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Art: Assuaging Fears and Lust, Snape/Draco, NC-17 
17th August 2008 22:43
Title: Assuaging Fears and Lust
Artist: [info]ariadneelda
Media: Tablet on Photoshop
Characters: Snape/Draco
Warnings: Rimming (implied mostly). And I imagined this to be during Draco's 7th year, so Draco is not of age quite yet, I think?
Themes/kinks chosen: Insufflation (blowing air into an orifice)
Disclaimer: The characters belong to JK Rowling. No profit was made from this.
Artist's notes: Probably the ugliest/creepiest Snape I've done. And that nose – it could have been a tad smaller, really! ;-)
Art preview:

title or description
17th August 2008 15:12
Oh, I think the nose is *perfect*. And the hands, too. Lovely.
17th August 2008 15:18
Hee! Glad you like the super huge nose. :D Thank you, dear!
17th August 2008 15:21
Wow, he is creepy looking, but it's still very hot!
18th August 2008 04:53
I'm so glad you think it's hot despite the creepiness! (I do like the creepy in general myself. ^_^) Thank you!
17th August 2008 15:23
What a wonderfully unusual use of colour and shading! I also love Snape's look of concentration and his hands clasping Draco's buttocks...

PurpleFluffyCat x
18th August 2008 04:54
Thank you! I'm glad you like it! :D
17th August 2008 15:43
ohh, what a superb nose! :) and I like his 'so-concerned' expression :)
great work on coloring! I like the color scheme and lighting (and that pink 'highlights' on Draco's body)
18th August 2008 05:01
Hee, the monstrous thing that passes for a nose seems to be popular so far. :P

I added that reddish-pink to make Draco look flushed and give the picture some more colour. Glad you like it! And the rest as well. :D Thank you, hon!
17th August 2008 15:49
This picture has a fairy-tale quality to it, the colours and yes, Snape's nose or rather his whole face. Really awesome!
18th August 2008 05:04
Oooh, fairy tale! What a wonderful compliment, especially since I didn't really try to make it look that way. Thanks for the lovely comment! :D
17th August 2008 17:05
creepy and wonderful. I love the cool palette, all the blues, greens and violets give it such an eerie dungeon feel!
18th August 2008 05:07
Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you like it! :D
17th August 2008 17:31
Oh, FABULOUS!! I love creepy-ugly!Snape! And Draco gagging for it, mmmmf. And DH-era, mmmmmf. And the bits of pink on Draco's body are so cool! ♥ !
18th August 2008 05:13
Whee, thank you!! You always say the nicest things. :D I'm very happy you like it!

(I love your Draco Man Whore icon - never get tired of seeing it!)
17th August 2008 18:25
Mm, it's delicious!
I especially love the expressions on their faces, the flushed bits of Draco's body, the droplets of sweat, and Snape's nose. And the fact that he's clothed and Draco isn't makes it perfect!
18th August 2008 05:16
the fact that he's clothed and Draco isn't

I have such a kink for that myself. Well, obviously! :P

I'm so glad you like it! Thanks so much!
17th August 2008 19:39
*whimpers* Good lord, that's hot.
18th August 2008 05:20
I caused a whimper? Wow, what a flattering response, thank you! :D

Your icon is also whimper-inducing! *stares*
17th August 2008 20:58
Wow, the look on Draco's face is frighteningly erotic.
18th August 2008 05:22
Frighteningly erotic - these words please me so much. :D Thank you!
20th August 2008 22:39
You're very welcome! I have a feeling this is a piece of art where your intentions were well transferred to the piece itself.
21st August 2008 05:19
I think so! I'm never really sure until I hear what people think. :)
17th August 2008 21:01
This is beyond awesome.

The flush on Draco's skin, the ugliness of Snape, the way Draco's just clinging to the sheets...oh my God. I just.

Amazing, gorgeous work.
18th August 2008 05:24
It makes me ridiculously happy when you like my Snaco. :D *hugs you* Thanks so much for the lovely comment!
17th August 2008 21:56
Amazing-the colors, their expressions, the contrast between fair-haired, nude Draco and dark, fully-clothed Snape. Stunning.
18th August 2008 05:27
Wow, what nice things you say! Thank you so much! :D
17th August 2008 23:55
Oh my. The colours are just gorgeous. And the little enticing peek of red that could be Draco's cock just made me have to go change my panties...
18th August 2008 05:31
OMG, it's such a compliment if my art managed that! And yes, that is Draco's cock. ;-)

Thanks, my dear!

(I started reading your Snaco last night and I'm loving it!)
18th August 2008 11:38
Mmm, I seriously could lie under him right there and lick it...

*fans self*
18th August 2008 01:42
OMGYESSS!! That's incredibly hot! I rather like that nose -- it's BIG and, um, it makes me think even dirtier thoughts than what's going on in the drawing, hee! Also, Snape's hands gripping Draco's cheeks and the look on Draco's face are just GUH. Beautiful work, hon! :D
18th August 2008 05:34
Eee, thank you!! I'm really happy you like it. :D

And haha, yes, the big nose always makes me think that other, um, things might be big as well. :P Though, well, it's a bit too much on the GIANT side here!
18th August 2008 11:28
Oh, very other-worldly and fantastical! I like it!
18th August 2008 11:43
Thank you very much! :D
18th August 2008 14:39
Guh! That's gorgeous--I love Snape's creepiness and his large nose and his fingers--they're very precise and thin and just--I don't know, very Snape to me. The tension in Draco's arms and that expression on his face--YUM!
18th August 2008 16:15
Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like it! And everything you said about Snape especially makes me very happy. :D
18th August 2008 15:01
Holy shit, this is awesome. I love the nose, and the fingers, the look on Snape's face. Creepy and just perfect!
18th August 2008 16:18
Oh, thank you! Thanks so much for your lovely words. :D

(And your icon is so perfect because I thought Snape looked quite bat-like the way he crouches behind Draco. :P)
19th August 2008 17:19
I am all tingly just imaging the sensation!
19th August 2008 17:28
Wow, thank you! I'm flattered it had that effect on you. :D
20th August 2008 17:55
That Snape, m'dear - is fucking awesome! And he's going to rimm Draco, what could be better? *G*
21st August 2008 05:21
Thank you, Penny! Your comments always make me happy. :D
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