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8th December 2019 
19:36 - Daily Deviant DreamWidth is Live!
Our move from IJ to DW is (mostly) complete! We still have a few things to tidy up, but the layout is in place and nearly all of the essentials are transferred over. We're ready to continue the pervy party in our new pad!

...Which means we'll have Kinky Kristmas information up shortly. Yes, we're running behind, but it'll all work out. We'll just rearrange some things and run the holiday festivities into January. There's no rule that says we have to put the red silk stockings and Santa hats away on January 1, right?!

So we'll devote the rest of December and all of January to running Kinky Kristmas, preparing for Banging Birthday, and completing the last bits and pieces of the move. We'll shift "everything old is new again" to February. March will be birthday-themed. And April will be Banging Birthday posting. More information on all of this is on the way.

One quick note to our posting members: You might be used to seeing the links to the monthly themes, calendar page, posting rules, and header codes in the comm's sidebar. Due to differences in layout capabilities on DW, those are no longer in the sidebar. You can still find the links listed near the bottom of the userinfo page, though. Apologies for any confusion.

We'll keep this post short so that we can work on getting Kinky Kristmas info together. We hope to have it all up tomorrow evening.

Thanks for your patience! We'll get some action going again soon...
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