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All I want to do is make love to you (Percy/Fleur, R) 
30th January 2009 21:03
Title: All I Want To Do (Is Make Love To You)
Author: [info]ragdoll
Characters: Percy Weasley/Fleur Delacour
Rating: R
Warnings: adultery
Themes/kinks chosen: Adultery
Word Count: 4100
Summary: Percy Weasley reckons he's the luckiest man in the world. After all, it wasn’t every man who got to shag his brother's wife.
Author's notes: Originally planned for October, but life had other plans. It based on a story suggestion [info]elfflame made several years ago and it seemed to fit really well. I found out afterwards that her bunny was inspired by the song "I wanna do is make love to you" by Heart.

Percy Weasley reckoned he was the luckiest man in the world. After all, it wasn't every man who got to shag his brother's wife. Especially not one as beautiful, young and vivacious as Fleur Weasley nee' Delacour.

Of course, it hadn't been his fault. Not in the least. Fleur had just taken an interest in him, starting from the first time they'd met at Hogwarts. He could see her sizing him up as he'd reconciled with his family, those cornflower blue eyes roving over his body, making him feel naked and exposed. It was why he'd introduced himself to her in the first place – although it also had just been the polite thing to do.

Their affair had started soon after the Battle at Hogwarts, once the family had dealt with the loss of his brother, Fred, and other friends – well, as much as they could, given the circumstances. Every time Percy had seen Fleur at a family gathering, he'd felt the pull to her, the heat rising between them. At first, he'd assumed it was just her Veela powers, but then soon realised it was much more than that. Fleur always took the time to talk to him, laughing at his jokes, showing great interest in his stories about what life had been like at the Ministry in the years he had not spoken to his family. She'd sat there in rapt fascination, taking in every word, giving him coy glances and winsome smiles.

Percy had not been used to women giving him that sort of attention and it had embarrassed him. Especially when he half-expected his brother Bill to say or do something derisive. After all, he was Fleur's husband. Had Percy been in Bill's position, he'd have been terribly jealous and possessive, but Bill had seemed blissfully unaware of Fleur's flirtations. Or just not bothered by them. Perhaps Bill liked the fact that other men wanted his wife…but couldn't have her. Or he just didn't believe Percy to be a threat.

From there it had just gotten more intense. It started with little touches; Fleur's hand lingering on Percy's for just a little too long, or what could have been an innocent brush-up against him. A mention that he loved coronation chicken led to an invitation to a dinner at Shell Cottage with that entree on the menu, Fleur using his mum's own recipe to make it. She'd also made rhubarb crumble, Percy's absolute favourite pudding, although how she'd discovered that fact had been beyond him.

It had been delicious.

Afterwards, Fleur had allowed Percy to help her clean up and wash the dishes while Bill sat on the sofa and read that day's The Daily Prophet, oblivious. She had made sure to be close to Percy the entire time, constantly finding reasons to come in contact with him; his hands, his arms, his shoulders. She pulled her silver-white hair up into a makeshift knot, smelling like roses and jasmine and rain as she flitted about the kitchen. Even doing domestic chores, she was drop-dead gorgeous. She caught Percy looking at her, meeting his gaze steadily, her full lips curving up into a secretive smile. As her eyes locked on his, Percy felt a jolt of electricity coursing through him, rushing straight to his groin. He blushed, breaking eye contact, and turned his focus to the pile of dishes soaking in the sink, praying his sister-in-law couldn't detect the erection already beginning to strain against his trousers.

It had taken all Percy's resolve not to flee then and there. Of course, being in the same room with Bill had been like being doused with a bucket of ice cold water. Percy suspected his older brother could -- and would -- flay him alive for messing with his bride had he been able to read the thoughts running unbidden through Percy's mind. He was only grateful that Bill wasn't skilled in Legilimency. Percy'd managed through coffee and polite conversation, squirming awkwardly, trying to concentrate on anything but Fleur before he was finally able to leave, going home to wank himself raw over the thought of having the beautiful Veela girl in the middle of her kitchen. In his mind, Percy had flung her over the kitchen table, torn off her filmy knickers and shagged her hard and fast for hours as Fleur writhed and moaned his name. It was a fantasy which he'd replayed for days on end.

