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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Squeezing Something In Before the Holidays (Charlie/Tonks) 
9th December 2009 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]luvscharlie
From: [info]florahart

Title: Squeezing Something In Before the Holidays
Characters/Pairings: Charlie/Tonks
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: tattoos, humor, witty conversation, public sex
Other Warnings: n/a
Word Count: ~1500
Summary/Description: "I don't know why I put up with you."
Author's Notes: Thanks to E for very last-minute speedy beta.

Charlie wasn't completely surprised, of course, when the thighs under his hands thickened slightly, when he looked up and the hair started to shorten and curl, the skin-tone altering from Rachel Jones's cinnamon-sugar to the paler, pinker flesh he knew well. He didn't stop what he was doing as things shifted, though the voice attached to the cunt he was currently plunging his tongue into deepened a minor third or so and dropped its nasal tendency as it encouraged his efforts with increasing fervency.

After she came (for the first time; they were just getting started), Charlie wiped his face on her inner thigh and said, "I don't even know why I put up with you."

The lack of surprise was simple enough; she liked fooling him, but she was clear on how creepy it would be to actually leave him thinking he'd fucked Rachel (or Deirdre, or on one particularly impressive occasion Simon), so she never altered the tattoo on her arse, though it was definitely up to him to find it. Sometimes, when he had someone against a wall, whimpering and whining for more and harder and now, he would run his hand over where it would be, glancing down quickly and looking for the tell-tale edge, and would find nothing. It wasn't as though he never pulled anyone else. But often, maybe a third or half of the time, it was Tonks, and God, she was getting better at details.

This time, he hadn't quite got around to looking yet, as maintaining the fantasy and illusion of Rachel was enough to keep him hard for a week. Not that Tonks wasn't pretty much a walking wet dream if you thought about it, with that flexibility and eagerness and utter, total willingness to make anything tighter, better, thicker, whatever. He was happy to be her usual target for her games, but shit, Rachel was just… tits that sat high and firm, a long slender waist that flared into the kind of hips he liked to grip and drive into and hold… Yeah, he'd been happy to hold onto that notion even if he knew she probably had much, much better things to do with her time.

"You put up with me because I like your cock," Tonks said, her face mostly her own except for the jawline. Her grin was as cheeky as he'd ever seen it, and she added, "and because you know I'll try anything twice. Three times if you ask nice."

Now that was definitely true. She was like a bloke, basically, if his experience was anything to go by. And yeah, they were still in school but it wasn't like he hadn't taken every possible opportunity in his six-and-a-third years (well, all right, not that he'd been having sex since he was eleven, but in principle), and none of the other girls liked to fuck like she did. Or at least, even though he made them come, they never said they did.

That she wasn't shy about it was one of his favorite things about Tonks. Along with the fact that she'd call him an arsehole if he was being one, and that she obviously figured having packing and gift-wrapping to do was no reason to miss an opportunity like an open hour in a classroom in the middle of the day.

Totally like a bloke. Not that he'd been sure it was her when she was Rachel, purring and propositioning him, but still.

Wiping the other side of his face on his bicep, he crawled forward and shoved up her shirt, which, with the return of her own breasts because she never quite managed to hold a borrowed form when she was coming, was a bit tight. "I've only fucked your ass twice…"

"I've only fucked yours once, and I think that's a concept that deserves more attention as well, don't you?"

Charlie grinned. "Yeah, definitely, but right now we probably don't have a lot of time. Firsties come up here in, what, twenty minutes?"

"True. Not like you'll last that long."

"Oi, you don't usually have cause for complaint."

"Wasn't a complaint. Just an observation." She gave him an appraising look as she pushed her shirt up further and fingered her own nipples. "If you hold out long enough that we barely have time to get dressed, I'll figure out a way to suck you off during Potions tomorrow. Last lesson before the hols. Sure to be tricky to pull it off."

"Snape would kill us both," Charlie said, even though his cock leaped at the idea and he could feel his pulse speeding up.

"Only if he caught us," she said. "Too scary for you? Then Charms. Flitwick might catch us, but he'd probably only give a lecture, maybe a detention. Or, you can avoid the whole problem by just getting in me now, fucking me hard and fast, you know. No shame in that, right?"

He licked the fingers that were pinching at her nipples and pushed into her hard, sliding her arse along the floor. "No shame, but I think I want to know how you plan to pull it off."

She wrapped her thighs around his and shrugged. "Have to meet the requirements first, right?"

"Then I guess I'll just have to go slow." He held himself in her as deep as he could go and shifted his weight to bring back one arm, then the other, and hook them behind her knees, pulling her ankles up onto his shoulders. The change of angle tightened the squeeze around his cock, but also made it possible to push in a fraction deeper, and he did, slowly, before pulling back just as slow.

She pulsed around him, arms grasping for the legs of desks and chairs for leverage, and let out a long breath as he slid back in inch by inch, pubic bone pressing against and then tugging at her clit. She always liked this, and he'd developed at least some capacity to take his time over the last year and a half. This time, he was especially motivated. "Maybe I should pull out and turn you over," he mused. "Get you off again with my fingers and then scrape your knees on the floor in my hurry to finish up before the children arrive."

