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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Veiled Science (Sirius/Teddy/Victoire) 
14th December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]chiralove
From: [info]pre_raphaelite1

Title: “Veiled Science”
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Teddy/Victoire
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: threesomes, bondage, gags, cockrings, pegging, piercing, voyeurism, breathplay, cockgagging, dirty talk, facials
Other Warnings: Pervy use of the Death Chamber and Veil?
Word Count: 4555
Summary/Description: Teddy has finally found an intimate connection to his parents -- in the Department of Mysteries. Victoire, on the other hand, has found an entertaining idea of what to do with it.
Author's Notes: I couldn't resist this prompt and its fantastic kinks, so whoever requested it has my love. :P And this just kept going into something far, far longer than I normally write, so I hope you enjoy it! :P Happy Kinky Kristmas!
(And thanks to C for her help!)

She watched him do it before, from a dark corner where only the platinum fall of her hair would be visible if he had looked. But he never did. He was far too fixated on the stone archway before him, the quiet flutter of fabric that whispered with voices never quite distinct enough for their owners to be identified even if one could hear the words or distinguish their syllables from the constant rushing of hissing tones, one over the other over another over the next until it sounded like the static on her grandfather's muggle radios.

The first time Victoire followed Teddy, with the help of his own invisibility cloak which she quickly realised wasn't necessary, she thought he was looking for his father. It made her heart clench to think that he would come to this empty but never vacant place to learn more of the man who died only weeks after Teddy's birth, the man he had sought in old pictures and newer history books but was rarely found even in sepia or sans serif. But it wasn't Remus J Lupin that Teddy came here for. Nor was it his mum. That quickly became apparent.

It was someone else, someone whose appeal was connected with Teddy's quest for his parents, but was much, much less familial but far more intimate. She should have been shocked to find him that close to the moving drapery, to death and whatever lay beyond it, but at the time she was far more surprised that he was opening his trousers in front of it. Was it some kind of retribution? A literal “piss off, fate and death”? But he'd slung one arm around the curving stone, side pressed to its solid existence, and pressed his hips and his erect cock forward. She'd watched him shudder as the fabric seemed to stroke over him, over his exposed, needy flesh. His arm only tightened as the attention increased, as his hips began to rock forward and back through the ragged cloth, until he brought himself, or until he was brought, to a quick, audible orgasm.

He'd dropped to his knees after, farther away from the danger of the archway but for that arm which now stretched through it, and began to babble. Typical for Teddy. But it wasn't a constant stream of words, even though Victoire couldn't hear them clearly, so not like his one-sided conversation with his books or paperwork. No, there were pauses in his speech. Lengthy ones. Some that were followed by nodding on Teddy's behalf. This was a conversation. One in which he was getting responses, or thought he was. Victoire had moved closer, picking her way through the room as quietly as she could , and had heard it: the rise of whispering in response to Teddy's words. An answer. Answers. And then more questions.

Questions she began asking even before she fully removed the cloak. Not accusations, nothing so dramatic as that. Actual questions about how and who and when and why and did she already ask how once or thrice? And after his initial shock and embarrasment, complete with lavender hair and flailing arms, he started to answer haltingly but honestly. And she started to understand. And then Victoire Weasley began to plot.

She read up on the archway, the Veil, the whispering, and the man who stood in shadow beyond it. She went down on her own, to call him forth, to reach toward him, to let him reach her. Neither of them crossing entirely between the worlds but relying upon the physical connection to enable the verbal one. It had begun, she learned from both of them, with Teddy sitting before it in morose monologue, idly turning a knut in his hand until it rolled to the edge of the fabric, half here and half gone. Half reached for by Teddy's finger and half by someone else's. Simultaneous cursing had somehow developed into companionable conversation, so long as that point of contact remained.

Sirius had known who Teddy was but wouldn't say much on the why of it. Victoire suspected it had to do with the intricacies of afterlife politics or perhaps the box of unsent letters addressed to Sirius which had been found in Remus' tiny flat after his death. She wondered if Teddy knew of that, knew of what was in them, or if people still thought Teddy shouldn't hear of anything that might shatter the long-broken illusion that his parents were a poster couple of romantic love. But Sirius spoke little of anyone, but fondly of Teddy, appreciatively of Victoire and it was that flirtation that seemed so much a part of his personality that set Victoire on a path that involved the researching of locking charms, purchasing of a speciality gag, and cleaning of her collection of toys.

