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6th December 2008 23:09 - Fic: In a Deep and Dark December (Ron/Hermione, NC-17)
Title: In a Deep and Dark December
Author: [info]cedar
Characters: Ron/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Snow!
Themes/kinks chosen: Kinky Kristmas 2008
Word Count: 1182
Summary: Outside a church, Ron and Hermione celebrate Christmas their own way.
Author's notes: A very happiest of holidays to [info]florahart. Flora, I hope Ron and Hermione are able to make your holidays merry and bright.

In a Deep and Dark December

"I think this might be the best Christmas Eve dinner we've ever had," said Ron, pointing his wand in the direction of the sink. He took a sip of his wine and leaned back in his seat.

"And how sweet of you to help with the dishes," replied Hermione, not without a touch of sarcasm.

"Well, after you made that brilliant meal, it was the least I could do."

"Very funny, Ronald." Though she tried to sound admonishing, Hermione couldn't help smiling. It was the best Christmas Eve they'd ever had. They'd spent it at home doing absolutely nothing. Dinner had been Chinese takeaway. Tomorrow would be a day for visiting Ron's ever growing, ever loud family. Tonight, however, was a time for quiet. Hermione had plans that involved a piece of the chocolate-peppermint candy Harry and Ginny had sent, a romance novel, and a long, hot bubble bath.

"Ugh, I think I ate too much," moaned Ron. He clutched his stomach. "I swear I'm not going to be able to have Christmas dinner."

"Oh, please. You have a hollow leg and you know it."

"No, really. I'm never eating again."

"You make all these promises and you never keep them."

"Ha ha."

Hermione left Ron to his indigestion and curled up on the sofa. The book she was reading turned out to be quite good, about a woman who accidentally traveled back in time and married a Scotsman with red hair. If there was anything Hermione understood, it was the draw of a man with red hair. She was enthralled with one of the steamy parts when Ron appeared in the doorway.

"I think I'm going to go for a walk." He had a coat on and was wrapping a scarf around his neck. "Dinner is still sitting there. D'you want to come along?"

Going out in the cold when it was nearly midnight wasn't part of Hermione's plan, especially not when her book had finally arrived at a great sex scene. She hesitated.

"Come on, Hermione. Put down your book for once."

"Oh, fine then. But we're not going to your parents' house until at least one o'clock tomorrow, because I plan to stay up late reading."

Handing Hermione her coat, Ron said, "You can stay up all night if you want to. I don't care."

It had snowed a week earlier and though the streets and sidewalks were clear, snow stood six inches deep on lawns. Christmas lights twinkled in windows. Cold silence surrounded Ron and Hermione. Their breath curled on the air in front of them. Holding hands, they walked from street to street. Hermione let Ron lead until they came to the front of a wooden church barely wider than most of the houses on the street.

"Wait a moment," Hermione said, stopping on the sidewalk near the bottom of the church stairs.

"Something wrong?"

"No, no, I just... I just wanted to listen."

"Listen? To what?"

They could both hear the choir singing in the church. "I always wanted to go to midnight mass when I was little," Hermione explained, "but my parents were early risers so they were in bed long before midnight. We went to mass first thing on Christmas morning."

Ron looked up at the light over the church doors. "We can go in if you want. I mean, I know we're not really religious or anything but I don’t mind."

"Oh, Ron... That's... thank you. But I think the moment has passed."

"Are you sure?"

Hermione closed her eyes for a moment. The choir wasn't singing anymore but she could hear the responses of the congregation to the pastor's call. "I'm sure, but…" She reached up to Ron's scarf and pulled his head downwards. He stumbled a bit, but wrapped his arms around her, meeting for a kiss. Ron was ready to back away after a minute, but Hermione held him tight, parting her lips. The combination of Ron's sweet gesture and reading her book was making her rather amorous. And Ron, being male, wasn't about to refuse her.

There was a small strip of snowy lawn at the side of the church that separated it from the house next door, creating a narrow alley of sorts. Hermione pulled Ron into the passageway. He leaned over her so there was no space between the wall at her back and his torso along hers. As music swelled again from inside the church, Hermione slid her hands into Ron's coat.

"You have too many clothes on," she complained.
Ron's laugh formed clouds on the air. "Have you noticed that it's freezing out?"

"I'll keep you warm."

"Mmm. Promise?" he asked between kisses.


They took short, desperate breaths around their kissing. Hermione's fingers were cold and she fumbled with the button and zipper on Ron's trousers. Once she opened them successfully, Ron's back stiffened.

"Hermione, we can be home in just a few minutes if—"

"No! Here. Now." Hermione didn't think she could last until they got home. She was almost too warm under her coat and sweater, breathing hard. As she reached to unzip her jeans, Ron's hands covered hers. He lifted her and was strong enough to hold her against the wooden siding of the little church. The ridged siding wasn't exactly comfortable, but once Ron slid his cock into her, Hermione didn't care. She slid back and forth as much as she could without falling. Though he couldn't thrust much, Hermione didn't mind. She liked him right where he was, his cock filling her, that little spot that always made her crazy when he tickled it. Ron was making small sounds of pleasure in his throat.

"Shhh, Ron, someone's going to hear you!" hissed Hermione.

Ron quieted himself but continued to move his hips as much as their position would allow. Hermione squeezed tight around Ron's cock, wiggling so he was deep inside her. Pleasure, warm as summer and sparkling like tinsel, spread up through her clit to her belly. They hadn't been there too long when Ron's legs and arms were shaking. Unable to hold Hermione up any more, he set her down gently on her back in a patch of snow. They were both wet and their fingers were stiff with cold. Neither of them noticed. Just moments before the church doors opened and the congregants emerged, Ron came. He held Hermione as close as he could get her, groaning into her scarf and trembling with the effort of keeping quiet. The creak of hinges sent them scrambling to zip up, shaking snow from their hair and coats. They blended into the last of the people on their way to their cars, turning down a street towards home.

"Sorry we didn't make it to the mass," Ron said, his voice a mix of apology and laughter.

"That's all right. Perhaps next year."

They walked in silence for a while, until Ron's pensive look caught Hermione's eye.

"Ron, what are you thinking?"

"Oh, nothing. Just wondering about the leftovers from the Chinese. I think I'm getting kind of hungry."

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