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Kinky Kristmas Art: Carol of the Bells (Luna/Centaur) 
24th December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]pre_raphaelite1
From: [info]ericahpfa

Title: Carol of the Bells
Characters/Pairings: Luna Lovegood/Sadly un-named Centaur.
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: Magical being. I also attempted it to be slightly voyeuristic. Ish.
Other Warnings: NWS
Artist's Notes: I am so thankful to the mods for allowing me to join in this year - and so very late as well! As for the picture, I like to think of it as Luna "requesting" her partner to wear the bells for the little ones. And really - a naked request can somehow be much more effective. OH! And I am sure that the fur on her cape is faux, I cannot imagine Luna wearing the real thing. And Happy Holidays all!
Art Preview:

24th December 2009 17:08
SO hot. Damn, I was iirially thinking Luna might be cold, but I'm guessing not, especially with his leg sliding between her thighs like that... *faints from hotness*
24th December 2009 17:22
OMFG, that's just... wow. So beautiful. I wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked lol, but this is just... mind-blowingly gorgeous. You are so awesome, mystery-artist.
24th December 2009 17:37
WOW! Love the kiss, love the nipple ring, love the leg between her thighs. GUH! Damn, that's really hot. Great job.
24th December 2009 17:50
Oh wow, that's amazingly hot. And Luna looks so very happy. I can understand why the centaur would do anything she asked.
24th December 2009 18:52
Oh, this is incredibly hot ♥
24th December 2009 18:57
ooo, such a lovely centaur! no wonder Luna looks so warm! Beautiful job!!!
24th December 2009 19:03
This is so entrancing, and if I'd choose anyone to be with a centaur, it'd be Luna. Just beautiful!
24th December 2009 20:02
WOW! Oh, "mystery" artist, this. Is. Amazing. The Centaur is insanely hot and Luna is absolutely gorgeous. jldjfjkfhdkfhf!!! :) *stares and stares*
24th December 2009 20:21
Oh my! That's beautiful, and hot, and er... *stares happily*

Love the centaur's hair, so sleek and free, and the little beard, and they're happy, yes!
24th December 2009 20:32
OMG! Fantastic work, they look almost blissed out.
24th December 2009 20:58
fabulously hot - wow. mmmm.
24th December 2009 21:00
*flails* Good gravy, that's hot! I love the expression on her face, and the way his leg is inching up between hers...
24th December 2009 21:29
OMG, that's so hot!!!!!! It's mesmerizing, that leg between her thighs... *dies* So gorgeous! ♥
24th December 2009 22:28
I think I probably squeed and flailed at you a bit when you originally submitted this, but I'm so going to do it some more. Abjfuifs, I love this. So gorgeous, seriously. Just beautiful and passionate and... the almost-kiss looks so intense. I feel like I'm watching them, but they don't care. They probably don't even realize I'm there, they're so caught up in each other. He is hot, and she's lovely, and... ::squee melt::
25th December 2009 01:03
æjfælasdfg!!! OH. MY!!! That is just SO HOT! Guh.... *drools on keyboard* Luna's post and breasts and the nudity under the cloak... Fuck. It's gorgeous. And the way the centaur's leg slides between her thighs and that kiss looks soooooo intense *squirms* He's such a handsome one as well... and the nipple piercing! Ack! *dies a bit of hot*
25th December 2009 05:41
This is beautiful! I really love the detail in it.
25th December 2009 05:52
This is gorgeous! Luna is so beautiful, so his he. Just fabulous!
25th December 2009 06:33
Just spent a full minute making long, incoherent vowel sounds at the incredible, incredible beauty.


They're sooooo preeeeetty.

*flails incoherently*
25th December 2009 06:46
Oh. WOW. Just... for me? *stares some more* I keep scrolling back up because I can't see the image and my comment box at the same time and I don't know where to start and so I scroll back and just get so, so lost in how wonderful it is, not-so-mystery artist!