It didn't take too much to get Teddy to come down here with her. He knew she was up to something but she admitted to the half-truth of wanting to watch him again, to see him find release in the noncorporeal hand of his godfather's godfather. Considering Victoire had watched Teddy have sex with one of her cousins in a Hogwarts' bathroom with both boys' knowledge, Teddy was easy to convince.

She paused once they were in the chamber and wove a series of locking spells on the door. It wouldn't do for them to be interupted. Watched by the dead, and even the living, would be acceptable, but not interrupted. She had plans.

Victoire was not disappointed when she revealed the contents of her bag to Teddy. His eyes grew wide, glazed slightly with disbelief and confusion. Exactly as she wanted it.

“Take your clothes off, Teddy.”

He stared at her.

“Now, mon amour. You know I do not like to wait for such things.”

“Or anything,” he said with a slight but fond smile, his hands already lifting to pull off his jumper, knitted in a soft teal.

Victoire brandished a small riding crop at him in warning. “Mind your tongue, Teddy. Or you will find yourself punished.”

This earned her a widely boyish, but silent grin and a jumper droppped at her feet. She tapped the flat leather in her palm as an encouraging threat for Teddy to remove the rest of his clothes. He did in short order, though he cast frequent glances at the door, obviously waiting for Unspeakables to burst in and send them to Azkaban for tresspassing on Ministry property (Teddy's employment there notwithstanding) and doing so in the nude.

“I used two Hittite locking charms, one Mayan, and one Etruscan. I do not think they will come in here even if they had cause.”

“ 'Less they called your Da,” he commented as he let his trousers fall to the ground. The realization of what he said and what it would mean hit him like a brick to the face about three seconds later. Victoire merely lifted an eyebrow at him. He groaned and shook his head, “Not thinking about that. Pants too?”

“They are clothes, yes?”


“Then they should not be on you.”

Moments later the pants in question were on the floor with the rest of his clothes. His hands shifted at his side, never comfortable with just standing starkers even for Victoire to look at him. Though that might have more to do with the crop she continued to tap at him and where it had been in previous encounters than with his lingering modesty.

“Mmm, very good. But I think I have some things that will make this much more enjoyable.” She went to the bag and drew out a small leather strap. “This first I think.”

She stepped forward, knowing Teddy would recognize the cockring. The twitch of his hardening cock proved it. She gave him a slow caress, affectionately petting his shaft then his balls before slipping the strap behind them and fastening it tightly over his cock.

“Fuck, Victoire,” he groaned.

“Non. You have it quite backward. It is I who will fuck you.”

His eyes bulged just a bit more than would have been possible for one who wasn't a metamorphmagus, giving him a distinctly strangled cod look which made Victoire laugh. The sound was carried through the chamber and seemed to make the fabric of the Veil shiver in shared amusement.

“You- You're going to... but.. I mean- Pardon?”

She laughed again and patted him fondly on the cheek. “You have such a lovely way with words, Teddy. But I have no more need of them tonight.”

She reached into her bag and withdrew the new gag. It was larger than most, a full panel of stiff leather that would cover most of Teddy's lower face. The ring-style gag itself protruded from the leather and into the wearer's mouth, but was gloriously open to allow anything to be poured over or shoved past the tongue and into the throat. At either side of front panel were additional O-rings that would rest just at the cheeks, then finally was the leather strap that would hold it securely, inescapably to his head. Victoire was quite pleased with her find.

Teddy, however, was staring in open mouthed horror at it. This, of course, made it all the easier to press into place even with the height difference between them. A flick of her wand fastened it snuggly behind his head.

“Mhhmughhh!” Teddy's hair flashed worriedly through shades of orange. “Mmaaarrr! Mmhph rrpphhhhrr.”

Victoire could see his tongue moving, pressing and circling the stiff, open circle wedged between his teeth. That combined with the increasingly flushed colour of his restrained cock made for a very appealing sight. Once more she went for her bag to find one of the last things she needed to complete him for this. A long length of leather with snaps on both ends. She rubbed the cold metal against his nipples while he sorted out what they were.

“Mmm nnngh ah Hoorrrrssssss!”

Laughing, she fastened each end of the reins onto the gag with a metalic click. “Non, you are not a horse. But today I shall use reins to control you.” She held them tightly in one hand and tapped his hip briskly with the crop. “Now, it is time to see your other lover. To the archway, yes?”

Teddy looked at her with profound and rather comic suspicion but his eyes were darkening to a hungry grey. One more tap with the crop and he headed to the softly waving fabric and the unmoving stones of the arch. He paused feet away which was just as well for Victoire.

