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Professor Sprout enjoys her Magical Vegetables 
27th May 2009 23:43

Title: What Grows in Pomona's Garden
Artist: [info]venturous 
Characters:Pomona Sprout
Warnings:a woman who amuses herself
Themes/kinks chosen:masturbation
Summary: there as distinct advantages to having plant magic at your fingertips. But with her hectic schedule, Pomona rarely gets private time to enjoy them.

note: I edited the art -- she is based on a friend of mine, and she requested it not look quite so much like her!!
27th May 2009 23:06
Ahaha, that's great! That carrot looks like it's moving with intent. ;-)
28th May 2009 20:09
it is! :D
27th May 2009 23:08
Fabulous! I like seeing a realistic older woman like this. *g*
28th May 2009 20:13
thank you! hey, crones have more fun!
28th May 2009 00:19
Fabulous!!! Just Fabulous!!!!
28th May 2009 20:13
28th May 2009 01:47
Ooo, I love this! Looks like that vine has designs on her nipples... and that carrot! *glee* You totally owned Sprout/vegetables here. :D
28th May 2009 20:15
yes, those vines are determined to make her happy.
28th May 2009 05:24
Oh yes. A gorgeous, real-looking woman enjoying herself. I approve :)
28th May 2009 20:16
the most dangerous thing in the world, a woman who satisfies herself.
28th May 2009 08:03
This is inspired - just beautiful.
28th May 2009 20:16
thanks, Red! :D
28th May 2009 09:37
In addition to the obvious fun stuff, I love Pomona's expression and the way the blue background wash looks so soft and comfy at the same time it suggests how much in her own lovely world she is.
28th May 2009 20:18
sometimes I see a big field of grain, and it looks so soft I just want to wallow in it.

then I remember the ticks. :p
28th May 2009 11:03
I can't stop giggling about the carrot!^___^
It's really cool how you managed to make her beautiful in her own way although she isn't model-like at all. But she glows and she looks so relaxed and self-assured, and that makes her pretty. Brilliant!^^
28th May 2009 20:39
gee, thanks!
28th May 2009 16:27
Oooh. Is that the Primal Carrot?
28th May 2009 20:40
*g* the Lusty Carrot o' Fun!
28th May 2009 21:18
Oh that's gorgeous, Ven! Love the carrot. *g* But the bed of vines and her contented face as well as her realistic body are all beautiful. Great job.
28th May 2009 21:37
Oh she looks like she's having a FABULOUS time! *g*
Awesome job, Ven. :)
29th May 2009 05:51
I love how realistic this is... except for the magic carrot, of course. Wonderful job, Ven!
29th May 2009 20:57
I have to say, it's nice to see a realistic figure portrayed like this, thanks for posting! The carrot...:)
31st May 2009 17:24
thanks, Cat! I must say your Severus inspired the carrot's proportions.
30th May 2009 23:48
How very imaginative and fun. Nice potrayal of Prof. Sprout, too. And that carrot is just brilliant.. Heh heh
31st May 2009 17:22
heh, I have a new interest in gardening. Thanks!
1st June 2009 16:14
1. My carrots never grow that big. *pouts*

2. Lovely all the way around. Add my love for the realistic older female.
1st June 2009 16:27
Oh, wow. That is just *gorgeous*. (suddenly missing Chaz more than ever...)
1st June 2009 20:07
awww, where is your sweetie?
1st June 2009 20:09
Tampa. Business. Lung doc says no southern states in summer for me (heat plus high humidity makes it too difficult for severe asthmatics to breathe... so does heat with too little humidity).
1st June 2009 20:16
wise to stay out of Florida this time of year!
1st June 2009 20:19
And Arizona, Texas and New Mexico...
2nd June 2009 01:38
Wow! Gorgeous picture. Sprout is often ignored in fanfic (and particularly in fanart), but this lavishes attention on her so lovingly (as do her plants . . . what an incentive to get the garden going!).
18th August 2009 06:31
lovely! fabulous colors and such a hilariously awesome concept! :D
21st August 2009 02:25
hah, I see you are catching up on your Daily Deve!

thanks for enjoying.
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