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Snow Day 
15th February 2009 07:13
Author: [info]lee_west
Title: Snow Day
Rating: R
Pairing: Arthur/Molly
Kinks Chosen: Pornography
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: A surprising find on an equally surprising day off makes Arthur look at snow in a different way.
Warnings: None, except for implicit hot sex between an old married couple.
Word Count: 1,840
Author's Notes: This was obviously inspired by the recent snow day in London.

A million thanks to my beta, [info]iamisaac/[info]sabethea, who probably had to cope with the snow day. I hope it was fun for you, too!

Arthur hated being cold. It seemed that he had no way of fighting it, despite the many Charms he cast around him and the place where he happened to be. His hands were always freezing, to the point that Molly shrieked whenever he touched her. Even in bed, when he was feeling at his most amorous, those damn hands would simply not be warm enough for him to be allowed to touch his wife. It was no surprise that most of his children were not conceived during winter; he had to wear mittens in bed and there was no denying that that was a detriment to sex most of the time.

He counted the days until the first tiny leaves on the trees announced the arrival of milder weather, when he could finally stop wearing layers of sweaters and the dreadful mittens. It was therefore with sincere shock that he woke up one March morning, a few days after the first daffodils had bloomed, and saw the whole yard covered with a thick blanket of white. He rubbed his eyes, not believing what he was seeing. A late snow storm, a blizzard almost, had fallen overnight and was showing no signs of ameliorating.

His hands froze immediately and he cursed mildly before he woke Molly up.

"Arthur! What a beautiful winter wonderland," she exclaimed, obviously not feeling the cold as he did. "I'm going to make us some nice hot porridge, so you're warm enough to go to work."

Work. Arthur wondered how long it would take to heat up the Ministry to a comfortable level. Because the days were getting a little less crisp, the Minister had taken a conservationist route and decreased the level of the Warming Charms. It did take quite a considerable amount of magical energy to keep the whole Ministry warm, energy that could be used to other, more pressing needs. As the advocates of the lower usage of energy maintained, wizards and witches could always dress more warmly.

Which was very nice, if you didn't have to wear mittens, too. With that thought, Arthur took a very hot bath and dressed as warmly as he could, before going down for his promised hot porridge.

Molly was kneeling in front of the fireplace, and turned back to him when she heard his steps. "Arthur, there's no work today."

"Why?" That was odd. The Ministry never stopped.

"Apparently the snow fell heavily in London, too, and the Muggles were advised to stay home. The bus and the Tub services have been cancelled."

"Tube," he corrected her automatically. "But what does that have to do with us? We don't take buses or the Tube."

"I don't know why," she shrugged. "Maybe it would look strange for the wizards and witches who live around the Muggles to be out when they were told to stay inside."

There could be other reasons. Shacklebolt and the Muggle Minister were excellent friends, a friendship that had started when Kingsley was posing as the Minister's secretary. Maybe the Minister had asked Shacklebolt to take the time off and come for a cup of tea, since the day would probably be slow. But Arthur didn't care about the reason. He was going to stay home, in his own house, where he could expend as much magical energy as he wanted, to stay as warm as possible.

He ate his porridge while he made mental plans to work with the motorbike that had belonged to Sirius Black. It still flew, but, once in a while, the Disillusionment Charm malfunctioned and more than once the bike had been seen by Muggles. Nothing that an Obliviate couldn't take care of, but it was a pain to have to land so he could erase the Muggles' memories.

He was about to announce to Molly the good news when she spoke the fatal words, "Dear, since you're staying home, maybe you can tackle Ron's bedroom? It's very messy, and I want to have it straightened out before he comes back from the world trip with Harry. Merlin knows what those two will bring with them, and I swear the room has no place for anything else."

Ron's bedroom - dubbed affectionately "The Black Hole" by George (and Fred, when he was alive). The place where things simply disappeared under the mountain of debris. The task of cleaning it was insurmountable, and would take much more than one snow day. A snow year, maybe.

Arthur tried to get away without doing the task, explaining that he had already planned to work on the bike, but she pointed out logically that the shed that housed the bike – and where Arthur would be working – was much colder than the rest of the house.

She was right and, besides, she had that face that meant business, business that included making at least a dent in the confusion that was Ron's room.


Arthur brought a huge sack to throw away unwanted items. He planned to make short work of the task and throw away as much as he could. He figured that, if Ron had been attached to a particular item in that room, he'd have safeguarded it a long time ago. Or he should have, at least. He cast a very strong Warming Charm in the room and set to work.

By noon he had managed to clear a path that led to the old oak wardrobe, and had taken three sacks full of garbage downstairs. Molly had prepared a hearty soup for their lunch, and, feeling invigorated, Arthur decided to tackle the contents of the wardrobe.

It was locked, and he pondered that maybe he should leave it alone. Maybe Ron had already done his weeding out and stored the things he wanted to keep in the wardrobe. He looked around at the objects strewn on the floor – clothes, text books, a lot of items from George's joke shop, Quidditch memorabilia...even a poster of the Cannons. That was something that Ron would have wanted to keep. Maybe he had forgotten to store it in the wardrobe. Arthur figured out he could use an Alohomora to open the door – if it worked, he could pack a few more things there; if not, it was one less thing for him to worry about.