“Kneel.” The command was obeyed with a semi-graceful drop to his knees, perhaps a bit too eagerly hitting the floor. “Mm, very good.” Switching the crop into the hands with the reins, now with most of the slack out of them, Victoire drew her wand from its pocket once more and focused her attention on Teddy's ankles. Two twists of the wand and his ankles were bound securely to the ground, the rope seeming to rise straight out of the floor itself. It had enough slack he could move forward that last distance to the Veil but no more. She watched his arse tense in surprise, then again in that familiar shifting attempt to ease the strain of his hard cock.

A cushioning charm on the floor and one removed skirt later and she knelt behind him. Her black strap-on was already in place, its smooth metal dildo tucked under one strap to hide it. She bent to give his hip a soft kiss as she freed the toy, letting it jut out from her hips. Straightening, she used her wand one last time, casting a focused lubrication charm on the dildo, ensuring it was properly slicked for the tightness of Teddy's arse. She laid her wand and the riding crop on the ground within easy reach should she need either of them.

“Reach in and find him. He was to be waiting just beyond.” Teddy shifted his weight to one forearm so he could do as she intructed, pushing through the fabric, hand disappearing into ragged grey. A small sound of surprise from Teddy preceded a low, but audible whisper, “You've a wicked girl here, Teddy Lupin. Can't say I don't appreciate it though.

Victoire smiled at the unseen figure. “Do you not like how our Teddy looks, Sirius?”

Very much. Reckon he'll think his cock is going to pop off before we're done, won't you lad?


Her soft laugh was echoed by Sirius' deeper if quieter one. As close as they were, the distance of life and death made Sirius sound as though he were whispering feet away from his end of one of the old Muggle telephones Victoire's grandfather tinkered with. Or perhaps speaking into a tin can on the end of a string. Nevertheless, he was there and audible. “Let's move that hand of yours to do something useful- that's it. Just there. Give that some attention and don't go letting go of it.

His arm began moving, hand and what it held hidden from view, but the motion was unmistakable. That was her cue. Victoire rubbed the lubed head of the warmed metal against his arse, the silver of it a dramtic but appealing contrast to the flushed pucker of his arsehole. The damp slide of it over the ridged flesh made Teddy moan around his gag and he tipped his hips back in an unspoken plea for more.

Looks like he wants that shoved up his arse, doesn't it?

“Yes. It does. Even if he didn't want it, he's still going to get it.” She gave a pointed nudge of her hips before adding more pressure to her cock against his hole. She watched as his flesh resisted the intrustion before being forced to yeild to the firmness of her cock, stretching reluctantly open around it.

Fuck, that's it Teddy. Take your girl's fucking cock up your filthy arsehole.

The words made Teddy shudder and push back against Victoire's cock, speeding the gradual slide into his body. Her lips twitched faintly but silently and she nodded once for Sirius' benefit, encouraging his words.

Don't stop your hand, lad. Or can't you fuck and wank at the same time?” The taunt was obvious and while Teddy was a Ravenclaw he was raised with enough Gryffindors to respond to the challenge with fast stroking of his hand and a restless rock of his hips. Victoire smirked at this and took a hold of his hip with one hand, the reins still fisted in them, then she thrust forward, driving metal cock deep into his arse.

His cry of pleasure echoed through the chamber, slightly strangled through the gag but loud enough to even make the whispering around them stop. After a moment, Sirius laughed again, the timbre unmistakable, as Teddy's balance tipped slightly but he caught himself before losing it entirely. Victoire didn't give him any pause, immediately starting to rock her hips, drawing the cock out then pushing it back in again. Teddy started to moan, low and steadily with every forward stroke, his arm faltering from the attention and from the strain of holding it up, but he didn't stop. Another moan begain to mix in with Teddy's, softer and deeper, and for a few strokes Victoire listened to the sound of the two men, one alive and here and one dead and gone, rise together in an eerie but powerful counterpoint of sex. Then she fell still.

“Stop, Teddy.”

“Mmm?” came the confused moan.


“Stop. Oui. I have something else in mind for the two of you.” She stated, one side of her mouth quirked.

Oh do you now?” The amusement was apparent even if the man wasn't.

“I do. Teddy, release him and put your weight onto both arms but keep that arm against him so we can still hear him.” When he complied, Victoire took up the last of the slack in her reins, lifting his head up some so his face was straight onto the Veil. The fabric pushed forward and caressed one side of his face.

