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9th December 2018 
15:32 - Kristmas Comment Kink Week 1 Roundup

art by [info]akatnamedeaster

We're off to a bit of a slow start, but several more claims have been made, so more lovely bits of smut should be on the way soon. And there are still loads of great prompts waiting to be filled! Remember, it only takes 200 words or a simple sketch to make someone's holidays happy!

The tasty treats so far:

FIC: Charlie/Harry; spreader bar by [info]leontina
FIC: Uncomplicated; Ron/other male + Harry; voyeurism by [info]digthewriter
FIC: Nice and Slow; Draco/Severus; praise!kink by [info]gracerene
FIC: Natural; Neville/Lavender; loss of virginity, experienced woman/inexperienced man by [info]gracerene
FIC: In the Lift; Ron/Pansy; public fingering by [info]keyflight790

Keep 'em coming! ;D
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