The door opened easily with the spell, and Arthur immediately regretted having done so: he was flooded by a huge number of magazines, which had been haphazardly piled up in the wardrobe. They all crashed on the floor with a loud noise, causing Molly to cry out from downstairs, asking him if he was all right.

"I am fine," he answered, a little miffed. Now he would have more stuff to sort through. He sat on the floor in the middle of the magazines, expecting them to be part of Ron's old comics collection or maybe about Quidditch. He picked one up at random and gasped loudly.

It was a very explicit pornographic magazine: on the cover it showed a witch and a wizard doing "it" in a position Arthur had never even thought of. He turned the magazine one way, then the other, but still couldn't figure out how they were managing to have sex like that.

Because the two people on the cover were definitely having sex, with their eyes closed, their faces twisted in ecstasy and their mouths open in silent moans of pleasure. Arthur exhaled and opened the magazine: the inside was equally explicit, showing young, gorgeous, completely naked witches spreading their legs to the camera – and to the viewer - exposing themselves completely and winking their eyes at him. The centerfold was a beautiful blonde, with nothing on except silver stiletto shoes; her legs were also spread out, and she was using her own fingers to open herself up even more to the viewer.

He was fascinated by the witch. They certainly didn't do that for men's magazines when he was a teenager. Actually, in comparison, what he had was close to nothing. Maybe a full frontal, in which the girl posing would cover and uncover herself – she spent most of the time covered anyway, which meant that the boys would spend a lot of time in the bathroom waiting for her to remove the robes she was wearing.

But this? No wonder Ron and Harry spent a lot of time locked in this bedroom. All the time that Molly thought they were planning great adventures... Arthur started feeling hot. Maybe he had put too much energy on the Warming Charm. He took his sweater off, read more of the magazine and took off his shirt. Finally, dressed only in his boxers, he canceled the Warming Charm. By then he was in the second magazine, which, if possible, was even hotter than the first. There was much more couple action in the second one, and Arthur, now hard beyond imagination, had only one thing in mind: go downstairs and grab Molly. He wouldn't rat on his son – Molly detested pornography and would make Arthur throw it all away. And (not to mention that throwing it away was not something Arthur had any intention of doing), it would be hard on Ron to come back to Molly's wrath.


Molly shrieked when she saw that Arthur was dressed only in his boxers, but, when she saw the bulge in said boxers, she didn't take more than a few seconds to put out the fire under the stew she was making for dinner. She let herself be carried to the sofa in the living-room and reduced to a similar state of undress, too.

If Molly thought it was strange that Arthur was making some new suggestions, she didn't say anything. The fire was crackling, there were only the two of them in the Burrow, and it was time that Mr and Mrs Weasley relived some of the wild days of their youth.


That evening, tired but happy, they were eating a bowl of hot, savory stew when the fireplace flashed up. It was a message from the Ministry, saying that, although it was not supposed to snow the next day, all personnel were advised to stay home until the Muggle government cleaned the roads and re-established transportation services.

"You'll be home again tomorrow, Arthur! And it should be warmer, so you'll be able to work on the bike."

Arthur thought about the pile of literature still to be unearthed in Ron's room. And the warmth he'd felt that day. There was no way he'd exchange that for a dirty job in a cold shed. "No, Molly," he answered earnestly, "I'll take the time to work in Ron's room again. There's still a lot to be done. And," he wriggled his eyebrows, "my reward for services rendered today was very nice. I hope I can get more again tomorrow."

Molly blushed and threw a napkin playfully at him. But her eyes and the mischievous smile meant that she and Arthur would have a lot of fun the next day. Snow or no snow.
15th February 2009 21:08
I am so in love with this. This couple gets far too little love, and when the magazines fell on him it reminded me a bit of my own closet.
16th February 2009 06:40
For some reason DD's prompts inpire me to write Arthur/Molly. But you're right - they get very little fic time. Maybe because sex between an old married couple is not considered porny at all.

Thanks, darling. Glad you liked it.

16th February 2009 12:25
I still love the unsexy mittens :)
16th February 2009 20:42
Hehe...Poor Arthur - or better, poor Molly. I hate cold hands, too.
16th February 2009 18:53
*giggle* Awesome. Love it! :D
16th February 2009 20:43
Thank you - glad you enjoyed it.
16th February 2009 23:26
This was just perfect!
17th February 2009 06:10
17th February 2009 02:11
Wow . . . would you believe that I just realized- and was amazed at- the concept of pornographic pictures in the HP world? They'd be like mini-porn videos! This continues to fascinate me.

Great writing, too, by the way. Arthur/Molly just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.
17th February 2009 06:14
The whole concept of pictures/paintings amaze me. It was one of the most interesting things that JK thought of.

Arthur and Molly are THE couple. I'm not extremely fond of her as a character, but they symbolize the perfect union. I've even tried once to slash him, but it didn't work. Those two belong to each other.

Thanks for reading.
21st February 2009 10:31
Awwww! That was so sweet. Arthur and Molly are so cute. *pets them*
Nice way to spend a couple of snow days. ;)
21st February 2009 20:54
Thank you - glad you liked it.

They are very cute together, those two.
2nd March 2009 16:15
Beautiful! These two should get more fic dedicated to them!

2nd March 2009 20:43
Yes, they deserve more fic - they are THE couple.

Thank you!
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