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Gold on Black 
19th January 2009 20:17
Title: Gold on Black
Artist: [info]littleblackbow
Media: Pencil and paper
Characters: GL/SB
Rating: Hard, hard R?
Warnings: none
Themes/kinks chosen: Awkward sex/hurt comfort
Artist's notes: This was my own request from Kinky Kristmas.

20th January 2009 01:42
21st January 2009 19:09
Heh... thanks. You know, it's funny how strange it is for me to see my two favorite characters together like this. :P
20th January 2009 10:44
Mmmm. Breakfast in bed.
Thanks for posting!
21st January 2009 19:11
Thanks for commenting!!!

Yeah, hooray for St. Mungo's right?
20th January 2009 14:45
mmm, the blonde and the black....nice, dear!!

greetings from France!!

(wine, cheese and dark chocolate....mmmmmm)
21st January 2009 19:11
Thanks for looking. Me and my unpopular pairings, eh?
21st January 2009 19:07
very hott!
21st January 2009 19:11
Hee thanks!

24th January 2009 08:52
OMG is Sirius wearing a collar?! Yay!!! *dies*
Wonderful pic indeed!
11th February 2009 00:45
How did I miss this?! Mmm, delicious.

I love your Sirius here - his hand gripping the sheet, the way hi shirt is falling away from his body.

Lucky Lockhart ;)

19th February 2009 20:48
It's interesting.

The bed frame and the sheet, does that mean it's in the hospital wing or St. Mungo's?

It seems kinda lonesome, gritty, dirty in some odd way.

It's odd how I like it but it feels...kinda dirty to like it? I don't know maybe I'm emoting my inclination towards not liking the pairing onto the art. *shrugs*

I like it...but still it feels kinda grundgy like knockturne alley grungy sex. ;d

I still like it.
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