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Art - Remus & Sirius 
26th August 2008 11:59
Title: Pheromones
Artist: [info]ericahpfa
Media: Pencil, pen
Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: NWS, sad lack of imagination for such an awesome prompt.
Themes/kinks chosen: Pheromones
Artist's notes: Nothing comes to mind....

26th August 2008 22:36

27th August 2008 07:34
Yeah, hi. This is my exact reaction. :)
27th August 2008 11:40
And mine!
26th August 2008 22:47
Who needs imagination when you have rimming???? *whimpers helplessly*
27th August 2008 20:18
Looking back (hahahaha!) on my art posts - I have drawn rimming a lot. It's my go-to position when I am stuck on a prompt.

Everyone loves teh oral!

Thank you!!!

26th August 2008 22:48
Ngh!! So much yum. And I'm rather taken with Remus' eyelashes, I must say.
27th August 2008 20:19
They seemed too feminine at first, but I find most men have nicer lashes than women.


Thank you so much!
26th August 2008 23:03
I'm lovin the fingers and the way they are gripping...

so glad you are on my team, Ms. Phoenix!
27th August 2008 20:20
Right back at cha!!!

Team Dragon are, well - your icon says it all.


Thank you!
26th August 2008 23:42
Ohhh fucking hell that's hot.

The best fanart to wake up with in the morning.
27th August 2008 20:20
Who needs coffee, eh? Little bit o' porn to get the blood pumping.


Thank you!
26th August 2008 23:45
Oh my. Goodness, that's delicious!
27th August 2008 20:21


I am such a dork...

Thank you!
27th August 2008 22:37
*laughs* Talk about unintended puns! I must have had my brain turned off ;-)
27th August 2008 00:04
*flails and falls off bed* GAH!!!!!

*save* *save* *save*
27th August 2008 20:22
How many rimming icons are out there anyway???

I must get one.

*is distracted by Brian*

Ahem! Thank you!
27th August 2008 22:57
hahaha, you can steal it if you want. The only other one I have, just says "rimming" but you can take it too :-D
27th August 2008 04:57

The fingers and the hair and oh god the neck *melts*

Like I said - GUH.

27th August 2008 20:22
I like GUH.

Thank you!
27th August 2008 06:11
Uh. Oh yes. The way his fingers are digging in... GUH.
27th August 2008 20:23
Another rimming icon.

I really have to get one.

Thank you!
27th August 2008 07:19
Nnnggh! Rimming! *flails* Hotness of epic proportions. *faints*
27th August 2008 20:23
OMG you icon is awesome!

Thank you!
27th August 2008 07:26
Oh yes!
27th August 2008 20:23
27th August 2008 09:09
*shuddering deep breath* * and another*

Gee hon, it looks like not only do you draw the best blow jobs but rimming too! You are multi-faceted. I really want to makes comment about Remus's fingers digging into Sirius or the good proportions but um really all I can do is look at that and have a hard time breathing because of the sultry hot sexually stellarness of this. Wow.
27th August 2008 20:31
I am all about teh oral baby! Ironically enough this prompt was originally going to be a blow job but I switched to this.
(rimming is easier and I had a time issue - shhhh)

Thank you so much!

sultry hot sexually stellarness

*is smug*
27th August 2008 16:55
Well DAMN!

Nope, still speechless...
27th August 2008 20:26
*is smug*

It's not easy to incoherent a writer you know. And yes, I will make incoherent a verb - I am an artist so's I can make shit up.

And thank you!
27th August 2008 17:48

alskj. I can't breathe when you draw things like this.

The skin where Sirius' hips are bent.
Remus' hand. (My hands!kink is so ooc)
Remus' eyelashes, that are almost fucking touching Sirius' ass.

I might kidnap you and make you draw p0rn for the rest of your life in my basement.
27th August 2008 20:28
But I am ascared of the dark...


Embarrassingly enough I had to scroll up and check out the hip thing, once a picture is done I am off to the next one!

Thank you so much.

*keeping a safe distance*
27th August 2008 21:36

*brain fizzles and panties melt*

uh buh... guh.
14th September 2008 12:33

*turns to goo*
3rd February 2014 18:43
Oh, my!!
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