So, it hadn't been a complete surprise when he received the owl bearing a note from Fleur the following morning. There on pink parchment, scented with that familiar scent of roses and jasmine, written in elaborate script, were the simple words:

"Cher Percy,

I need to see you most desperately.

Percy sat and stared at the note, turning it over several times in his hands, wondering if it could be some sort of elaborate windup on the part of one of his siblings. In past, it would've been like Fred and George to pull such a prank, but Fred was gone, and since that dreadful day, George had hardly been in the mood to take the mickey out of anyone. It would've been in poor taste for Bill to do such a thing -- which left only Charlie, Ron and Ginny as possible culprits. Charlie was too far away and had never been one for cruel tricks, and Percy didn't think Ron had it in him. Ginny might have, but Percy hoped she was too busy with Harry and her final year of school to bother with him.

It took several tries before he managed to respond, his hands shaking so badly that ink splattered all over the page as he put quill to parchment.


Just tell me where and when, and I'll be there.


In the end, she had come to his flat, wrapped in an invisibility cloak. Percy couldn't blame Fleur for the subterfuge; she was a married woman with a reputation to uphold. It would not have been seemly for her to be seen coming alone to her brother-in-law's flat in the evening. The cloak slid off her shoulders, revealing the beautiful woman beneath, dressed in a clingy diaphanous dress which enhanced all her curves and barely left anything to the imagination.

Percy led her inside, his hands trembling, horribly embarrassed by the immediate erection straining against his trousers. He could only hope she hadn't noticed. "It's good to see you again," he said awkwardly. "I got your letter and I wasn't certain--"

"I meant what I said," she replied coolly. "I wanted to see you. I feel as though we have a certain rapport. You feel it too, non?"

"I--" Percy stammered, then nodded. "I do. I have for a while. You must know I'm mad about you, Fleur." He raked his fingers through his hair, blushing slightly. "You must hear that all the time though."

There was a hint of a smile on her lips. "I have heard it before, yes. But, hearing it from you, Percy...c'est merveilleux."

"Here, sit--" Percy ushered her to his sofa, making sure she was comfortable before offering her a glass of white wine which she accepted graciously. Fleur shifted as he went to fetch her a glass, her robe sliding away to reveal her crossed legs. They were long and slim and shapely; Percy imagined what they'd feel like wrapped around his hips, his cock twitching in response. "S-so, where's Bill tonight?" He half-expected his older brother to come popping round out of nowhere, demanding to know where his wife had got to.

"He is working late at Gringott's," said Fleur, her normally flawless face suddenly marred with sadness, her voice soft. "The goblins, they require him to make up the time he lost when we were in hiding during the war." She sighed, pushing a stray lock of her pale hair off her forehead. "He will stay out even later after that. It is the full moon tonight. I do not like to be around him then. He knows this."

Percy nodded soberly. He had missed the ordeal of Bill's attack by the Death Eater werewolf; he had still been certain that his family was in the wrong about Dumbledore, still on the side of the Ministry and his former boss, Rufus Scrimgeour, and refusing to see Bill in St. Mungo's as he recovered.

"Bill, he gets ugly at this time of the month." Fleur raised a graceful hand, revealing a large angry bruise on her slender wrist. "It is the curse. Greyback."

Percy's eyes grew wide behind the lenses of his thick glasses. "D-does he hurt you?" It was hard to imagine Bill harming anyone, least of all a beautiful woman, but Percy knew very little of lycanthropy, especially Bill's special case.

"Not intentionally," Fleur replied, lowering her head in shame. "But it...it causes trouble between us. I did not think it would be so h-hard." Her voice cracked, tears welling in her eyes. "I am sorry, Percy."

Percy rushed to her side, nearly spilling the wine as he set the glass on the sideboard, then settled down next to her, wrapping a comforting arm around her heaving shoulders. "Don't apologise, Fleur. It must be...well, awful given the circumstances."

