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20th September 2009 00:14
Title: Writhe
Artist: [info]fanlay
Media: Pencil, Photoshop
Characters: Severus Snape, Harry Potter
Rating: NWS
Warnings: Breathplay
Themes/kinks chosen: Breathplay
Artist's notes: My first Snarry, yay!

20th September 2009 05:01
*brain explodes* you need to do more snarry

wow this is awesome, their anatomy is great and man do I love seeing this kink

Severus' thumb in Harry's thigh is probably my fave part. Excellent job!
20th September 2009 05:22
Now that I started, I think I might do more Snarry.
I'm very glad you liked it and yeah, it's probably one of the sexiest kinks.
Thank you for the kind words!
20th September 2009 05:26
Oh god this is so fucking hot. I love how you've composed it - my eyes just keep tracking from one intense point of hotness to the next, until my brain explodes in a flurry of hottnesss. (Pretty much how it went down, frsrs). Also your coloring is beautiful. <3
20th September 2009 10:20
I'm very glad that the composition worked. Very pleased you found it hot. Thank you so much for the kind words!
20th September 2009 06:17

*stares some more*

This is scorching hot. I love the angle. The colors, the pose, the expressions, the little touches like Snape grabbing Harry's leg, the hotness, are all perfect. Wow.
20th September 2009 10:37
Very pleased you liked it. And glad you noticed the small details. Thank you so much!
20th September 2009 07:19
Oh... my... *stares*

I love all of this. Harry's spread legs, that hint of bulge in his underwear. The arch of Snape's upper body is lovely and I love his hips and his treasure trail and the way desperate way he's gripping Harry. Damn, the positions of their bodies is just mesmerizing.
20th September 2009 10:36
Glad you noiced the bulge. Can't resist adding such detail. Thank you very much for the kind words!
20th September 2009 13:03
Oh my God. That is STUNNING. Love the position they are in, their relative states of undress, Severus's implicit trust in Harry. Amazing work.
21st September 2009 12:35
It'd taken quite some time to decide on the position, and I'm very glad to hear it works. I'm very glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much! X
20th September 2009 13:24
I already told you how fabulous this is, and yeah, definitely worth a second look. Guh.
21st September 2009 12:36
Thank you again! Very pleased you liked it enough to have another look.
20th September 2009 13:25
This is fantastic! The wrap of leg around leg, the clutch of Snape's fingers on Harry's thigh, the straining cock pushing out from the perfectly Snape-like underwear, the angles...it's all excellent.
21st September 2009 12:37
Perfectly Snape-like underwear.. For some reason, that phrase make me really happy. Thank you so much! X
20th September 2009 13:53
OH GOD DID THIS HIT MY BREATHPLAY KINK IN FUCKING SPADES!!! Your first Snarry?!?! I will beg prettily for you to do more ♥
21st September 2009 12:38
Very glad to hit your kink! Yeah I think I'll do some more sometime. Thank you! X
20th September 2009 15:29
gorgeous, as always - the pose is fantastic, so much emotion it makes the viewer gasp, too.
21st September 2009 12:39
Glad to hear that this picture conveys some emotion. It always means a lot to me. Thank you so much!
20th September 2009 16:37
oh god. **catches breath**

more, please! **pants**

have I told you how much I adore your fine curious line? guh. It seems delicate, but is so sure, it's devastating.

I cant stop looking at the tangle of limbs, the blushes of colour, the fabbric that hides nothing.
21st September 2009 12:42
That's one of the reason I don't think I'll ever go 100% digital, I think. I can't get the line right on computer. Or maybe it's just me..
Thank you ever so much for the kind words. Very glad you liked it.
20th September 2009 17:11

This is SO expressive. There's so much utterly vulnerable sensuality in this piece. The arch of Snape's body, the head flung back in eyes-closed abandon, the hand in Harry's hair, the way Harry's whispering in his ear.

The sheer level of TRUST. I'm in awe.