Lovely look for you, lad. Look like a proper bondage whore waiting for his mouth to be filled with come.” Teddy's response was a drawn out whimper and matching squirm. “Want that do you? Could bring in a few mates and how much afterlife spunk we could make you drink.

Victoire couldn't see his face but could imagine the wide-eyes of shock that accompanied the strangled noise he made. “Non. Just you today, Sirius. He will whore for you and I only. Now, budge up, Teddy. You are going to suck him off.”

The silence was heavy but Victoire just waited, her own lack of speech making the instruction all the clearer and more obligatory. Teddy cautiously moved half a pace forward, Victoire staying close behind him to keep his arse filled. “Your ankles are tied. You will go only as far forward as they allow. Now move.” She slapped his arse sharply with the leather reins; he jolted then obeyed, his face moving past the fabric. “Good.”

But just as she finished the word, his head snapped back out of it with a small cry of alarm. “Mm, found out it is impossible to breathe there?”

Teddy nodded frantically.

“Do not worry. That is why I hold you with these.” She gave the reins a tight pull, drawing his head backward. “You will suck him until I pull you back, then when the tension is gone you will return. Or I shall not let you come. Is that clear, Teddy?”

Again, he nodded quickly.

You are a fucking wicked, wicked woman, Victoire Weasley. I think I'm in love.

It was her turn to laugh. “I know how you are. You shall just have to pine for me from beyond the Veil because I will not be joining you there.”

You'll break my heart.

“Shut your mouth and shove your cock into Teddy's mouth. Unless you wish me to keep you from coming as well?”

Harpy.” But the word was said as an endearment and nothing more followed on it as Teddy took a very deep breath and put his face back, the drapery curling behind his head in soft tendrils.

Fuck, Teddy, your mouth feels good. Suck that cock in. Don't have a choice, do you? Not with that gag holding you open for me.

Victoire resumed the slow rocking of her hips, sliding the metal as deeply into him as she could with each thrust. She could hear the moan in response to it, only slightly farther away than it should be. When his body started to twist and fight, she pulled back on the leather, pulling his head back from Sirius' cock and the Veil to where he could take deep gasping breaths before she moved her arm forward enough to let the reins go lightly slack against his shoulder. One more breath and Teddy dropped his face back down, the long curls of fabric guiding him back in even as he rocked against Victoire, his arse meeting her delicate hips with increasing force.

“Good, Teddy. Just like that.”

Eager slut. Likes having a cock up the arse and down his throat. Doesn't even care if he can't breathe so long as he's getting fucked, does he?

Teddy started to tremble and Victoire watched it, watched the tiny quivers of his muscles grow into larger spasms, saw his shoulders bunch and roll as he was worked without stop and without breath until instinct and necessity took over so he was fighting against the treatment instead of for it. A sharp jerk on the reins dragged Teddy's head back, saliva dripping from his mouth and over the leather to his chin. He keened, but whether it was the strain of his neck or finding his mouth empty was unclear.

God you're a sight. Bet your cock is dripping and swollen from this isn't it? Bet we can get it was messy as your fucking face is.

Another keen, desperation loud and he nodded against the restraint of leather, hips stuttering ceaselessly.

“Again, Teddy,” Victoire instructed as she let the reins and Teddy's head drop again. She began slapping his arse hard then, driving him farther forward. “Suck him and do not stop.”

His skin started to visibly prickle, growing sensitive and tight with each strike; and there, punctuated between the sounds of skin hitting skin by hand and hip, was the wet, clicking gag of Teddy getting mercilessly throatfucked and Sirius' increasingly strained chant. The sounds made Victoire grow even wetter, liquid arousal seeping down her own thighs and she arched her back, hips reangling so that the firm base of the metal cock was in just the right spot to push against her swollen clit.

Fuck, fuck. Fuckfuckfuck.” The rhythmic whispering ended with one final swear which twisted away into a stifled groan. Teddy tensed and stilled but Victoire increased her pace, slamming roughly into him, plowing into Teddy's tightening arsehole, seeking her own climax with every vibrating thrust until one last point of pressure against her clit was enough and she cried out as wetness gushed from her over the leather and metal of her harness. She pulled Teddy's head back even as she continued to shake from her orgasm. His chin was wet with his own saliva, and his face and the gag he wore was streaked with telltale glistening splatters. His sucking inhalations mixed with her own and the softer harsh breathing from Sirius.

Merde,” she breathed out eventually, Teddy still trembling with an erection that probably seemed permenant to him at this point.

Shall we take care of him now? He's done so well; he deserves a reward, I think.