She nodded mutely, biting on her lower lip. She was so close that he could smell her perfume again; it was heady and intoxicating, her alabaster skin warm beneath. Fleur raised her head, her eyes once again meeting his. Percy could feel himself being drawn in again, and he didn't try to resist. Without thinking, he leaned forward, pressing his mouth against hers and kissed her. To his surprise, she yielded, responding to him with great enthusiasm.

As she moaned against his lips, Percy decided that kissing Fleur was not like kissing any other woman he'd known. Her lips were soft and warm and sweet; it was the most thrilling thing he'd ever experienced in his life. It was several minutes before he forced himself to break away, panting at the contact. "I--erm, I mean, I shouldn't have--"

"And why not?" asked Fleur, her voice husky. "Don't you like me, Percy?"

The way she said his name caused shivers of delight running up the length of Percy's spine. "Of course I like you!" he blurted, horrified that she'd even think such a thing. "But you're--I mean, Bill would..."

Her fingertips traced lightly along the line of his jaw, her hands warm and soft. "What Bill does not know will not hurt him," she said quietly.

"But it might hurt me," said Percy dryly. "If he found out, I mean." He did not want to imagine the ways in which his older brother could -- and would -- exact his revenge.

The corner of Fleur's mouth curled up into a wry smile, her eyes guileless and wide. "He will not find out," she insisted, then shrugged. "And if he did, he would never believe I would consider being with another man. He trusts me implicitly, so we will just have to be discreet, will we not?"

Percy could feel himself trembling. "I am the soul of discretion, mon cheri," he whispered. In the back of his mind, he wondered if it was her Veela powers which were making him so receptive to her offer; he shrugged it off, not caring. The most beautiful woman he knew wanted him, Percy Ignatius Weasley, and he wasn't about to reject her. No matter what the cost.

Her smile grew more triumphant, as she reached up and pulled off his glasses in one smooth motion, tossing them aside onto a side table. "I knew you would be. Now, let us do more than talk, ma cher Percy."

And so they had.

He had undressed her slowly, deliberately, reverently, as if he were unwrapping a special birthday present, not wanting to rush anything at all. Percy could barely believe his luck; he supposed another man would have stripped her bare and had his way with her before she changed her mind, but that was not in Percy's nature. He was determined to savour each and every inch of the woman before him. He would not disappoint her.

Kissing Fleur had been beyond exciting, but the sex was mind-blowing. While he was hardly a virgin, Percy's previous experiences in the bedroom had hardly been stellar. Most of the girls he'd been with had been shy, repressed, afraid to really let themselves go (not unlike Percy himself, although he'd never had admitted it). Fleur, on the other hand, had no inhibitions whatsoever, encouraging Percy to do the same. They had done everything. There had not been an inch of Percy's body Fleur had not wanted to kiss, lick, suck or bite, and Percy had been desperate to reciprocate. He had done so with great enthusiasm.

Shagging her had been unlike anything he'd ever done before. Not even in his wildest dreams or darkest fantasies had Percy imagined sex could be like this. Fleur loved to tease him, taking him in her mouth and bringing him close to orgasm over and over again until he thought she might just kill him. Finally, she pushed him onto his back, straddling his hips, and taking him deep inside her with a satisfied sigh.

Percy groaned as she constricted around him, her slick thighs pressed tightly against his hipbones. He reached up to cup her magnificent breasts, transfixed as they bounced above him. Her nipples were large and deep red, hardening at his touch, her skin searing beneath his hands. Fleur bit her lower lip, her head thrown back as she moaned and writhed against him. He slid one hand down from her breast to her hips, clutching her and holding her tight.

"Baise-moi, Percy!" Fleur pleaded, bearing down on him and tightening again. "Baise-moi!"

"Nnnngh," was the only response he was capable of giving her, the words sticking in his throat. He thrust up, his hips rising to meet hers in rough syncopation, a steady rhythm building up between them until they moved as one.