"Not the deal," she said, bucking up to meet him and shifting minutely in a way that--shit! pulled him in a tiny bit faster--when he moved slowly still. "You have to last, not delay starting."

He pulled back and held there for a moment, head just barely in her, then glanced toward the door. "I think I hear footsteps." He plunged into her hard, driving her knees down against her armpits and catching the fabric of her shirt on the floor. "Shit, they're arriving early, the little fuckers. They're gonna walk in and find us like this."

"I don't hear them," she said, her breasts jiggling up and down as he fucked her. "Think you're mad. Think you're… hearing things."

He shook his head. "Seriously, I'm barely gonna… fuck. Gotta come." He pumped into her furiously a few more strokes then slammed in hard and stilled, grunting.

A moment later, a high young voice shouted something on the stairs, and Tonks gasped and scrabbled at her skirt, yanking down her shirt and wadding up her knickers to shove in his pocket. They both took up casual poses, arses leaning on the edges of student desks, Charlie scrubbing a hand through his sweaty hair as though he were merely being thoughtful rather than wiping away the perspiration in his hairline as Tonks sketched out figures in the air, and discussed principles of temporal adjustments to complex animate-object transmutations as the first few students filed in. They glanced at them as though startled. "Oh, sorry," Charlie said. "Lost track of the time, I reckon. Professor." They nodded as they went past McGonagall, whose expression suggested she suspected everything.

As they passed through the door, Charlie could hear her asking the students what they'd been doing; he lingered just long enough to ascertain their performance had been adequately convincing.

"So. Tomorrow then? Last chance, except for the train?"

She grinned and leaned toward him. "Maybe the train's where we should investigate that other idea, yeah? And yes, tomorrow. Bright and early, and don't you dare jerk off first so it takes forever."

"You know me too bloody well," he said, stepping toward Gryffindor Tower as she turned toward the front entry hall; she had Creatures to get to. "Nice show, by the way. True? The bit about the balance points in the equations?"

"Of course," she said. "I'm going to be an Auror. We know arcane shit like that."

He waved and went up the stairs, hand in his full pocket, whistling and wondering how difficult it might be to work out a meeting place and time on Boxing Day. By then, he'd be good and tired of the crowded Burrow, and they'd both be more than ready for sex.
9th December 2009 17:24
Ahaha, tasty and funny! Their banter and comfort with each other are priceless. :D
9th December 2009 18:11
I loved it! Now I'll be left wondering if they'll get their chance on Boxing Day...
9th December 2009 18:42
I love these two, and this is exactly why! Brilliant!
9th December 2009 18:56

This is what makes them wonderful. The banter, the wit, the humour-- the perfection-- the Charlie!

Thank you so much. This was everything I could have hoped for and about a million times more!

*makes squeeful noises*

9th December 2009 19:17
Ahahaha! Delightful banter and I love the casual attitude they both have. Tonks as a bloke indeed. :)
Great job!:)
9th December 2009 19:43
lovely banner and great bit of sex in the classroom.
9th December 2009 20:22
This was great fun, hot and sexy, loved their interaction. :D
10th December 2009 01:47
LOL I bet they christened every classroom at Hogwarts and then some! Almost the epitome of 'friends with benefits'. Great job.
10th December 2009 03:27
We know arcane shit like that Hahaha! Really fun. Love how at ease they are.
10th December 2009 04:14
Wonderfully done, mystery author. I loved their banter and Tonks' partner hopping game with Charlie was fun!
10th December 2009 05:33
Very fun and sexy!
11th December 2009 13:11
Oh, I *love* this. Love Tonks playing with her ability, and the Tonks/Charlie dynamic and Tonks knowing all that obscure knowledge (not to mention McGonagall knowing all that not-so-obscure knowledge of what they'd been up to.

This is such a happy fic. I love it.
14th December 2009 04:09
Ouuu very dangerous almost getting caught like that!
15th December 2009 08:45
Oh man this is so hot. I love Tonks here, she's so much fun and coy. :D And Charlie just has to keep up! Thanks for sharing.
19th December 2009 10:40
Eeee! I loved the relationship. Playful and edgy at the same time and cute without ever nearing twee.

And yes, of course McGonagall knew exactly what was going on. :p
21st December 2009 16:21
This was delightful and hot! Fun! :)
27th December 2009 21:34
"I've only fucked your ass twice…"

"I've only fucked yours once, and I think that's a concept that deserves more attention as well, don't you?"



So funny and freakin' hot as hell!
28th December 2009 06:21
OMG, I suck so hard (not that way), I can't believe I didn't comment on this the day it went up! I read it then! SHEESH, me! Gah.

Seriously hot and still perfectly rushed-teenagery. I love your Tonks and Charlie is just impossible at not-sexy. I mean. Guh. I love that neither of them are bothered by the things the other does: Tonks by Charlie's desire to pull every available person in the castle :D, Charlie by Tonks' impetuosity in suckering him into thinking she IS every available person in the castle. So awesome. And hot. Did I mention? :D
3rd January 2010 07:06
This was great. Love Charlie/Tonks and this was no exception!
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