be. But, of course, he already knows, the proof is too fresh for him to forget, that things can never be that easy.
25th December 2009 19:19
guh that was hot, I love this dynamic, very well written!
14th January 2010 09:13
Thank you! :)
25th December 2009 19:34
Guh, that bit with the invisibility cloak and Harry knowing and pretending not to know... Guh.
14th January 2010 09:14
Thank you! :) Glad you enjoyed!
25th December 2009 20:33
Why do I think that Harry's already lost? *g*

That voyeur scene, in Harry's bedroom, is just... mmmm...
14th January 2010 09:59
I think so too. ;)

Thanks so much!
26th December 2009 01:00
sexy and wonderful!
14th January 2010 09:58
Thanks so much! :)
26th December 2009 14:22
Scorpius is good, I'll give him that-I wonder whether Harry can hold out? ;) Loved Harry continuing even when he knew Scorpius was there. GUH! Great job.
14th January 2010 09:59
Thanks so much! :) Glad you liked.
26th December 2009 22:02
I enjoyed that! Scorpius is just this side of slightly creepy, but still sexy. I loved the line about Harry going for him for sure if he'd been someone he'd met in a club. Nnnnnrg. :)
14th January 2010 10:00
Thanks so much! :) He is a bit creepy. xD
27th December 2009 06:46
Mmmf. Very hot. And yes, I suspect Harry's already sunk. *g*
14th January 2010 09:58
Thank you! :)
27th December 2009 16:31
Scorpius is such a scheming little bastard; love his patience and planning. Harry's moment of weakness is just guh. And he's so screwed already (no pun intended...) whether he wants to admit it to himself or not!
14th January 2010 10:00
Thanks so much! :) Glad you enjoyed it!
28th December 2009 04:35
Harry is totally going to lose this one (and I don't think he'll mind over much...). This was yummy!
14th January 2010 10:01
Hehe. I concur! :) Thank you!!
28th December 2009 05:36
Oh my, THANK YOU! heh, this Scorpius is such a...well, Harry doesn't stand a chance, does he? This line made me laugh and totally summed up this Scorpius for me: “You’ve made such a big deal of getting me alone to tell me you don’t want to share some Butterbeer?” he asks. Seemingly innocent, but completely engineering the scene! Harry had no choice really, and I have a feeling Scorpius is far from finished with him. :) Thank you! This was fabulous.
14th January 2010 10:03
Hee!! Thanks so much! I'm just thrilled to hear you liked it.
28th December 2009 10:54
Harry is definitely in over his head! Flailing as he goes down, but going down never the less.
14th January 2010 10:03
Thanks so much! :)
28th December 2009 12:34
Fabulous and so hot!!! I loved your Scorpius, so subtle in his scheming and seduction. Harry wouldn't be able to resist, it was just a matter of time. *g*
14th January 2010 10:08
Thank you so much! :)
31st December 2009 17:41
Oh my God, so damn hot and I am in love with your "not everything is roses" ending and the bit of smirky Scorpius that I just KNOW is going to turn everything on its head. So incredible. LOVE THIS!
14th January 2010 10:16
Thank you! :) The quote is about unrequited love, so I thought that the most accurate way to incorporate it. Glad you enjoyed!
1st January 2010 21:47
This is great - you pack a lot of meaning and subtlety into such a short fic. Although the sex is hot, I found it interestingly ominous - there's a real sense of menace throughout, and I thought Scorpius rather creepy and single-minded. I can just tell that he'll manipulate Harry again, even though Harry's not keen on it. *delicious shiver*
14th January 2010 10:16
Thank you! :) Very glad you liked!
2nd January 2010 23:31
Oooh, this is brilliant ... I love how conflicted Harry is and how determined Scorpius is!
14th January 2010 09:50
Thank you! :)
6th January 2010 07:52
Very very nice -- Scorpius is a true Malfoy and a true Slytherin. Poor Harry will never be rid of him!
14th January 2010 09:15
Thank you! :) I think so too, Harry's in it for a long run. xD
9th January 2010 04:18
asdflahksfasf WOW! This was fucking fantastic. Loved every witty, snarky, sexy moment of it. Your Harry was PERFECT and his rejection of Scorpius just makes me want him to get more of it, because hot damn, that was good. *_*
14th January 2010 09:14
Thank you for the fantastic feedback! :) I'm really glad you liked it!
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