I'm going to beg abjectly for more Snarry, pleeease.
21st September 2009 12:46
I wondered whether I should put one of Snape's hand on the tie but thought nah... Let's make him completely trusting in this picture. I'm very glad it worked. I think I'll make some more Snarry one day. Thank you so much for the kind words.
20th September 2009 19:50
Ummm...shit. I need something cold to drink. And private time. Yeah...
21st September 2009 12:48
*Huge silly grin* Thank you!
20th September 2009 19:58
Abjuofy, YAY! Your Snape is always, always a thing of pale, skinny, awkward beauty. I love that it's Harry in control here -- and he does look so very confident and in charge. I like to think he's saying something simultaneously reassuring and filthy in Snape's ear. :D Love Snape's colarbones standing out and his fingertips digging into Harry's leg. Fabulous.
21st September 2009 12:52
Yes! Reassuring and filthy was exactly what I had in mind when I was drawing Harry. So glad you think the same. I often take pleasure in painting Snape's protruding ribs and bones. Very glad you enjoyed the result. Thank you ever so much!
21st September 2009 00:35
*faints* Holy crap, that's gorgeous. I like how they somehow both look vulnerable.
21st September 2009 12:55
I didn't particularly intend to make them look vulnerable, but am very glad that they do. Thank you so much!
21st September 2009 04:33
This is not a kink I've ever considered but it's so beautiful.
The entwined legs and Snape's clinched hand and the foot upon foot - too gorgeous.
I just love your lines and coloring.
21st September 2009 13:00
It's not one of the most popular kinks I suppose. But it's one of my guilty kinks. So glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the kind words!
21st September 2009 06:42
Holy smoking, drinking, swearing popes... *jaw drops*

Your work is always beautiful, but there is such a level of love and trust on display here that it's almost humbling to witness. Snape's hands... Harry nibbling on his ear... Severus's bright pink needy cock...

21st September 2009 13:06
:D I love your first line.
I'm pleased you liked it and very glad that the emothions came through. Thank you ever so much!
21st September 2009 14:55
Oh this is so made of win! *licks lips* Beautiful depiction and it hits all my kink buttons perfectly!
22nd September 2009 13:17
XD I'm Very glad it does. Thank you so much!
22nd September 2009 03:51
Oh, dear god. *stares* I am absolutely incapable of seeing Snape as a sexual being, but I would almost be converted if there were more things like this out there. The coloring is beautiful, and I love the arc of Snape's back. Harry breathing in his ear is just the tip of a delightful iceberg.
22nd September 2009 13:19
I've never considered Harry as a sexual being myself, but well.. Would be delighted to convert you! Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much!
22nd September 2009 19:57
OMG, it's quite possible I fainted for a few seconds! All of my usual favourites: Sev's bony knees and ankles and feet... I must have a fetish for it. Sure I will dream about his left big toe, mmmmm. And the new beauties: his hand, gripping Harry's thigh, is so deliciously real. And that needy purplish cock. That telltaling bulge of Harry's boxers. I can hear Harry whispering something dirty so close in Sev's ear. Oh, and I love the title. Makes me shudder in a good (very, very good) way *g*
22nd September 2009 20:59
Uh, Severus made me distracted and I forgot to tell you your Harry is perfect. Adult and strong enough to make the whole scene believable.
26th September 2009 11:58
Hee- I'm so glad you liked it. For some reason, Snarry seemed like the right pairing to go with this theme. I much prefer Harry as mature, strong adult then as a seinsitive nervous teenageer. And Snape... well I like him writhing. :D
Thank you ever so much for the kind words!
1st October 2009 13:47
I don't usually like this pairing, but your art always makes me happy and THIS DID NOT DISAPPOINT. This is amazing. UNF. Thank you for sharing this! I love it!
3rd October 2009 19:31
Oh. Wow.


and I'm not even considered a Snarry shipper.
12th October 2009 06:28

*is ded*

absolutely gorgeous and smoking hot!
2nd December 2009 04:25
oh god, this is beautiful. the ribbon/tie around severus's neck their toes...the blissful expressions...how severus's right hand DIGS into harry's thigh...this is all about the details and they are fabulous.
10th December 2009 05:01
Guh! You do Snarry wonderfully!

I adore this; it's very hot, really beautiful, and one of my favourite kinks, so yay!
12th December 2009 12:00
I still find Harry difficult to potray, but glad I could pull it off.
It's one of my favourites, too!
Thank you so much fot the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it!
10th September 2011 20:54
I love this piece, especially Snape's abandon and his apparent trust in Harry.

I've recced it over at fanart_recs here.
13th September 2011 14:17
Thank you so much for the kind words and for the rec!
I'm very glad this worked for you. <3
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