“Mm. Yes.” She drew the long thickness of metal from his arse, only to get another whimper from him. “Up to your feet, Teddy.”

“Mmghk,” he said as his head dropped in defeat.

“You can do it. Up.”

The ropes around his ankles, love. Remove those and he'll have a better chance at it.

Her cheeks heated lightly but she murmured her thanks to Sirius and apololgies to Teddy before finding her wand and vanishing the ropes. His skin was pink where they had chaffed.

Up you go, lad.

Victoire was standing before he was, though her legs trembled with the effort. She summoned two small items from the open bag which she was sure Teddy had forgotten at this point.

“You will get to come soon, mon amour. Just one more thing. Hold out your hand.”

His gaze moved sluggishly between Veil and Victoire and his hand rose up, too needy and too used to even care what he was about to do.

“We are going to try an experiment, but one I think you may like.” She laid two long needles on his waiting palm, the sharp tips still shielded in their protective casing. “You are to pass these through to him.”

He nodded, not looking at what he was handed and faced the Veil once more, hand passing through the fabric. Victoire tightened her hands on the reins, not about to lose him now. “Now step forward. Give him your cock as you have before.”

Teddy took the diagonally, forward enough that the Veil caressed him but to the side enough that his shoulder hit the stones.

An experiment, hmm?” Sirius' voice returned now that the physical contact enabled the connection once more.

“Oui. Do it.”

Teddy's brows knitted, belatedly realising that maybe he should have paid attention, but a second later, he yelped, eyes flying open in pain, as Sirius slide the first needle through the soft flesh Teddy's swollen scrotum. The next went in, marked by another jolt of the boy's body, and the glisten of moisture at the corners of his eyes.

Victoire snaked her free hand around his hips, shivering as the Veil passed over her fingers, skin feeling just a bit tighter in the atmosphere beyond it. She sought out his balls, finding the two small needles and their larger, blunt ends quivering there. Reaching behind them, she found the snaps of his cockring and deftly unfastened it. Teddy's sigh of relief made his body sag against the stone, but it was shortlived as warm breath washed over Victoire's fingers then a soft press of hips to their tips. She smiled and moved her fingers enough to caress the unmistakable features of a long-haired man, cheeks and chin slightly bristled with hair.

Well hello to you too, love. Mind if I suck your lad off?

“Non. Please do. I think he would like that very much, wouldn't you Teddy?”


They shared a laugh and Victoire threaded her fingers through Sirius' hair, letting it slide between her fingers as he took Teddy's cock into his mouth. Teddy's body jerked against Victoire then resumed the hard tremble it had before. Sirius' head took up a quick bob under her hand but barely had time to set a rhythm before Teddy was crying out around the gag, hips driving forward once, mindlessly, as his orgasm burned through him. Sirius took the thrust in stride, not pulling back from it or the pulse of release that was no doubt being spilled over his tongue. She caressed Sirius' head tenderly, blindly tucking back a lock of hair behind his ear.

She let Teddy stay still for a little while, leaning against the archway, hips and cock hidden in swirls of grey while he caught his breath again. Then with one more touch to Sirius, she guided Teddy back half a step and down to the ground. He sat down heavily, one foot shoved through the archway and head resting heavily on Victoire's shoulder. His brown hair was damp with sweat and saliva still dripped from his gagged mouth. “Easy, Teddy. It's over now. Just breathe for us a bit.” She reached up behind his head to carefully unfasten the gag and take it from his mouth. She had to pull it more than she expected; his teeth had gritted so tightly around it for so long that it didn't just fall free. Laying it aside, she glanced down at his spent cock and then below, where two needles were pierced through the skin there, vibrating softly with each overtaxed tremble of his body.

I would say your experiment worked.

She looked up, not having expected him still to be distinctly audible, but a moment later realised he must be touching Teddy's foot. “Actually, I think all of my experiments worked. This time.” Her mouth turned up in a wicked smirk.

'istime?” came a slur from somewhere about collarbone level.

“Of course, mon amour. An experiment is not a success until you can reliably repeat the results.”

Teddy's groan failed to drown out Sirius' laughter.
14th December 2009 17:30
OMG, this is soooo dirty-wrong-awesome! Victoire is such an opportunist -- sorted Slytherin, perhaps? ;) She's so perfectly in charge. I almost feel sorry for Teddy. Almost. Sirius is awesome here; I love how he seems to find a kindred spirit in Victoire! The ideas about how the Veil works are fabulous as well. A smart and hot fic!
7th January 2010 22:26
*laughs* Victoire is definitely a Slytherin. She's got all the best/worst from both Mum and Dad so no place she could go but there.

