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9th January 2009 11:41 - Fic: The Amulet of Alexandria (Bill/Harry, NC-17)
Title: The Amulet of Alexandria
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Bill/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Harry is possibly underage here, though that's not explicitly stated.
Themes/kinks chosen: Everything old is new again: Charms/talismans
Word Count: 1142
Summary: Bill discovers a mysterious amulet with powerful effects.
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]freckles42 for this one. ♥

"So, what do you think, Harry?"

Bill's face was uncomfortably close, and Harry didn't dare look at him. He kept his gaze focused on the amulet or whatever it was that Bill had laid so carefully between them on a white handkerchief.

"I dunno," said Harry, shoving his specs up on his nose. "I mean, it looks ancient, but I don't know anything about--"

"It is ancient. Came all the way from the banks of the Nile here to my mum's kitchen table. It's an amulet which I suspect was once used as a part of a fertility ritual. See the opening here?" Bill indicated with his wand, not touching the thing.

Harry nodded.

"Supposed to represent the female."

Harry made a questioning sort of noise in his throat, and Bill laughed. "The vagina, Harry."

A blush rose in Harry's cheeks. "I knew what you meant." He hadn't, but maybe, he thought, he should have suspected.

"I shouldn't even have it here, but I wanted to show Charlie."

Harry nodded. The amulet did seem to have a strange sort of power.

Bill cleared his throat. "So, is it doing anything for you?"

Harry blushed harder. Proximity to Bill was definitely doing something for him, but he could hardly admit that.

"Um," he said, stalling.

Bill elbowed him, and Harry looked over. He was grinning. "I'm kidding, Harry."

"Oh. Well, right."

"Unless it is doing something for you. Then I think we should investigate the magic."

Harry swallowed hard. Bill had not just said that.

Had he?

He chanced another look over at Bill, who was staring at him, his blue eyes intense. Harry shuddered and cast his gaze back down to Mrs. Weasley's kitchen table, where the amulet rested. It looked so innocent, lying there all dull and dusty. Stupid bloody thing. It was definitely magic. Harry could feel it in his spine, in his shoulders, all the way down to his toes.

"Bill," he said, still not looking up, the name heavy on his dry lips.

Bill said nothing, just reached out and cupped Harry's cheek in his palm.

Harry shivered.

"Harry," Bill said finally, the name little more than a whisper, "Maybe we should go upstairs."

Harry nodded dumbly. Bill wrapped the amulet in the handkerchief again and carried it reverently, ushering Harry up the stairs ahead of him. He kept one hand on the small of Harry's back the whole time, guiding him into the bedroom that Bill and Charlie had shared as boys. There were two beds in there, and Bill indicated the one farthest from the door.

"Sit," he said, and it was as if Harry were under some sort of spell, for he sat, trembling, waiting for whatever it was Bill was going to do next.

Bill placed the wrapped amulet on the bedside table, unfolded the handkerchief, then took a deep breath and picked the amulet up with his bare hands and slipped it over his head.

Harry shot out a hand. "Bill, don't--"

But the thing was already hanging there around Bill's neck from its tatty ribbon. Harry bit his lip.

Bill turned to him. Harry thought he had never seen someone stare so intensely in his life. Was it his imagination, or had Bill's pupils dilated?

He swallowed hard and wanted to back up on the bed but found he just couldn't.

"Harry," Bill said with what sounded like great effort, "This is--fuck--really powerful stuff. Don't know if I can--"

But Harry never found out what it was that Bill thought he could or couldn't do, for Bill was upon him, had pinned him to the bed, one of Harry's wrists in each of Bill's big hands, Bill's knees keeping Harry's legs spread wide apart.

Harry couldn't breathe. Bill undid Harry's jeans with one hand, all the while keeping their gazes locked.

"Fucking want you, Harry," Bill growled.

"Yes," Harry gasped, all pretence gone. He was under the amulet's spell, he knew it, and there was nothing he could do. Besides, it was Bill above him, and Harry couldn't remember a time when he hadn't been in love with Bill.

A smile spread over Bill's face as he yanked Harry's jeans and pants off, then quickly shed his own and covered Harry's body with his again. Harry choked on his cry as their cocks rubbed together.

"Shh, little Harry," Bill hissed, and Harry closed his eyes and tried not to whimper as Bill rubbed against him, slowly at first, but there was a tension in the air as if it were all Bill could do to hold back. Harry snaked a hand between them.

"Want to touch you," he gasped, looking up into Bill's eyes.

Bill closed his eyes and nodded and Harry ran his fingertips along the hard velvet length of Bill, dipping into the precome that welled from Bill's slit, and Bill shuddered and moaned above him.

"Fuck, that's good, Harry." Bill wrapped his long fingers around Harry's shaft, then, and Harry whimpered and writhed and copied Bill's movements, wanting nothing more than to be rewarded by hot splashes of come on his hand and belly and thighs. His shirt was rucked up around his chest, and he didn't care what he looked like, just that Bill, magically influenced or not, wanted him.

"Make me come, little Harry," Bill purred, thrusting into Harry's grip, and Harry worked his hand faster, aided by the slick slide of Bill's precome, feeling his own orgasm uncoiling from the very centre of himself.

"Bill, oh god, gonna--" Harry managed, and Bill spurred him on with a series of yeses and Harry couldn't keep working Bill's cock for he had lost all motor control; he jerked and called out and tensed and untensed, eyelashes fluttering, his throat raw from his guttural moans. Bill's hand was still on his cock, covered in Harry's come, and some had splashed onto Harry's belly as well.

Harry was only vaguely aware of Bill swiping his hand through the come on Harry's belly and using it to get himself off, one hand furiously fisting his cock, the other teasing his bollocks, until he gave a shout and emptied himself onto Harry, their seed mingling on Harry's skin.

"Fuck," was all Bill said before he flopped down next to Harry on the bed.

They lay together, breathing hard, their come cooling on Harry's skin. Rational thought slowly began to creep back in.

"The amulet--" Harry couldn't help but say.

Bill laughed and took it from his neck, swinging it around by its ribbon. "Did you like that? I picked it up in a Muggle market in Alexandria. Stamped metal, circa 1994." He smirked and turned to Harry, enfolding in his arms and kissing him for the first time. "But I think it may have had some magic in it anyway."
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