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Kinky Kristmas Art: O My King (Teddy/James Jr.) 
23rd December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]mindabbles
From: [info]ghot

Title: O My King
Characters/Pairings: Teddy/James Jr.
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: D/s-lite, inebriety.
Other Warnings: Boy smex, impending frottage.
Artist's Notes: Happy Holidays, everyone!

23rd December 2009 17:53
Mm. Beautiful boys. I love that it's shadowed. Makes me wonder where they are. :) And I love that Jame's hair is light. :D Gorgeous picture.
23rd December 2009 17:59
Really, really gorgeous. The shadows give this a very intimate, almost secretive feel -- like perhaps no one else knows about their relationship yet and it's just between the two of them. The lighting here is fabulous -- I'm imagining a fireplace on the other side of the room maybe. Teddy's hair is so vivid, and I love James' red/blond pubic hair peeking up, and Teddy's hip bone. Nice.
23rd December 2009 18:55
Gorgeous! Exceedingly hot boysmex right here. I love the slender lines of Teddy's body - he looks so graceful arching over James like that.
23rd December 2009 19:21
Oh, beautiful, and looks to be a marvelous first time for those two. Gorgeous colors and shading, Mystery Artist!
23rd December 2009 22:07
Oh, how beautiful and sexy! The boys are simply gorgeous and I absolutely love your colouring. :)
23rd December 2009 23:06
Beautiful boys! Love the position, the hint of James's cock, Teddy's gorgeous hipbone (so lickable!!)-what a great moment just before they kiss! Great job.
23rd December 2009 23:13
They look so beautiful, the almost kissing is adorable and sexy. I love James's flushed cheeks and Teddy's red nose, hee. Gorgeous art. :)
23rd December 2009 23:31
.............................................GUH. This is EXQUISITE and turns me on so hard. There's not even any actual porn/smut, and I'm just about to wring out my knickers. If that wasn't graphic enough for you, I could go on about the cold shower that is needed right about now too.

I love this. I love their parted lips and warm faces and the sincerity in the moment you captured. I love that Teddy has bright blue hair and that James has hair like his mum's. I love their bodies, the lines, the color, the mood, the EVERYTHING ELSE.

So beautiful. Gods. Who are you and will you draw me things???
24th December 2009 00:53
gorgeous! I love the colors and shading! I love the closed eyes and parted lips and the crown!!! Fabulous!
24th December 2009 01:21

so fabulous!!! i love the reddish palette, teddy's hair, HIS UNDIES OMG!!! love their position, the impending kiss. wonderful work!!!
24th December 2009 03:35
Ooh, that's gorgeous -- love the shadows, and the hint of cock! ;-)
24th December 2009 05:57
Oooooooooh!!!! OMG. That is stunning. A little incoherent about it right now, but I'll try.

I love the soft light. It is gorgeous. The totally smitten expression on James' face is PERFECT!!!! The color of both of their hair is fabulous. OMG, they have adorable sideburns. The details make this so rich, make it tell a story--the love bite on James' neck, the crown along with the title!!!!!!, James still has his socks on!!! This is so, so sexy with the hint of kink, but the overall completely romantic and sweet feel. I can feel the anticipation of the coming kiss. Both of their jaw lines and the simple, clean lines of their slim bodies as beautiful.


Guh. I love it.
25th December 2009 17:51
Yes, this please?
27th December 2009 00:01
Nnnnnnrg, that's beautiful!! Love the red pants. :))
27th December 2009 07:02
Ooh, what gorgeous coloring!
They are just so sweet and hot together. *g*
29th December 2009 23:09
very sexy. I love the blushes and the hints of love bites.
1st January 2010 21:31
That's so beautiful! I absolutely love the low lighting. There's such a real feeling of tenderness here :)
2nd January 2010 23:42
Oh, this is just beautiful ... I love the dim shadowy lighting!
3rd January 2010 05:45
I LOVE it. The closed eyes, the red pants and the almost kiss! So hot and tender and THAT HIP BONE! Love the title and the crown and OMG is that a bite on James's neck?? Brilliant!
6th January 2010 07:46
Mmmm lovely!
9th November 2010 15:26
This is really gorgeous! (Here via crack broom).
7th October 2015 00:36
This is BEAUTIFUL and I'm sad I'm just now seeing it a billion years later! It's seriously so lovely. The *blushing*! The *barely-there freckles*!!! Teddy's nose--like holy shit--and their closed eyes are perfection. And Teddy's forearm!!! The planes of their faces! I can't stop gushing, and you will probably never see this, ghot, but this is so fantastic <333

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