"Oh, Percy..." Fleur mewled. "Oh, ma douce Percy..." Her cries and moans were sending jolts of excitement coursing along the length of his spine. It was impossible to maintain control when she was riding him like a prized Abraxan, but Percy was trying his best to make it last. Fleur's moans grew progressively louder, Percy's thrusts growing harder and deeper until they'd reached a frenzied pace. He gasped for air, his fingers digging into the soft curves of her hips and arse. His entire body was on fire, aching for release. The pain was almost unbearable, an exercise in exquisite torture.

He couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh, god, Fleur..." Percy exclaimed as he pushed up one last time and his vision exploded to white behind his eyeballs. The orgasm ripped through him like a molten tidal wave, sending him jerking violently beneath her. He felt her shuddering on top of him as she cried out his name, her nails cutting sharply into his chest as she came. Percy could only imagine they'd leave marks; he would proudly to wear them like badges of honour.

Fleur collapsed upon him, her skin damp as she pressed against him, her lips soft and warm against his neck. "Mmmm," she murmured, her fingers burrowing into his hair. "That was magnifique."

Percy decided it would be thoroughly rude of him to ask how he measured up against Bill, but judging from the intensity of her climax, he hoped it had been a thrilling experience for her. He couldn't wait to do it again.


Percy got his wish, although not nearly as often as he would have liked. Obviously, their affair entailed quite a lot of sneaking around, especially since Bill was the sort who would become suspicious if Fleur was gone very often or for too long. Percy took whatever she could give him, usually short sessions of unbelievable sex grabbed whenever she could get away, wherever it was most convenient. He was like a well-trained dog: as soon as he received her call, he'd jump and run to her side, grateful for what little time they had together, savouring each and every moment. He knew he ought to feel guilty -- she was still his brother's wife -- but instead he felt triumphant, elated. For the first time in his life, he possessed something Bill didn't, was wanted where Bill wasn't. It was quite the heady experience.

It was easier during the full moon as Bill was always too preoccupied to check up on his wife's whereabouts. Fleur's mood seemed to wax along with the moon; she was always at her most enthusiastic and intense when she knew Bill wasn't in a position to be concerned about her. Percy was especially happy during those times. He began to consider a future with her, working out in his mind how she could leave Bill and run away with him, how they could be together fully and completely. However, whenever he attempted to raise the subject, Fleur would look at him, her large cornflower blue eyes full of sadness, and shake her head softly. She was loyal to Bill, if only because he needed her, if only because she did not want to cause him any further pain, if only because she cared enough to not want his family torn apart. Percy could only love her more for her sacrifices.

Still, he wanted her for himself. Bill had squandered his relationship with her, had hurt her, had abandoned her. It wasn't right that he should be allowed to keep her.

It was Halloween before Percy saw her again. His mother had decided that a big family gathering for the holiday was in order, yet another celebration of the war's end, another memorial for lost friends and family members. There would be no avoiding Fleur there, or Bill for that matter, however awkward. He would just have to do his best to remain nonchalant, reminding himself how dangerous it would be if he let on that they were more than friends.

She was already there when he arrived at the Burrow, hanging onto Bill's arm and laughing lightly at one of George's jokes. She looked more radiant than ever, her silvery hair hanging loose, framing her face perfectly. Percy felt a twinge of jealousy as he saw Bill, beaming like one of the dozens of jack o'lanterns floating about the room put his arm around Fleur, caressing her shoulder and kissing her lightly. Of course he would do -- she was his wife, but Percy couldn't help reacting just the same. He drew in a deep breath, forcing his fists to uncurl and his face to become impassive once more.

Before he could greet them, his mother swooped down upon the pair, a tray covered in assorted flasks in her doughy hands. Molly offered Fleur some wine, but she waved it away with a graceful flick of her hand and indicated the flask of pumpkin juice instead. Molly's eyebrow arched up into a curious look as she considered her daughter-in-law, trying to interpret her actions. Percy didn't need Legilimency to know what his mum was thinking -- her rabid desire for grandchildren was hardly a secret. In fact, it was legendary. From what Fleur had told him, at one point or another, Molly had assumed that every girl involved with one of her sons was pregnant at least once, although she'd been wrong on each and every count. Of course she would be proven mistaken once more, but Percy had to give her points for never giving up hope.

