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(art) "Can't Wait Til Christmas" Ron/Harry, NC17 
27th January 2009 00:01
Title: Can't Wait Til Christmas
Artist: [info]osmalic
Media: pencil, paper
Characters: Ron/Harry
Rating: NC17
Warnings: semi-bondage
Themes/kinks chosen: Everything old is new
Artist's notes: Based on [info]star54kar's prompt. Thanks for the mods for the extension!

26th January 2009 15:20

*jaw drops*



Sorry, I just wasn't expecting this...I didn't think that my prompt had gotten picked up and wow this is such a wonderful surprise!!!

It's incredible and sexy and gorgous and thank you so much for drawing it!

*hugs you*

*resumes staring at the art*
28th January 2009 22:02
I saw it and though how much I wanted to draw it. I think I have an unhealthy imagination when it comes to using Christmas decorations. :3 Thanks so much for the prompt! It had me squeeing as well -- the images burned in my mind. *grin*
28th January 2009 22:29
Well I'm overjoyed that you did!

It's wonderful!

Do you mind if I friend you? I don't post at IJ very frequently, but I read here all the time.
29th January 2009 04:25
Yay! Thanks!

I don't mind, and I'll friend you as well. I hardly ever post, too, but I lurk in the background. :3 Hope you don't mind!
29th January 2009 10:37
I just friended you, and don't worry, lurking is fine with me:)

I have no idea if you're on Livejournal or not, but if you're interested I post my fanfiction publicly here, and I post at my LJ far more frequently than I do my IJ. I go by star54kar over there as well, but the journal is friends only, so if you want to read it you'll need to let me know your LJ name so I can friend you:)
26th January 2009 18:32
Very nice! good job, I live the use of tinsel!
28th January 2009 22:03
The tinsel does its job well. :P Thanks!
26th January 2009 20:23
Ooh! Love it.

And look at Ron's freckles! *squee!*

28th January 2009 22:04
I have a weird obsession for Ron's freckles too. ;) Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
26th January 2009 20:30
I love the look in Harry's eye. Dear lord, Ron's in for it. ;) Gorgeous stuff.
28th January 2009 22:05
I think Harry's going to enjoy packing up the entire Christmas decoration. They have a big house! *g* Somehow, I think Ron will enjoy it too. Thanks!
26th January 2009 21:27
28th January 2009 22:06
Hee~ thank you! Glad you liked it.
27th January 2009 20:39
Look at Harry's scruffiness!
28th January 2009 22:06
I have such a thing for Harry's scruffiness, like he doesn't want to be called 'boy' anymore. :P Thank you!
28th January 2009 13:16
Oh, Harry is VERY WISE.

And giving me ideas of things to do with tinsel...
28th January 2009 22:08
I'm sure Harry loves it when he passes on his knowledge to other people willing to learn. ;)
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