That kiss. So intense and passionate the way you've captured it with their parted lips and closed eyes. Her hand in the bells and yes, oh yes, that leg between her thighs. Guh. And nipple piercing? Talk about hitting one of my kinks full on- to say nothing of the centuar himself. :P

I've always loved the elegant lines of your art and this is definitely no exception. The sweeping curls of her hair, the windblown strands of his, the wonderful muscle definition, the curving cloak, all wrapped in by the trees. Compositionally amazing.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Happy Christmas! *loves!*
25th December 2009 06:57
Good lord that's hot! I love the intensity of the kiss, his legs sliding between Luna's thighs and how sexy they both look (gah, that piercing!). If centaurs look like that then no wonder the students were so distracted during divination!
25th December 2009 16:19
OHHH my God, 'anon' artist, this is beyond amazing!!! They are both so gorgeous, and I adore their mouths meeting. Nnnnnnnrg. And Luna's body is so beautiful, and the leg, GOD, so amazingly gorgeous. ♥ !!
25th December 2009 18:54
Oh, dear, I think I made a puddle. Or I am a puddle.
*looks again*
Yes, I'm a puddle now.
25th December 2009 21:48
This is one handsome centaur :) I love their near kiss :)
25th December 2009 22:21
Hot Damn! That's many layers of hotness. I love the entire thing, especially their open mouths, ready for the kiss.

25th December 2009 23:37
Just gorgeous -- the flowing lines of the cloak, the branches, the bells, the foreleg, their mouths, the rings/circles motif...lovely.
26th December 2009 01:01
Gorgeous and hot, and other-worldly-fantastical that's so perfect for this wintery time of year.
26th December 2009 01:45
Stunning and absolutely brilliant, mystery artist. I love their kiss and her open cloak.
26th December 2009 02:16 - Whoa . . .
I think I know that Centaur. His name is Sex . . . uh, Rex, yeah, Rex, that's him alright!
26th December 2009 05:10
gorgeous and naughty! i love the her cloak and his belt and bells, and their position is delicious.
26th December 2009 12:09
Naughty centaur thoughts! My brain, you have broken it.
26th December 2009 15:58
Wow, that is stunning and so very hot. Lovely work!
26th December 2009 17:37
OMG this is so incredibly HOT! That centaur is amazingly hot! HIs hair! That nipple ring! Their kiss.. And Luna is hot herself. And the centaur's leg between hers... GUH!
27th December 2009 14:25
Damn, I wish I could draw like you.

OH so Luna. (And I'm quite with you about the faux fur, too. In addition to your reasons, it'd be tactless any other way when snogging a centaur, surely.)
27th December 2009 20:21
This is soooo hottt ---- nrghhhhhh.


*horse fetish*
28th December 2009 05:02
Wrong and hot and wrong and ...

... Go Luna :D
29th December 2009 23:07
That is fantastically hot! nnnnnngh. *dies*
31st December 2009 17:17
I am a total sucker for that open-mouthed just before the kiss pose.


I never went through that horse phase as a girl.

But I totally get it now.
31st December 2009 17:26
Wow, what a great picture and very hot w/o being explicit!
31st December 2009 17:43
wow!!!! :O that is actually one of the hottest pics ive seen! everything about it is just ... guh!!! "mystery" author u are amazing! :D i think i may have to explore this new centaur kink! :D:P haha
1st January 2010 21:32
Eeee, that is one hot centaur!
2nd January 2010 11:58
Wow, impressive!!! Luna and the centaur both look VERY happy. Well done!!!
2nd January 2010 15:06
6th January 2010 01:14
I really enjoyed this, and I've recced it here! :)
6th January 2010 07:47
So so pretty, so so sexy...lucky Luna (and lucky-unnamed-Centaur).
8th January 2010 19:48
omfguh that's so hot and so awesome! I love that she's just wearing a festive cape.
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