Bill burst into raucous laughter as he glimpsed his mother's expression, then raised up his glass. "Oi, listen up, everyone! May I have your attention please? I've got an announcement to make."

The eyes of every member of the Weasley clan plus assorted guests focused on Bill in curiosity, the room growing completely silent.

"Well, we have an announcement, I should say," Bill said, giving Fleur a quick squeeze. She flashed him a coy smile, her eyes flickering downward demurely.

Percy suddenly felt sick, as if an icy cold hand had twisted his guts into an intricate knot.

"We wanted to wait until we were absolutely certain..." Bill started, then glanced at Fleur. His scared face split into a huge grin and he laughed. "Fleur is...well, we are expecting a baby."

Molly let out an ear-splitting shriek, then burst into tears before pouncing on her eldest son. As she hugged him tightly, the rest of the family began to descend on the couple, offering up their congratulations. Percy, however, was rooted to the spot, his heart thudding loudly in his chest.

"Nice one, mate!" George exclaimed, thumping Bill on the back. "We were starting to wonder if you actually had it in you--"

"Frankly, so was I," Bill replied, looking a little flushed. "We've been trying for some time and it just wasn't happening. I was beginning to worry there was something really wrong, that that bloody Greyback had done more than just muck up my looks and then, well..." Their mother let out a happy sob. "She's three months along, the Healers tell us the baby's healthy and...well, it's all turned out as right as rain in the end. It's a bloody miracle, isn't it?"

At that moment, Fleur lifted her head, her eyes locking on to Percy's. His breath caught in his throat as he stared back at her, watching the corner of her mouth twist up into the most imperceptible of smiles. Slowly, she raised her glass of pumpkin juice in salute, the brought it to her lips, taking a long quaff.

Percy's world came crashing down around him as he realised the implications of Bill's news, not to mention the obvious timing. He wanted to knock the pumpkin juice from Fleur's hands, tell his brother lurid details of his time with her, inform the rest of the family just what a duplicitous bitch she was...and yet, down deep, he knew he could never do that. His brother was clearly enthralled by the news, his mother completely over the moon., the rest of the family ecstatic. Try as he might, Percy couldn't hurt them, no matter how angry he was. And Fleur had known that from the very start. He'd played precisely into her elegant, well-manicured hands. He wondered if anything she'd told him had been true, and just how badly he'd been played for a fool. It wasn't a good feeling at all.

Somehow, he made his way over to his brother, his body wooden, unresponsive, as if it belonged to someone else entirely. "Congratulations, Bill," he managed through gritted teeth.

"Ah, don't look so miserable, Perce," Bill replied. "It's not as if we're going to ask you to babysit or change its nappies."

"Merci, Percy," Fleur said, leaning over to brush her lips against his cheek in the briefest of kisses. His skin burned at the contact."Merci beaucoups."

"Don't mention it," he muttered, pulling away.

"I hope you are happy for us, Percy," Fleur continued softly. "That you will be a part of the bebe's life. Every child needs an uncle."

"It's got plenty enough without me," Percy said sharply. "Hasn't it?"

Fleur drew back as if stung, then shook her head. "Not as important as you."

"It's apparent to me that I'm not important at all."

"Percy--" Fleur started, then let out a mewl of frustration. "You are more important than you'll ever know. Please know that."

Bill knit his brows together in confusion, unable to comprehend what was transpiring between his wife and his younger brother.

Percy glanced over at Bill, taking in just how happy his brother was at the prospect of becoming a father. He couldn't even look at Fleur, but it was obvious that she loved her husband enough to deceive him in this way. He just hoped for her sake -- and the child's -- it was worth the cost.