Teddy loves being in way over his head. He'd have to, you know, to date Victoire. Bill is definitely the type of father to happily threaten Teddy with constant death by Charlie's dragons or living mummification or grand immolation if he hurts his little girl. ;) Clearly Teddy is a masochist.
7th January 2010 23:02
You reasoning seems sound to me! LMAO
14th December 2009 23:07
OMG I wondered how you were going to pull this off. Hot damn. I love Victoire-I think she has them both eating from the palm of her hand. Great job.
7th January 2010 22:27
:D I wondered that too at first, but I couldn't resist the prompt. And Victoire really does have a handle on both of them. I love writing her! Thanks for the praise!
15th December 2009 03:35
Hnnngh! Ohhh, my god. So hot and filthy and such a gorgeous use of Sirius behind the veil. Gah, so utterly fantastic!
7th January 2010 22:29
Heehee! Thanks, Eey! *adores!*
16th December 2009 03:55
Oh em gee! I couldn't even have imagined this when I came up with the original prompt - I certainly wish I could have - I don't think my imagination is capable of coming up with anything this wonderful! Pervy use of a Veil, OMG, and The. Most. Creative. Breathplay. Ever.

And OMG, Victoire! What a minx she is, honestly, and what a relationship she and Teddy must have! We get a glimpse of it here but the fact that she doesn't mind that he's sort of cheating on her, and instead exploits it - and the hints at what she has done in the past - goodness, there's just so much here.

And all so hot! *flaily-flail-flail-flail* Goodness, I don't think I could have ever imagined it being this wonderful. Victoire taking control of everything and bossing Teddy around and coming prepared with her bag of toys and ... oh, just everything.

This was so so so so brilliant, secret kinky kristmas santa! Thank you so much! <3333
7th January 2010 22:35
*bluuuushes* You have no idea how much I squealed when I saw your wonderful comment. You completely made my week!

Your prompt was totally awesome and I couldn't resist it! I was like, "Veil? Breathplay? I wonder how- OOOOh THAT's how. That prompt is MINE! *STEALS IT" *giggles*

I have a shameless love of Victoire! She really does have a fascinating relationship with Teddy. She's so much of her mother's daughter when it comes to men, and so much of her father's daughter when it comes to having the balls (as it were) to get what she wants.

I am thrilled that you enjoyed it. I debated a bit about whether it was going to be Sirius/Teddy/Victoire or Sirius/Teddy/Bill but Victoire just strode into the fic and took the reigns. :P And really, there's not enough pegging out there. :P

You are so welcome! Thanks for coming up with such an awesome prompt or this scenario would never have crossed my mind. <3's back!
16th December 2009 05:14
Oh my. Your Victoire is truly Bill's daughter, and I will be grinning over this exchange...

“I used two Hittite locking charms, one Mayan, and one Etruscan. I do not think they will come in here even if they had cause.”

“ 'Less they called your Da,” he commented as he let his trousers fall to the ground. The realization of what he said and what it would mean hit him like a brick to the face about three seconds later.

for days. :-)
7th January 2010 22:39
Ahahahaha! She really is. There's no denying Victoire's parentage! *pets Teddy*
16th December 2009 22:59
so sexy and unique!
7th January 2010 22:40
Thank you! And rwowr to your icon!
17th December 2009 07:41
Insanely hot! This hit kinks I never knew I had. You win!!
7th January 2010 22:41
Hee! *parades around in triumph!* Thank you so much and I'm happy to help you learn about yourself. *winks*
28th December 2009 05:13
Gah! That has got to be one of the most unique breathplay scenarios I have ever read! Wow. You have an incredible imagination.
And what a vixen Victoire is. Teddy is in way over his head I would say *g*
And Sirius. Of course he's eager to play, even beyond the veil.
7th January 2010 22:44
Thank you! I think you've previously told me that I have a terrifying imagination so what a lovely change. :P I have to say though, that the Veil + breathplay was in [info]chiralove's prompt and the primary reason I took it!

Oh there is no helping Teddy. He's definitely in over his head. :D

Thanks for reading and leaving such a lovely comment!
8th January 2010 00:41
Oh god... that is seriously normally not a pairing I would read, but damn it was hot. Very well written. Loved it the whole way through!
8th January 2010 07:23
Thank you very much! I'm glad you took a chance on the pairing and enjoyed it.
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