Once again, he considered saying something, to shatter the illusion of domesticity playing out before him. But, as much as he wanted to, he couldn't break Bill's heart the way his own had just been broken. His brother at least did not deserve it. "We'll see," Percy murmured, wanting desperately to bolt from the room, but refusing to run, no matter how miserable he felt. "We'll just have to see."
30th January 2009 20:54
Oooh what a bitch! I hope Fleur gets her come-uppence. Unfortunately Bill will know what part Percy played in it and then there will be a breakup between those two. How sad :( If you continue the story I hope Percy doesn't come out to bad in this. I've gotten to like him as a character :)
31st January 2009 00:37
I sort of hope that Fleur has to live with the fact that she deceived both Bill and Percy to get what she wanted. Of course, who knows, maybe Percy plays along or blackmails her and fathers their other two sort-of-canon kids... lots of possibilities. :)

Percy redeemed himself in Deathly Hallows but I still have issues with him, but he's someone I love to torment.
31st January 2009 01:07
I'm hoping that in some way Bill finds out, like maybe Fleur is trying to get on Percy's good side again and Percy calls her a slut and say he was the fool for believing her and he was used, which he was. And Bill hears enough to understand what happened. Of course he'll be angry at Percy, but I think Bill will be stupid enough to stand by Fleur and her veela charms. Percy was all blaming himself if Bill ever found out, when in fact Fleur created a bigger wedge between Percy and the family than what Percy ever did. He never knew her nefarious plans. Haha, I think you're actually getting me to sympathize with Percy even more, even though he was a traitor to his family for a while.
30th January 2009 21:20
Oh wow. What a spectacular twist! I thought perhaps something was going on that Percy couldn't quite see, but I didn't guess until right before the reveal. Man, I feel so freaking bad for him! Not that he's entirely sympathetic with the whole 'cheating with his brother's wife' thing. ;) But Fleur just played him so well, I can't help but want to huggle him.

Wonderful job, hon.
31st January 2009 00:29
LOL I wanted to put Elfflame's actual prompt in the notes, but then realised it would give away the ending...it was "One of the Weasley brothers' wives had to go to another Weasley brother to help her have a child." Or something close to that. It just worked really well for the adultery prompt since I can't write infidelity just for the sake of cheap thrills, unless its someone I dislike. LOL

I'm so glad you liked it. I just figured Percy has inadequacy issues and let's face it, Fleur's not the sort of woman he could normally get.

I'm so glad you liked it! :)
31st January 2009 09:07
Wow. I totally didn't see that coming. Exquisitely done.
31st January 2009 18:42
Thank you. I'm so glad you liked it. :)
31st January 2009 10:26
Even knowing what was going on, I loved the twist. I was wondering if Bill was in on in or not, though. Poor Fleur. Can't be an easy decision to make. But it definitely made me wonder who fathered the other two. :D

Much better than I could have done, but then, you are far better at Het than I, hon. Excellent story. I'm glad you decided to use it.
31st January 2009 18:47
In my head, Bill was completely clueless about things because I can't see him being okay with his wife shagging another man just for the sake of a baby. I actually have some sympathy for Fleur here -- she's devious, but her actual motivation was her love of Bill. (And in my head, Percy somehow wants her enough to father the other two. Unless there are 2 other brothers involved...Charlie and George are free! ;))

The only reason I didn't actually post your original prompt was that I didn't want to give away the surprise and I couldn't remember how to do the 'hide the info' coding. I'm so glad you mentioned it because it just clicked with the theme. I just wish it had been easier for me to write. *glares at Percy for being unreasonable*
31st January 2009 18:53
I think it was great. And I don't blame you for wanting to keep the twist a secret, though I think anyone who knew the song might have a clue from the title. ;)

Well, we all know just how unreasonable Percy is. But at least by the time he finally gave up on her, he'd know he was more than able to father his own children, right? ;D
31st January 2009 20:32
Excellent fic! I like the plot twist, you handled Fleur's duplicity very well.
I almost feel sorry for Percy
1st February 2009 16:06
Oh, that's so sad. Percy's so romantic and idealistic right up until the end and then Fleur uses him roughly. But very well written and emotionally raw!
4th February 2009 15:32
This story has been rec'ed at
The Golden Seeker
14th February 2009 15:35
Oh, wow, great story, quite intense. The interactions between Percy and Fleur really came to life, and Oh, Bill. Great final scene. Brava!
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